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  1. Well, this one's mine: Senna (chikuchikugonzalez): I stuck with this version because Songfu's Senna didn't work on my Mugen. I mained chiku's Senna because her combos are easy to pull off. Iaido practioners in fighting games are generally hard to use (Johnny, Ukyo, Hibiki Takane, Shimo, Setsuka, Alpha Patroklos etc) but i'll make an exception with this one. Kaname (Chotto-Komaru): I've beaten several cheap characters (Sander's Wolverine, most of Ikaruga's creations and Aiduzzi's creations) with Kaname because he has a parry button, and parrying fills his super art meter. Raphael ([email protected] [email protected]): I'm a huge ninja turtles fan, that combined with Raph being my favorite turtle and [email protected] having a track record of well made characters. I can't wait until [email protected] releases Michaelangelo and Donatello so i can have the whole set. They're great alternatives if you don't want to use the turtles DCat Power made. (I had DCat's turtles, Shredder and Krang in my mugen before my laptop died in back in 2013. They're equally good) Morrigan (POTS) and Guy (POTS): I main both characters in their respective source games and everyone knows POTS is a god among mugen creators. I mean who doesn't like the custom mechanics and coding he implements in his characters? Wolverine (Froz): Because it's one of my Marvel vs Capcom mains given the POTS-style treatment. Captain Commando (Warusaki3): Not much to say about this one, since the majority of Warusaki's CVS2 conversions are 5 star material. Selvaria Bles (Kohaku): Has the hots for the actual character (I didn't play Valkyria Chronicles but i watched the VC3 anime and played Project X Zone that has VC characters in it). Would have downloaded ANY version of Selvaria but only two exist at this time and 41's version is a Mugen 1.1 exclusive, so i made due with Kohaku's. It's a solid creation, but i wish she wasn't limited to 3 buttons because i can't do that much combos with her. Unless Dengeki Bunko (which i haven't played yet) uses a 3 button setup. Gradriel (Okan): I was surprised at how well Okan's Gradiel turned out, because i love games made by Vanillaware. She has custom gameplay, not accurate to the single button combat Princess Crown utilizes. She's from a Sega Saturn exclusive that never got localized, or fan translated. And speaking of Vanillaware, Odin Sphere Liefthrasir is a 10/10 masterpiece you need to play before the day you die, especially if you're into Beat em up/RPG hybrids like Guardian Heroes. (ok i'm done nerding the fuck out here) Alena (Ryuhi): Alena from DQ4 is one of my favorite Dragon Quest characters and i'm amazed she transitioned well into Mugen. I would have mained the Alena made by Noctis because i'm a sucker for CVS2 conversions (Or POTS/Divine/Infinite style for that matter) but it makes my mugen lag -cries- Akame (Ambasa): AnT's Akame makes my Mugen lag but luckily Ambasa's doesn't. Maining Akame was a given since i love AgK (the anime, didn't read the manga yet) to death. Still waiting for my waifu Esdeath to get Mugenized. -crosses fingers and hopes to god she transitions well into Mugen too- Eyelina (Sakuraka): Fought her in Episode 4 of Crazy Mugen Battles and she gave me a run for my money. Decided to add her to my team later on, because i like shoto characters, and cute blondes. Does anyone know what game or anime Eyelina's voice comes from? Cross Theater (the doujin game she's from) doesn't have voice acting. Yashaoh (NHK): The only character in my team that's source accurate because everyone else has custom gameplay. Asura Blade and Asura Buster are underrated fighting games worth trying out.
  2. Its been a while since i posted here. Have a marathon of me taking on WlanmaniaX's characters.



