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  1. Neato. The reviews are quite interesting to read and it's really cool to see my Steel get a spot here. Gotta agree that I feel him a bit too powerful, especially with the armor (but it fits him too well, I just simply can't remove it). That being said, I will definitely try to nerf him in other aspects (recovery, damage value,...). Also, Plas did overlook one aspect of my Steel: This is where his trait shines. His projectile attack can also work as a way to keep him stay still mid-air so he can charge back, which is quite important for his air to ground game. Also: It was intended so he could perform some Fly Loop in corner. Odd as it is but it's part of his corner combo 😛
  2. Oh right, here comes the main event. Enjoy.
  3. Featuring: - MvCI voice. - 8-way air dash. - New hypers: Power Blaster, Strike Flurry and Stellar Strike. - New specials: Photon Absorber (loosely based on its MvCI version). - New variants of Photon Blast. - Advancing Guard. - More effects! - Usual mechanic improvements that I added in most of my works (damage dampen, better corner push, juggle system,...). And special thanks go to these guys: Ultraroboninja & ZVitor for the based character. RicePigeon and Nep Heart for gameplay references as well as some based codes. Reuben Kee for some of the effects. SUPERFERNANDOXT for the hyper port.
  4. Thanks David Production, now I fully understand how King Crimson works. Featuring: - Stylish Cancel reworked: Cost reduced to 500 power. The power cost increases by 500 each time Stylish Cancel is used during a combo. The power cost penalty will be reseted once combo is finished. - Fixed all dedug flood-related problems. - Added missing guard sparks. - Stylish Cancel's no longer affected by corner push. - Removed Chi no metsubushi (Blood Dashing move)'s limit. - Removed EX System. - Air normals now can be chained. - Chi no metsubushi is now a trait move (C). - Added new mechanic: Time Erasing (C) - While being OTG, Diavolo can erase time to reposition himself and get up immediately. Cost 500 power per use. - Reworked Epitaph: Epitaph now not only gives Diavolo ability to dodge incoming attacks (while not attacking) but also improves Diavolo's Time Erasing. During Epitaph, Time Erasing no longer costs power and can be canceled from succeeded special attacks. Can only be used once per combo. Doesn't affect Chi no metsubushi. - Guard push no longer costs power. - Time has been erased... no longer costs power (Burst version now costs 3000 power). - Pinnacle of Eternity now has 1500 power activation cost. Successful counter will cost another 1500 power (now requires 3000 power to use). - Fixed the glitch which makes some attacks unable to count toward combo counter. - Fixed the glitch which makes Teleport messing up with players' control. - Crouching Heavy now can launch opponents and is jump cancelable, similar to Stand on version of Diavolo in ASB.
  5. Jump Force Road Roller looks lame. Changelogs: - More effects! - Stylish Cancel from ASB is now available. - Added 1 HP/sec regen 'cause vampire lore. - While being offscreen after WRYYY, DIO now can use Checkmate. - No more Stand Bar misalignment. - No more MUDA MUDA MUDA sound glitch. - During non-stand mode, DIO now can use hypers with The World being active. - Adapted with a more lenient canceling rule. - Reworked "The World: Toki wo Tomare": Now a LV5 Hyper. Air-usable. Stop time for 5 seconds. During time-stop, WRYYYY is replaced by Checkmate. Knives won't hurt opponents until time resumes. Using hypers during stopped time won't cost power. - Reworked "Chi no Shoukan": Now a LV3 Hyper. Input changed to x,x,F,y,z. Now heals DIO upon a successful contact. Can hit OTG. - Updated face-grabbed ports for "Chi no Shoukan". Other than characters from JJHFTF, now "Chi no Shoukan" will display special ports for the following characters: + Requiem Giorno by Amarimono.* + Koichi Hirose by Amarimono.* + Johnathan Joestar by Amarimono. + Bruno Bucciarati by Amarimono. + Pannacotta Fugo by Amarimono.* + Trish Una by Amarimono. + Leone Abbacchio by Amarimono. + Rudolf von Stroheim by Heal The World. + Deadpool by almost anyone.* + Sakuya Izayoi by RicePigeon (both IZ and GR version). + Hotaru Futaba by Nep Heart. *: Including my edits. - And more changes that I don't remember atm. And again, special thanks goes to: Warusaki3 for the original char. S.n.Y and ouchi for the effects.
