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  1. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    JonathanAM's Stages

    It's really nice that you could obtain all of these. But how did you do so?
  2. Right now I'm trying to make a Tsuchinoko based on the sprites you ripped from the Kemono Friends fighting game. Which sprites are dedicated to the aerial normals? (the file 'numbers') Is this uniform for all of the sprite sets?

  3. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    DS12 (Self-Insert) WIP

    How complete would you say it is at the moment?
  4. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    Coffee's Request Thread

    Another weird Japanese character: I want the Paragus on the left. It seems like such a weird character that I actually kinda love it.
  5. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

    I could upload Kohaku's stuff (since I still have them in my roster) but I don't want to get copyright strikes either. Should I do so regardless of the risks involved?
  6. CoffeeFlavoredMilk


    I know, but I was responding to the bottom line of the post. He was complaining about SanoTohno merely showing rare characters and not providing links, and IIRC SanoTohno said that Jansen was begging for these rare characters or something when he doesn't want to provide download links to these characters. I don't know the exact reasons for this though.
  7. CoffeeFlavoredMilk


    Found some weird Furret thing: The OneDrive is all in Japanese so I have no fucking clue where to find it, but it does exist. Apparently it can beat Rare Akuma.
  8. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    Coffee's Request Thread

    Time to bump this thing, because while browsing this Japanese guy's MUGEN channel (which is more or less bog-standard for Japanese MUGEN YouTube, mainly tournaments where anything is possible, sans a few oddities like the usage of characters from WlanmaniaX and Ivan Luiz (Mr. Bean and Dr. Mario respectively)), I stumbled across these two oddities: Characters from Osomatsu-san that are just punching bags that die in one hit. I can't really remember off the top of my head where I can keep up to date with Japanese MUGEN content reliably, and these were likely uploaded onto a Japanese only uploading service that's hard as fuck to navigate.
  9. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    King of the Monsters

    This isn't the appropriate thread for this kind of request.
  10. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    Touhou Project

    The links to Kurogane's and Aotsuki's work are dead.
  11. CoffeeFlavoredMilk


    Thanks to my 4shared, I got a link to the most recent version of Tepig. Here it is on Mediafire. You're welcome:
  12. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    Pokémon Alerkina4's version of Muk. His Nidoking was a supposed 'V2' of Hugespongebob's (alerkina has this tendency of making fake V2s a lot surprisingly) and was a spriteswap of Crow's Kitty Katswell, so this is essentially that but its a spriteswap of Dudley Puppy. It also barely looks like what it's supposed to be.
  13. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    Cartoon Network

    Not relevant to the thread, sorry.
  14. CoffeeFlavoredMilk


    Do you know where I can find Ditto on this site? The first post I see only implies that Ditto is a striker of sorts for another character of okihaito, and the downloads on the sidebar don't give me much clues either.
  15. CoffeeFlavoredMilk

    Fate Series

    HuSaber's link is down.