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  1. <Mod edit: Blacklisted URL removed> Found it myself.
  2. Matt by Lozmaster300 So Emandsam (Emily) told me to do a request of Matt by Lozmaster300, so here. Matt was seen in some videos: At 2:37 At 2:05 and there's Shadow Matt too in this video at 2:02 and the clones of Him at 0:22 Here's some broken links: Matt: Shadow Matt: The Matt Clones: When someone has the links of Matt and the 2 Other Versions of him by Lozmaster300, Reupload it and send a new link of all of them.
  3. Pksparkxx and Metal Haruhi This is something where Emandsam (Emily Pearce) told me to do a content request for these two characters he was gonna told me too Here's a video Pksparkxx at 0:00 and 2:12 and Metal Haruhi at 2:20 and 4:46
  4. yep here he is:
  5. Request is Completed, now this has to be moved to the complete requests.
  6. okay, and i told you this topic is about Epic KFM by TheComet and OnePunchMan not Luigi Segami but alright.
  7. the link was deleted i guess so i guess i never download him.
  8. sorry but no and here's a message An Error Has Occurred! The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.
  9. here some mind if i answer. I wish i have Stupid Kung Fu Man in this video Reverse Kung Fu Man at 2:57 and this Invisible KFM name Mienai
  10. okay but i will think some all of it until april, so here's some.
  11. also i think there is no links of the rest in this video that Stepstick by thenorm was in.