  6. Update: - Added Taunt. - Updated with a new damage dampen system. - Now can perform delayed hyper in Tag Mode. - Fixed a glitch that made Crashman stay mid-air after getting hit during Crash Drill's recovery. - Fixed p2 pos during throw animation. - Fixed the glitch that doesn't allow opponents to tech throw in Simul mode. - HP reduced from 1000 to 950. - Crash Bomb no longer causes knock down. - Crash Drill's damage reduced from 50 to 45. - Crash Drill now causes untechable knock down.
  7. Character Demonstration + Download: Changelog: - Now has recovery roll and guard push. - Using UMvC3 frame datas. - Added Cinematic Hyper Cutscene. - Now have special intros with Venom, Deadpool and Batman. - Fixed crossing-up glitches and underground juggles. - Added more effects. - Now can double jump. All air normals can be canceled into double jump (like in UMvC3 and MvCI). - Now use MvC3 cancel system. - Reworked damage dampen system. - Shield Slash now can hit OTG (similar to MvC3). - Charging Star now can hit OTG (similar to MvCI). - Shield Slash's hitboxes increase for the sake of being able to perform some MvC3 combos. - Shield Slash now juggles airborne opponents in UMvC3 fashion. - Hyper Stars & Stripes now has zero start-up (similar to UMvC3). - Final Justice now has invul from 16th frame (UMvC3 style). - Supported UNO Tag Team (without the shield being glitched). Special thanks to these guys: Buckus for the original char. Davismaximus- CS. P.o.t.S, Warusaki3, Just No Point Kong and Vyn- For helping Buckus. ScruffyDragon for some of the effects. Tigergod for the Cinematic Cutscene.
  8. Yes, it's Jump Force Hype that makes me want to remaster this classic. Changelogs: - Remember that Stand bar misalignment? Not anymore. - Remember that Ora Ora Ora sound glitches? I got rid of it as well. - Adapted with a more lenient canceling rule. - New mechanic: Stand Cancel. Now Jotaro can allow Star Platinum to cancel specials into hypers during Stand Off mode. - New mechanic: Stylish Cancel (Taken from ASB). - More effects. - Reworked Star Platinum: The World. Now a LV3 Hyper. Jotaro always stops time for 5 secs. Any Hypers perform during The World are not affected by damage dampen. - "I stopped time" no longer has start-up. - A.I patched. - ASB and Anime voice pack and sound effects. - And many other changes.
  9. Update: - More effects! - Added new hyper pause effects. - Added new tag hyper: Cyber Vortex. - Fixed cross-up glitches. - Some changes to keyframes to make anims look better. - Updated with a new damage dampen system. - Heat Tracking Missiles now juggle opponents. - Sonic Disruptor now can gain power on use. - Power Claw's recovery increased by 5f. - Techno Tackle's start-up reduced by 4f. - Techno Tackle now can be canceled into hypers. - 1st Light's recovery increased by 3f. - 2nd Light's damage reduced from 50 to 30. - Medium now can chain into itself twice. - d.Light's recovery increased by 4f. - d.Medium's recovery increased by 5f. - a.Heavy now always causes knock down to airborne targets. - Change 2nd Light, 3rd Light, a.Light and a.Medium's animations.
