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  1. Hoping Hetyo make Arthur Prototype To MUGEN
  2. Just wait till someone make it to MUGEN
  3. Added
  4. Well...yeah Since iim rarely now draw .. now im made some 3D arts with CM3D2 OC Kirishima Natsuki(Tsunayoshi parody) OC Merissa Brunestud :3 :3 :3 Lancer??? My sweet Yuki-Onna Nekopara & Inupara :v :v :v my Inumimi Girl OC Tomori(Pink) Akio(White)
  5. Here are some of my 3d works :3 Special Collab:Nekopara X Inupara(Fanmade) AAAAANNNNDDDD my saiyan Maid
  6. Adding Heihachi & Chun-Li Now
  7. Actually..i already made KOS-MOS but i don't have a time to post it cuz im very bussie.. may i'll post it after i finish all my PXZ chars
  8. So..now i got some Nitroplus Blasterz Heroines Infinite Duel Sprites here.sadly..i don't have any effects TT_TT

    1. Darkflare


      Just use POTS style effects like everyone else.

  9. :3 looks more cool now
  10. ok i'll aded him tonight.right now im kinda bussie
  11. i hope this one have more good gameplay
  12. Finally.Sephiroth is here :v :v :v
  13. X BURNER!!!
  14. Share Another images again :3 A SSGSS female..call her Inokami Miku And some Lolipai
  15. nice...gonna try the new features