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  1. thebuddyadrian

    Mr. Game and Watch Edit (Originally by Nodog)

    I updated this to buff the Octopus move and Judge moves, the download link is the same.
  2. Mr. Game and Watch Edit (Originally by Nodog) This is my second Mr. Game and Watch edit, the first one was from Gif Mr. T's version, but now I made a version which is an edit of Nodog's Mr. Game and Watch. I actually released this quite a while ago, but I decided to post this here if someone wants to download it. This edit adds more comboing, move changes, and an Octopus move. Download: Video: Movelist:
  3. thebuddyadrian

    The Powerpuff Girls

    Townsvile City by Toupou
  4. thebuddyadrian

    Timmy Turner

    I added a minor update to Timmy, I fixed a few bugs and balancing issues Nodog mentioned. I didnt fix anything with the sprites yet, thats stil soon to come. He also has a different big portrait. The download link is the same (on my website).
  5. thebuddyadrian

    Timmy Turner

    I made better kick animations for TImmy. If youre wondering why the pallette is weird its because im using this pallette for color seperation. In actual gameplay he will use the normal colors.
  6. thebuddyadrian

    Timmy Turner

    1) I'll try to find different sounds to use for him in the next update. 2) Those sprites actually come from Fairly OddParents video games. The reason I used those is because I'm not a great spriter so it would be easier to use those instead of making bad sprites for them. 3) Again, I'm not a great spriter but I'll try to improve the animations in the next update. 4) Yeah, I tried to make a proper throw animation but it looked bad so I just used the Cosmo and Wanda throw instead. 5) The sprites for Fairy Blaster are from Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots DS. I edited them so they would match the pallette. The reason I used those is again, I tried to make my best to make my own sprites but again they looked bad so I used those. 6) I tried my best to balance them, for example Fairy Blaster Weak has low range but can chain up to 4 hits, Fairy Blaster Medium has long range but can only do one shot, Strong version is low range but high damage. Do u have a specific example of bad balancing in a special. 7) I did that because it's meant to be chained from Cleft Glove. After Cleft Glove comes in contact you can cancel into Big Wish. 8) It's supposed to be that way, you just choose a different version depending on how far the opponent is, they all have the same amount of damage. 9) I'll fix that in the next update. 10) I can't really think of any ways to make it different. 11) I'll make it cost 250 energy in the next update. 12) I'll look into what's causing it and then fix it in the next update. 13 and 14) I'll make them usable when crouching in the next update. 15) I'll add a taunt in the next update. The Fairy Beam moves are roughly based off his special from Super Brawl 3. Fairy glove and Fairy hammer are from Super Brawl World.
  7. thebuddyadrian

    Timmy Turner

    Hmm that's a great idea, it could go like this. Cosmo: "Hey Wanda!" (to Mario and Wario's Wanda) Wanda: "Cosmo you idiot!"
  8. thebuddyadrian

    Timmy Turner

    Timmy Turner Finally, an okay version of Timmy Turner in MUGEN! This character uses sprites edited from Jarquin10 and edited sprites from some Nicktoons Video Games. Download: Video: All Moves: D, DF, F, a/b/c: Wish D, DB, B, a/b/c: Fairy Beam D, DF, F, x/y/z: Cleft Glove D, DB, B, x/y/z: Fairy Blaster D, DF, F, a+b: BIG Wish (1 Bar) D, DB, B, a+b: Jorgen Von Strangle (2 Bars) D, DF, F, x+y: Cleft MegaPhone (1 Bar) D, DB, B, x+y: Super Fairy Blaster (1 Bar) I hope you guys enjoy this character! I tried my best on it but any feedback or recommendations would be reccomended, I might update this in the future.
  9. thebuddyadrian

    Peach & Pac-Man by Inferno

    The Peach char is really good but the way the idle pose is facing diagonally down is just really off-putting to me
  10. thebuddyadrian

    How do you make sprites from MMD models?

    How do you make sprites from MMD models? I want to make more Love Live characters for MUGEN using the MMD models. But, how do you do that? Do you have to use a seperate program or is there a way to do it using MMD?
  11. thebuddyadrian

    How do I make an air attack usable once every time you jump?

    Well one thing that could work is First, add a varset in the attack, set any open variable to 1 (for this example i'll use 30). It should trigger right when the attack starts [State 0, Varset] trigger1 = Time = 0 v = 20 value = 1 Second , add a varset to statedef 0 [State 0, Varset] trigger1 = TIme = 0 v = 20 value = 0 Last, go to the CMD and add a triggerall to the move so that it requires the variable to be zero. triggerall = var(20 = 0 I'm pretty sure this should work, if you run into a problem ask me
  12. thebuddyadrian

    your opinion about punching bag

    I don't really have anything against punching bag chars, they're just pretty much useless since fighting against an opponent in training mode is the same as a punching bag.
  13. thebuddyadrian

    Graphic Requests?

    What do you mean? Do you mean change all the facial features of Luigi so he looks more like Luigi instead of Mario?
  14. I really need a walk and run animation for Phoenix Wright I am planning on making a Phoenix Wright character for MUGEN by editing this sprite sheet: But the thing is I CANT make walk or run animations. They always look bad. Can someone make a walking animation for Phoenix Wright? It doesn't even need to be shaded I can do the shading myself.
  15. thebuddyadrian

    Flare Gamer 64 has joined MFFA

    Sup fam