  10. Update: - Added Taunt. - More effects. - Added Animated Hyper Cutscene (Thanks Tigergood). - Super jump's height reduced (other attacks's attributes have been adjusted to keep any combos before still possible to do). - Fixed a glitch which makes AI perform old Light Punch. - Wallbounce reworked. Now can wall bounce once per combo. - Fixed a glitch that doesn't allow opponents to tech throw. - Air throw's damage increased from 80 to 120. - Throw damage is affected by damage dampen. - Venom Throw's damage increased from 35 to 50. - Venom Throw's damage is affected by damage dampen. - Fixed a glitch that makes Venom Rush unable to gain power. - Updated with a new damage dampen system. - Fixed crossing-up glitches. - Venom Barrel last hit now will allow Venom to face opponents. - Hyper now uses hi-res hitsparks instead of default hitsparks. - Fixed a glitch that makes Death Bite unable to hit OTG. - Can perform Delayed Tag Hyper.
  11. 1.0 version has been released. Download link is in the video desc.
  12. Character Demonstration + Download Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUKs8NO8hPY Featuring: - Hi-res effects. - Reworked gameplay. - Added Guard Push. - Throw can be teched. - Armor System has been recoded. All glitches related to being hit by too many projectiles and custom states have been fixed. - Tyrant no longer has armors while being airborne (balance change). - Many other changes that I don't quite remember for now (but the video will cover them all anyway). Special thanks to: SeanAltly for the based character. DANIEL LINHARES and RicePigeon for the huge amount of coding works, effects as well as gameplay references.
  13. Update:- Added Taunt.- Deep Sea Harpoon's Laser is no longer destroyable.- Torpedo Cannon's blocked damage reduced from 25 to 15.- Walking forward's speed increased by 0.5.- Jumping forward's vel increased by 0.5.- Increased s.Light's air hit vel.- Increased s.Medium's air hit vel.- Increased j.Hard Lazer's range a little bit.- Increased j.Medium's hit vel.- Fixed a glitch that makes Manta being invincible while opponents use Tag Hyper.- Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode.
  14. Character Demonstration + Download Link: Movelist: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/flash-update-1192019-184725.0.html Update: - Added Taunt. - Added hi-res guardsparks. - Added Slam effects. - Added Animated Cutscene to LV3 Hypers. - Added new damage dampen system. - Fixed some input bugs. - Fixed a glitch that makes throw unable to be teched in Simul mode. - Fixed a glitch that makes On Your Mark unable to play the right anim. - Increased walking speed. - All Light attack's pausetime changes to 8f. - All Hard and Medium attack's pausetime changes to 10f. - Removed jump's after image. - Jump Hard attack now always knocks down airborne opponents. - Sneak Attack no longer can be jump-cancelable or dash-cancelable. - Sneak Attack now causes wallbounce. - Now can perform Tag Delayed Hyper.
  15. Character Demonstration + Download: Special thanks to: RAHLONNIR for the based character. RicePigeon, Nep and Jmp for the effects and coding stuffs as well as gameplay references.
  16. Update: - AI no longer does stupid things like canceling Katana-rama or Shoryuken into itself (hopefully). - Jump Light now can canceled into itself (similar to UMvC3). - Shin Shoryuken's power cost increased to 1000. - Merc's Cut's active frames increased from 8 to 12. - Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode. - Some nice additions that no one has known yet.
  17. This guy's CLSN boxes gave me nightmares. Featuring: - New Hypers. - New Specials. - Updated with hi-res effects. - Fixed A LOT of CLSN problems. No more hittable cape! - Improved guarding states for crossup detection. - Updated with a better corner push system. - Fixed crossing-up glitches. - Fixed underground juggles. - Normals no longer deal cheap damage on block. - Fixed all infinite juggling problems. - Many huge changes to make his playstyle actually have senses. - Launcher now cancels into Flying instead of Super Jump. - Flying duration no longer resets whenever Steel attacks. - Flying duration reduced from 700f to 400f. - Now has a proper damage dampen system. - Rivet Cannon's projectile now can be destroyed when hit by other projs. - Fixed Flying glitches. Special thanks to: Bizarro_Toro for the based character. kairuier, Nep Heart, Kamekaze, SeanAltly, DANIEL LINHARES and RicePigeon for the huge amount of coding works, effects as well as gameplay references.
