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  1. Actually..i already made KOS-MOS but i don't have a time to post it cuz im very bussie.. may i'll post it after i finish all my PXZ chars
  2. So..now i got some Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel Sprites here.sadly..i don't have any effects TT_TT

    1. Darkflare


      Just use POTS style effects like everyone else.

  3. :3 looks more cool now
  4. ok i'll aded him tonight.right now im kinda bussie
  5. i hope this one have more good gameplay
  6. Finally.Sephiroth is here :v :v :v
  7. X BURNER!!!
  8. Share Another images again :3 A SSGSS female..call her Inokami Miku And some Lolipai
  9. nice...gonna try the new features
  10. welll a PXZ Jin will be enter mugen i don't know the author's name but the author will release it
  11. added
  12. if you have a link....please share and i'll add him to collection
  13. Added
  14. 100% agree. it's more better download from the author's original link than repost it with a link that used adfly