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  1. Ha ha! Amazing! Thanks!
  2. Hey, I downloaded your Quote fighter and I personally think that you did an outstanding job! I'm trying to make a Curly Brace on my own to go with him, but I am constantly running into issues regarding my incompetence. So, I'd like to ask you if you could make a Curly Brace as well. If not, I will continue to try to make her on my own. Thanks!

    1. Parker Owen(CH)

      Parker Owen(CH)

      Don't worry, I'm working on it.  because having Curly and Quote is really great (especially since I had a little idea of adding a Tag ultimate move to them)!  So I just hope you will be a little more patient because it will take a little longer, sorry ^ _ ^


      Thank you for supporting me and especially for having appreciated my character!! 🙂


    2. MisterStrong


      Sorry for asking you twice. I just thought you probably weren't going to see the first one and I forgot to delete it.


      And no problem! Your Quote is literally my favorite character I have right now!

  3. Are you going to be doing Curly Brace as well?
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