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  1. It was originally 16 frames of start-up (the 1 frame thing was me only counting the part where the arm was fully stretched, which was incorrect), but I pushed it down to 10 since that felt a little more practical (not to mentioned it's -11 on block). Anyway, that special goofy intro vs my own stuff...
  2. This will soon be a standard for projectile reflectors for my characters once Haruhi is released.
  3. Nep Heart

    Nep MUGEN

    It's been more than a year since I've done MUGEN. Congrats to me.
  4. I turned out to be wrong anyway since the frame 1 thing was when she stretches out her arm fully, it's 16 frames after the pause. Well, I should make it 10 frames with slight invincibility start-up anyway. Anyway, now to actually justify an excuse to post a video of her on my channel.
  5. A silly intro, I added.
  6. It's similar to Magneto's Gravity Squeeze from MvC3 in function. It's blockable, but it will target the opponent anywhere on the screen and comes on frame one.
  7. Finished her lv3 and it looks glorious.
  8. Happy birthday!



  9. Haruhi sure loves her cosplay. Also added a nice touch to her baseball special.
  10. Finished Haruhi's Itsuki assist.
  11. I pretty much purged all the NSFW sprites before even getting started on the character. The most "NSFW" thing in her sprite set as of now is certain win poses/intros that show some skin (like the swimsuit one).
  12. Two more supers complete.