  3. Esdeath (Akame ga Kill) A good Ryuko Matoi (because the ones made by hatya and Son Bra Is Good are godawful) Odin Sphere characters (With custom gameplay) More CVS2 and POTS style conversions
  4. I'm kinda bummed that you scrapped her. I don't like Duck's Lilac because it has limited combos and playability. (What more can I do with two attack buttons and a throw?) Duck should have taken creative liberties giving her custom sprites and attacks like you did with Brevon.
  5. -__- A lot of MMV creations, save for the rare gem of goodness are like that. Mostly comic characters with bad coding and ugly sprites. Chuchoryu's stuff is a hundred times better than said spriteswaps. Armin_Luif and FlavioCamarao are the only good creators I know from that site. Armin's Lightning Farron surprised me with its solid playability and Flavio is the ONLY one who gave us a good Wesker after all these years of being stuck with that shitty Billy Lee (ROTD) edit.
  6. Goddammit. Crushed my hopes of seeing my favorite comic book hero get the superb POTS treatment :(
  7. Infinite's characters [email protected] [email protected]'s characters Buckus's characters SennouRoom's characters Cafe's characters OGGY's characters Kamekaze's characters Rajaaboy's characters Ikaruga's characters varo_hades's characters Descolor's characters Boryema's characters Celica Sylphil by ark Rock Howard by Warusaki3 Black Canary by Magus (Fought in my Retard Bashing vid) Powergirl and Moondragon by NinjBrl (Also fought in my Retard Bashing vid)
  8. Warner's characters aren't bad at all. Ilusionista's a decent creator too since I liked his Shin Kazuma edit. But the rest... I know where Darkflare's getting at, as far as Chucho and Ax are concerned. Anyway here's my best characters: Kaname (Chotto-Komaru) Warusaki3's characters (I main Captain Commando) Kohaku's characters (Selvaria, Miyuki) Infinite's characters SennouRoom's characters (Ako is one of my mains) [email protected]'s characters (Raphael and Batsu mainly) DQ4 Alena (Ryuhi) Gradriel (Okan) POTS characters (Morrigan and Guy) DivineWolf's characters (Psylocke and Yuka) Raiya Mikazuchi (Orochi Hermann) Yashaoh (NHK) Akame (Ambasa's version since AnT's version lags like fuck) Senna (Separate versions made by Kohaku and chikuchikugonzalez) Tetsu Yatogi (XCB) Eyelina (sakuraka) Kyo Kusanagi (Formerly Jmorphman's but I upgraded to Falcon Rapper's version)
  9. Question: How do you get popular among those who make mugen videos?



    1. Darkflare


      It helps if you manage to stand out from the others. Otherwise, don't think about it too much.

    2. Flare-Gamer-64


      Use Undertale characters and your home free. :th_0v:

      Only problem is that the comment section will become a wasteland of children asking stuff like "wot is dis geam?", "Sans would win fak U!!!11!" and Other retarded comments. 2 of my videos featuring Sonic characters also got popular, which I don't mind since the Sonic Fandom isn't as bad in comparison to the Undertale fandom.

  10. Sub-Zero punching Gai in the groin (Johnny Cage would be proud) while Demitri gets a glimpse at Lin Kuei booty.
  11. There's word on the street that Chuchoryu is working on a Bayonetta, and honestly, i don't care if it's half-baked like his other creations. At least his stuff is playable to some degree unlike Adrian and Beanfan112's characters. I've been waiting for Bayo to get mugenized for a long time. And if we're lucky, someone will take the sprites and give it better coding like Varo Hades did to his Cammy.
  12. Wake me up when someone makes KOS-MOS. I'd rather use KOS-MOS in her gorgeous version 4 armor, instead of the version 1 armor Drowin made, based on her Namco X Capcom sprites.
  13. More crazy mugen battles



  14. Let Jesuszilla work on that since he's the only one (besides Warusaki3) that implements Groove systems.
  15. New videos are up:




  16. The first time i beatdown crappy Mugen characters in a video. 


    i recommend watching in 480p





      can u list the characters you were using

  17. MA isn't worth mentioning, period.
  18. Here's my first Halloween special




    New videos are here







  20. A 20 minute episode series of me bodying A.I controlled opponents in challenging, yet intense and crazy matches. Feel free to subscribe for more matches, and if you want i might be open to taking requests on who you want me to fight, as long as the character isn't poorly made or has weak A.I. My low end computer can't run Mugen 1.1 so no characters like Websta's Hyde or Sir Ghostler's Akira :/ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
  21. My Crazy Mugen Battles A 20 minute episode series of me bodying A.I controlled opponents in challenging, yet intense and crazy matches. Feel free to subscribe for more matches, and if you want i might be open to taking requests on who you want me to fight, as long as the character isn't poorly made or has weak A.I. My low end computer can't run Mugen 1.1 so no characters like Websta's Hyde or Sir Ghostler's Akira :/ Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4:
  22. "You put me in MUGEN? GET THAT ASS BANNED!"