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  1. My reaction when Nintendo took down all the good roms for Mario, Pokemon, Kirby, Zelda, and Smash



  2. Many people with cfw 3dses with sighax is getting bans from Nintendo. Still crazy I'm still not ban from hearing the news still playing smash 3ds online ????

  3. I managed to transport my glitch mew from pokemon yellow to Pokemon Sun :D with the help of pkhex and JK save manger.

    To get the glitch Mew to pokebank use pkhex and change its trainerID to GF and its ID to 22796 and you can max out its IVs and EVs whatever you like and import the edited mew save file using JK save manager to pokemon yellow and transfer mew to pokebank. Enjoy your Mews eveyone :D.


    My glitch Mew is a Timid in pokemon sun

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    2. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      Oh. That's pretty neat! I'm currently getting back into the series, so I'm trying to learn as much as I can for future reference, since I don't own a 3DS/2DS.

    3. Darkflare
    4. Sonicthexzon
  4. Someone just recently released a demo of Sonic 06 on pc..... and it's Amazing!!!! Everyone should try this demo hopefully better from the original

  5. There's still hope for the Zelda demo dump on tommorrow or Thursday =)

    Thank you random hacker

  6. A sad day for hack gamers.... We could've gotten Zelda: breath of the wild demo later on today


  7. I can finally go to homebrew on my 3ds again got cubic ninja and the newly released hax game freakyforms

  8. I recently replaced my new 3ds for a new one because it was messing up and a new friend code to re add me to the friend list



  9. Wish I had Cubic Ninja does anyone has it

    1. Neo_Fire_Sonic


      is that seriously the only way to hack a 3ds?

    2. Sonicthexzon


      Yeah since ironhax is really dead now and the browserhax sometimes work for old 3ds not on n3ds though :/

      there's also OOThax if you already have install homebrew or don't care for the progress you made in the game


      Also Smea has found another game thats bad but easliy exploitable like cubic ninja soon will find out soon when he stream the game on his twitch

      :D hopefully there's still hope for more ways to hack the 3ds  

  10. Good News :) their faces is not big anymore thanks to the update add004 lifebars that was updated this day problem solved thanks for all your help @Ryon and @DartzPie
  11. You got a link for a fix Ai patch for her? I don't know what should I change on her cmd file :(
  12. @RyonWhat scale size should I use for the characters and where to find the scaling at? @DartzPieMy mugen screenpack is ShinZankuro's old tvc screenpack which the localcoord is not at 1280x720( at 640x480) and I tried changing the stagefit but still causing the problem
  13. Anyone know how to get it to work with add004 lifebars here's the error code: Library error message: Died parsing command = "????" || command = "FF" Error detected. Undefined command label: "command". If not misspelling in CNS, check CMD Error parsing trigger1, 3 Error parsing [State 595, ????(??????)] Error in [Statedef 595] Error in add004basic.reb1:5613 Error loading chars/Asuna_fc/Asuna_fc_CSX_AI.def Error loading p1
  14. Here's Orie by 41
  15. Yep only 41's character like Asuna, and two shown above are the only one with the strange lifebar portrait. Every character I got to work with these lifebars are normal just his three characters with this weird affect