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  1. This looks very promising, kind of like a... Doom meets Survival/Fighting crossover. All I can really say is best of luck, cause there isn't much to go off of in terms of gameplay to really give you any critical advice. If anything, I suppose, the only advice someone could give you is pick a style and stick to it. Often times, people like to mix and match multiple styles of gamplay or character control and it tends to cause a lot of issues because there ends up being a lot of issues with code collision.
  2. Any chance you'll review "Missingno" by LukeTheeMewtwo (http://www.mediafire.com/file/d5uoyt1ymuqpc9j/Missingno_%28by_LukeTheeMewtwo%29.zip/file) (Character is based off of the actual sprites from the Gameboy games and not that glitch-FX stuff that current Missingno's are based off of)
  3. That moment when you have to download an entirely new screenpack because your current one only holds 800 characters and you have over 3000 downloaded.

  4. This character looks pretty sick, thanks for sharing! ^_^
  5. I mean, he doesn't need to be fancy to be a good character. A lot of people seem to get into this mindset that a character needs to be fancy to be good.
  6. Ah, I see. Well... if this was real, I'll be honest, I would be willing to pay that amount (despite honestly not wanting to do that) for a few characters. I mean, especially if I could get a source accurate creation of something, although it definitely wouldn't be in the styles mention, I prefer more custom stuff.
  7. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9v94azj5e54kchh/Savage_Hulk.rar/file There you go. Anyone happen to have "Smug Dudley"? He appeared on SaltyBet a few times, and unfortunately, I don't know who made him, but since he can parry like no tomorrow, I'd like to have some more cheap bullcrap in my roster.
  8. This character was made specifically for SaltyBet by FullWall, unfortunately... I don't think he's been made public.
  9. I know, its quite similar to MUGEN, but it seems the engine is entirely different. My guess it would be probably like... Enterbrain's Fighter Maker maybe. But yeah, a lot of the characters have strange names and not all of them are easily recognizable. There are quite a few in there I haven't figured out who they are yet or where they are from.
  10. Mighty Fighter (also known as "The King of Parody") is a 5-button (4 buttons for standard punches and kicks, with the 5th button for using the super/special) beat 'em up/fighting style game, with an art style similar to someone just messing around with shapes in Microsoft Paint. Of course, sadly... it was removed from the Google Play Store and iOS Store many years ago (like... I think early 2013 or late 2015?), and although the game itself is no longer in the store, there are still ways to access it. However, doing so doesn't give you the full experience, as a few of the characters are permanently locked because they require the Google Play Store or iOS Store to buy/unlock them. Additionally, because the game is no longer in the store, you have a VERY LIMITED amount of time(s) you can play it, essentially, due to no longer being in the stores, its really a "git gud" situation, where the only way to have the resources you need to play it endlessly is to "git gud" at it. In other words, since it is no longer in the store, you can't simply buy your way into having enough stamina or energy to use characters and restore them to full health. Its a really complicated situation, and I explain it way further inside the folder in some READ ME files. As far as I know, the assets are not ripped from anywhere and were all made specifically for this game, but then again, I'm probably wrong as always. This game comes with multiple modes, including Mortal Kombat's "Test Your ________" mode, a 2v2/3v3 mode, a beat 'em up mode, a practice mode, and all sorts of other things. Its really one of the most creative pieces of parody/satire work I've seen regarding video games that are about fighting. All the characters are based off of some form of media, whether it be another video game character, an actor/actress (celebrities), people in sports (soccer players, etc), or creatures/people from movies (such as Alien from Alien vs Predator). The most fascinating thing about this game is the art style, which seems to be an amalgamation of all sorts of art styles, some are a bit more pixel based and refined, others look like they were drawn on paper, and some look like they were made in Microsoft Paint. Another thing to point out is that the AI for this game is pretty brutal, even on the easiest difficulty, the AI can be quite unforgiving. As you increase the difficulty, well... then you need to get to the levels of like Daigo to even stand a chance. Hell, I can't even beat arcade mode on Normal because eventually the AI just corners you and spams certain attacks to kill you or keep you from getting up. Overall, this is one of the few really bizarre fighting games that would make an excellent addition to the MUGEN community if all the characters were properly built. Obviously, you'll want to play the actual game to see how they play, that way you don't just throw random crap together and hope it looks good. I mean, accuracy is a beautiful thing. DOWNLOAD HERE ----> https://www.mediafire.com/file/93nwrw2pw6eyx57/The_King_of_Parody_-_Mighty_Fighter_2.zip/file NOTE: The folder contains all the stages, music, character sprites, and sounds from the game. Of course, you can go to Spriters-Resource for 2 of the characters sprites (not sure why the others aren't there... I mean, acquiring these sprites was super easy, guess people just didn't want to bother with it). But yeah, here you go! With the exception of their super moves, almost all of these characters can easily be spriteswapped with their Neo Geo Pocket or other game counterparts. The reason why I say this is because all of the characters in this game, have really interesting movesets and supers. For example, Misima H (aka Heihachi Mishima) is a shotoclone, meaning he can do the Shoryuken, Hadouken, and Tatsu. Additionally to that, his super is a series of uppercuts, followed by a massive uppercut, and then a hadouken to finish the enemy off.
  11. $350 for a base character? Really... like... I get making characters is challenging, but I didn't think it was that challenging. Like, I suppose if you're like... requesting original sprites and such, then yeah, that would make sense, but let's say you just want someone to port a character over... then what? I dunno. I like the idea of being able to pay people to make characters playable in MUGEN, but if the cost is this much, then I'd rather them just not exist. I mean hell, I'm even okay with people just doing spriteswaps, so long as the spriteswaps actually look good.
  12. Real talk, I actually liked playing this game, it reminded me a lot of playing Mortal Kombat... I miss when games used to digitize characters.
  13. I think the issue is that trying to define what is GOOD in the community and what is BAD in the community has only a subjective value, which in turn develops a wolf-pack mentality for what is GOOD and what is BAD.


    I've always had the opinion that anything which functions as decently as Kung Fu Man would be part of the GOOD category. With KFM, there are no issues that hinder the gameplay. Of course, are there issues overall? I would imagine so, I'm sure someone more qualified in character creation can point out all the flaws. But are these flaws cosmetic/subjective? Yeah.


    I look at people like Armin_LufTonyADVChuchoryu, and many others that would be part of that BAD category and go "you know, they could be worse, they could just be uploading a single still image and calling it a character" I think much of the complaints about these creators isn't that they make bad work, but the work they make doesn't stand up against legendary creators like OHMSBYAhuronReuben KeeKamekaze, and many more.


    Its like comparing CRT TVs to the more advanced 1080p HD flatscreen TVs today. Both still function, both do what they're supposed to do, just one of them does it better. That doesn't mean that CRT TVs are bad, they're just not as fancy as the stuff we have nowadays.


    (Sorry about deleting my last posts, I think maybe I went on a rant and not so much an explanation of what I was trying to say, so I tried to fix it here... but I'm sure it'll go over a lot of people's heads)

  14. Nice to see a fellow music composer keep the tunes alive.
  15. Mad love for Warusaki3, his CvS characters are so freaking amazing, I swear. That said, mad respect to the uploads/hosts of his characters, thanks for keeping them alive. ^_^ Now I can add some outstanding characters to my roster and replace more and more of the random garbage I have in it.
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