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  1. Tron_Legacy_Arena 1.1 Stage Does anyone still have "Tron_Legacy_Arena_1.1" stage? Mediafile form would be great. I tried to download it from Darek's original site , but it leads me to a dead end...
  2. is there an A.I. Patch for Yagami Xiang?
  3. MUGreed


    Does anyone have a mugen character, Dracket by Scaner? I can't find him anywhere...
  4. I'm looking for a japanese voice pack. Was there ever a Japanese voicepack for Sean Alty's Solid Snake?
  5. Does anyone have an A.I. Patch for Angel? The ai patch was done by luis2345. If anyone has that patch, please let me know.
  6. Just wondering but, did anyone made an A.I. for Balthazar & Cybaster's Gohan Z2? From what I remember, there was an AI by Infinite.... Correct me if I'm wrong though.
  7. Is there a stage where two fighters are on top of the subway? The thing is that they are not inside the subway.
  8. Was there ever an A.I. edited/created for Freeza Z2? A cheap A.I. or a Brutal A.I. would do.
  9. Does anyone still have the Character, "Tigre Negro"? I've been looking for him and it keeps taking me to a dead end, and I can't download him at all. If anyone has him, that would be great.
  10. One more thing, was there an AI for Megamaze's Inuyasha? Not sure if someone made it when I was going over the release forum and update stuff... Also, thanks for the link.
  11. Wait... are you sure this is by Megamaze?
  12. I'm looking for THIS Inuyasha: However, where I'm downloading it doesn't exist anymore. Does anyone have "Megamaze's Inuyasha"? The updated version I mean.
  13. Does anyone have akira honjoji's A.I. by Silvan? I'vebeen looking for that and it turns out that it's gone now...
  14. same here, I'm looking for the eng voice packs from King Of Fighters Maximum Impact 1 & 2.