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  1. Ignorance is indeed bliss
  2. That's wassup man, I'll be honest, I did miss you too Brock <3
  3. Same reason I'm here Bruce. >:DD
  4. I'm not too sure, I've always known I've had it, my parents were informed at my birth
  5. Shin Deadpool Strider Primary Colors Dana Dee Shotoman click pictures for the pallete
  6. *whips out* let's get this shit on
  7. I gotta mention it tho, thats just who I am ^_^
  8. you mean porn house?
  9. aww did the homo miss me? I will indeed try there :3 I will eventually, it's just gonna take sme time
  10. Aznperson's MvC3 Zero is the one I designed it for, BUT, if you had another in mind if you linked it I could do it and stuff. And thanks for the compliment man, means a lot to me ^_^
  11. I'm sure that I need to fine tune Zero, Dragon Claw, and Dee a bit more, but here's what they'll generally look like, I wanna edit the effects of the chars more, but I could only get Dee's done.
  12. Well thank you ^_^ I really appreciate it.
  13. 2 years actually.
  14. Vindicated Ryu is what I'm calling it, the only reason there is not yet a download link is because im working out issues with his gloves, they revert color during certain stance changes, because his fucking hair, skin, and gloves are color linked DX
  15. Hopefully I will, but it's been a looooong process of recovery, I /should/ be more active, but don't quote me on that statement lol