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  1. Yeah im back. For a bit Today im release Wargreymon. Specials inspirations are from Digimon Rumble Arena 1 and 2. Credits goes to Mikel for the base codes Hope in the future i will have more time on mugen so i could create more chara like i usually do. (Recommended to run on MUGEN 1.0 & 1.1) Link : MEDIAFIRE My Next Character probably Omegamon Commands : Basic combos a, a, a b, b, b c ( mini terra force ) Specials 1-Dragon Claw 2-Dragon Rush 3-Brave tornado ( Forward ) 4-Brave tornado ( Upward ) 5-Ultra Tornado 6-Dragon Rage Super : Terra Force
  2. [preview] (sorry for the bad quality) Original char are from mikel8888's saber.edit it into full Alter mode Link : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1US3EIebaJ1WnkkgMpuMhc1q31kyZP-vm Movelist : -[still same with the original except there is a bonus] F, DF, D - Special 7 B, DB, D - Special 8 Credits: -Mikel8888(for making saber) -saber's spriter -Pre-to(for the Alter effects) P.s:sorry i haven't post any new characters.but don't worry,some of them are finish and ready to be upload ASAP Next Release:Train V2,Eve V2,Wargreymon,BlackWargreymon NOTE:DO NOT REUPLOAD INTO MUGENARCHIEVE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION
  3. for the first time in my life I seen such a kawaii spirite of lily.. ohgaki really did it
  4. Nice collection Onee-sama =w=
  5. Finally i can release Him see the movelist in movelist.txt Link: Click Here
  6. Edits : Tiryu(Kenshin) & Luffy(Deus) Just Possesing my OC's Power into Kenshin & Luffy Kenshin Become Tiryu(Battou User) & Luffy Become Luffy Deus(possessed with Dark Evil Power) NOTE:This edits are for fun purpose only.and watch out when you fight them.they could become Lunatic sometimes P.S:They also have alternative mode,Press Z if you wanna try it PREVIEW: Link: Kenshin(Tiryu) Luffy(Deus)
  7. [JUS]Train Heartnet & Eve Yep....my another JUS work Train Heartnet & Eve. Next im Gonna Make Yoh Asakura & Sven.. [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] CLICK HERE
  8. Updated: Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mmAfaJels0SW18-_SILc6rW-36GQAE4p/view?usp=drive_web
  9. thnks for the feedback..will update him ASAP and i'll try to convert the sff too
  10. Im back in Action Dudes!
    just released my First char this year :3 :3 :3

  11. Sawada Tsunayoshi[JUS] First char this year :3 Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jnoO3dzTvZjAsWldNHQ5UqXaFpsR2HDg/view Next Chara: DG_Shana DG_Kino
  12. JUS Tsuna By Mikel8888 Edit by Tsukasa_Mike Complete Eidt... Make Flame Rush,Flame Thrower and Zero chitten Toppa First edition can be used in Air Flame Rush Air Flame Thrower Zero Chitten Toppa First Edition Also I Edit Trafalgarlawzz's X-BURNER more better LINK: CLICK HERE!!!
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