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  1. Finally your skills will be put in a non Touhou character lol Looking forward to it!
  2. Uploaded a zip file because not everyone can open that type of rar file
  3. Because Buggie wasn't made in Mugen and I don't think anyone you listed is related to any Vinny stream at all to replace Kurt at least .-.
  4. Vinny's Mugen game, Vinesauce Fighter! Featuring multiple references and the most bonkers creations I could find on the internet. This game was heavy in chatservice as you can see nearly every emote was represented in a character. Finally see what you may have missed watching the stream! Many mods wanted him to play Kurt Cobain in Arcade... I wonder why? http://www.mediafire.com/file/mh5lycps3au28n8/mugen.zip/file Video:
  5. Added Arabian Fight characters. As for those others, I'll need help because I have no clue where those guys are.
  6. Uh... I don't really know if labeling something "crap" is a good idea. People have different tastes. Not to mention that could totally be disrespectful to an author. I'll look into those characters (and change the Puyo Puyo logo I guess)
  7. Both added, thank you for sharing!
  8. Gunstar and Yakuza added!
  9. All added, as well as the infamous Seaman.
  10. Thank you for your submissions! All added
  11. Aight, done with my break. -Added links to originally offline Puyo Puyo characters. -Added Shinning Force trio by ssw777
  12. My lord... that took me 4 hours. Just to make a single post. Some things to note here: -Many files were offline (or are exclusively on Mugen Archive) I've personally uploaded these files to Mediafire. Any official links from authors in the future and hit me up. -Still need some working links to Nexus Games characters. Would be very much appreciated.
  13. This collection is for Sega games without a collection. Sega games with a collection: Altered Beast / Burning Rival / Eternal Champions / Golden Axe / Guardian Heroes / Holosseum / Sonic the Hedgehog / Streets of Rage / Virtua Fighter / Vocaloid Sega Subsidiaries: Atlus CHARACTER SELECT Opa-Opa: Foxtlot / RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Alex Kidd: OrochiWeapon2000 CHARACTER SELECT Joe Musashi: Chuchoryu / The Disciple X / Kvasir / Slack86 / Leon || Hotsuma: Pirata Cibernético || Hibana: Varia31 CHARACTER SELECT Michael Jackson: Metal_Shadow - RockRage8962's Edit CHARACTER SELECT Wonder Boy Shion: SpaceMouse || Asha: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Mobo Bonanza: RoySquadRocks || Robo Bonanza: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT ToeJam: RoySquadRocks / Unknown Creator || Earl: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Ecco: Kairi CHARACTER SELECT Arle: M3 - English Voicepack / SUGIO / Tanicfan22 - Donarle Edit by Puyomarioglitchy4 || Amite: M3 - English Voicepack || Yu-Rei: Enterku || Witch: Southern Cross || Feli: Etoile || Rulue: Robo (2017) (2019) || Hohoudori: HANBAHAN || Suketoudara: Midorimushi || Archan: IBUKAH CHARACTER SELECT Dynamite Headdy: Sonicadam2 / RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Sketch Turner: Farendiet / Dcat Power CHARACTER SELECT Wild Woody: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Ristar: RoySquadRocks / Unknown Creator / Sonictheadam2 CHARACTER SELECT Tempo: RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT Pulseman: SpaceMouse / N64Mario CHARACTER SELECT Vectorman: Ax / RoySquadRocks CHARACTER SELECT NiGHTS: Nintendo Sega CHARACTER SELECT Beat: Hyde233 / AlejandroDBZ CHARACTER SELECT Amigo: Dark Chaos CHARACTER SELECT AiAi: Ax CHARACTER SELECT Sakura Shingouji: Haruwo CHARACTER SELECT Thud: NRF CHARACTER SELECT Chuih: Amaterachu1 CHARACTER SELECT Billy: Amaterachu1 CHARACTER SELECT Bahn: Amaterachu1 || Candy/Honey: Hanyu-maru (go to: chars/3D) CHARACTER SELECT Alis Landale: Plusle2019 || Gi-Le-Farg: O Ilusionista || Nyau: Plusle2019 CHARACTER SELECT Magician: kal CHARACTER SELECT Kurosawa: Mokusuke CHARACTER SELECT Sinbios: ssw777 || Julian: ssw777 || Medion: ssw777 || Kraken: Phantom.of.the.Server CHARACTER SELECT Temjin: HOTATE || Raiden: HOTATE || Myzr Delta: HOTATE CHARACTER SELECT Seaman: googoo64 CHARACTER SELECT Kiryu Kazuma: Jamesx15 CHARACTER SELECT Gunstar Red: Atomicdog2020 CHARACTER SELECT Sinbat: mitai dake || Ramaya: arabian Tough Turf Player: Kidthomas Misc. Character Related Files Arle by M3 Palettes by kater15
  14. Amaterachu1


    Oye, I "ripped" the logo for Princess Crown long ago for Sega wiki. Here's the link/logo if you would like.
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