  18. Update: - Fixed a glitch which makes hitsparks unable to display correctly. - Hitsounds and hitsparks now match correctly with the power of the attack. - Standing Hard's guard hittime reduced fy 6f. - Standing Hard's hittime increased to 26f. - All Light's pausetime reduced to 8f. - Crouching Medium's hittime increased by 6f. - Fixed a glitch that makes Goat Mama randomly freeze in the air. - Some minor changes to air-combo system. - Now can taunt in Single Mode. - Standing Heavy now always causes air-knockdown. - All Medium and Hard's pausetime changed to 10f. - Fixed a glitch that makes opponents unable to tech throw. - Update with a new damage dampen system. - Queen's Might now can hit OTG. - LV3 Scorching Seal's final hit damage reduced from 120 to 100. - Now can perform Delayed Hyper.
  19. Update:- Added Hyper Cutscene for LV3 Hyper (thanks to Tigergoods).- Fixed crossing-up glitches.- Updated with a new damage dampen system.- Fixed Fear-Ferno hitspark glitches.- Fear-Ferno now can hit OTG.- Fear-Ferno now causes untechable knock down.- Delusional Episodes's Gas Bomb now can explode when hit the wall.- Delusional Episodes's Illusions now follow opponents (useful against opponents with Burst mechanism).- Spinning Fear's damage reduced from 40 to 35 per hit.- Another Experiment now hits more frequently.- Successful throw now applies 50% damage proration.- Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode.
  20. 1.0 version of Fugo has been released. Download link can be found in video desc.
  21. https://streamable.com/nxczl Dear Lord, this guy looks worse than I remembered. Update: - Updated with a proper damage dampen system. - Removed super jump. - Removed all those stupid screenflashes. They hurt my eyes. - Added falling sounds. - Update with new hitsparks and hitsounds. - Some CLSN boxes updates. - Fixed mis-placed hitsparks. - Changed position of head pos and mid pos. - Dashing now works properly. - Reworked wall bounce. - Reworked air-combo system. - Dark Knight Strike no longer has corner push. - Dark Knight Strike's guard pause increased to 10f. - Dark Knight Strike Landing now hits low. - Dark Knight Strike now causes ground bounce. - Crouching Medium no longer can hit OTG. - Wayne Tech's cooldown increased from 5 to 10 sec. - Fixed a glitch that makes Batarang X unable to count hit properly. - Batarang Y's damage increased from 60 to 90. - Batarang Y's cheap damage increased from 5 to 20. - All air Batarang's power gain reduced from 80 to 15. - Scatterbomb's start up reduced from 11 to 8. - Scatterbomb now causes fall. - Scatterbomb now has start-up invul. - Scatterbomb's physic changed. - Grapple Swing now causes fall. - Dark Knight Combo now can be canceled into Smoke Bomb during any instances. - Smoke Bomb now costs 500 power. - Standing Hard's damage reduced from 100 to 90.
  22. More info: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/koichi-hirose-update-122019-185209.0.html https://streamable.com/aepqq Update: - Adding zoom to level 3. - Fixed some input mis-priorities. - Fixed a bug that makes 3 Freeze unable to apply properly in MUGEN 1.0/1.1. - Updated with a new damage dampen system. - Now can tag out during Stand mode. - Now can use Delayed Tag Hyper.
  23. https://streamable.com/d4xx0 Update: - Updated with a new damage dampen system. - Fixed some input bugs. - Added some missing kanjis effects. - Stand now can be canceled into Hypers. - Now can tag out during Stand mode. - Now can perform delayed hyper during Tag Mode. - Tag-in Hyper is now Tandem. - Stylish Cancel now can be used during all normals. - Life, spring forth! now can hit OTG. - Muda Muda Muda (Stand ver) now binds target to Giorno. - Standing Heavy now can be chained into Hypers and Specials (similar to my recent edited Fugo). - Guard Cancel now costs 1000 power.
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