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  1. LuigiTheMemeLord

    Star Fox

    There was a Krystal character made some years ago, but it got deleted. I think it was because the creator got tired of the character being featured in those stupid bashing videos.
  2. LuigiTheMemeLord

    Anakin Skywalker W.I.P Character for MUGEN (MvC style)

    UPDATE?: I tried changing the palette color of Anakin since I hated the orange-reddish skin color he originally had. Unfortunately, when I added the new accurate palette in, It completely messed up the sprites's colors. So now I'm going to have to replace each sprite, which is NOT going to be fun. I've been also struggling to find good sprites for his Force Shockwave and Force Lightning moves. If anybody can help me find some good shock wave and lightning sprites, that would be wonderful. You should all expect more positive updates soon.
  3. LuigiTheMemeLord

    Marge Simpson released and others updated by Warner

    Dang, I never knew if Warner was even still active. I'm gonna go try this character out when I get the chance.
  4. Memes never truly die.




    But they can get milked.

  5. LuigiTheMemeLord

    The Most Unlikely Crossovers

  6. Star Wars Battlefront 2 is bound to be better than the first..

    Because it actually has more content.

  7. LuigiTheMemeLord

    All Chars Update June/August(Poison)

    I don't even know how Poison is, and yet she looks pretty good. I'm gonna keep myself updated on this.
  8. Anakin Skywalker is now being remade for MUGEN. Since I was disappointed on how Anakin turned out LAST time, I decided to remake him using the MvC template, seeing how that was my original plan anyhow. I plan to release a BETA soon, and may complete the full version in September. Who knows? :D Anywho...I'd like to show all my progress so far and what I have implemented. Need to add:Force PushMake the Lightsaber come back to Anakin after he throws it.Force Shockwave (A Properly coded and awesome looking Force Shockwave move anyways...)1 More HyperIntrosSpecial Intro against Obi WanTag Team attack