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  1. going to Retropalooza today!

  2. This is how I like to roleplay. Cause shit can go a different turn with just one word. We ain't in no play.
  3. Those games aren't what is going to be used in the tournament if it would happen. Mainly the questions are more of Surveys. Then again it's been forever since I've been here and don't know how active the community is It might be tough for Matches.
  4. Do you guys do pen and paper stuff? Cause Pathfinder is totally my jam.
  5. Yeah I felt the same way, I also felt like it would take a lot of time that I just simply don't have and I already have a DnD/Pathfinder Group to be with so I couldn't do it, but they want people so I thought I'd spread the word.
  6. Hey ya'll I've come back to the forum yet again to ask you a couple of question in regards to the NEXT LEGATO TOURNAMENT. A little history about this Tournament. Of the course of these past years since about 2007, I've hosted a small tournament in these forums. Here's a Video of the (I think) the last one I did in 2013. Due to the Nature of our somewhat Busy Lives We may not be able to do these matches all in one night, I usually have you guys do the matches and Record them all if you can. Though if we could organize a day and set up a lobby (if available) Then I wouldn't mind setting up a Live Stream of the Tournament of sorts to let you guys see the Tournament as it goes down. But Like I said, we normally wouldn't be able to do that because of our different timezones and lives and such. So The Question as it goes. Is Do ya'll want a New MFFA/Legato Tournament?
  7. Not sure how many of you guys roleplay or like to roleplay, but I was messaged on Steam about this particular one. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/001992/discussions/0/530645446306173400/ It's about The Mermaids and such and I think it would be cool to do. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to do this stuff anymore. Don't know if any of you guys were interested in such things.
  8. Sup Y'all. Been forever you know? Anyway I just want some of you guys to remember that we have a Steam Group (it's here btw) and I thought it would be neat if we were to recommend of some games on there and become a Steam Curator (we need about 10 recommendations to show up on the store.) Even though the Steam Group's Associated Games are mainly Fighting Games, Our Recommendations should not be centered around Fighting games, but they can be. I just want some of your guy's thoughts on this and I want some users I'm not familiar with to know we have a Steam Group too and I'd like for it to be a bit more active. Hope to be more frequent on here. With Love, Legato.
  9. I've started a Let's Play Channel with my In Real Life Friend. We're going to try to update this periodically. I got a lot of editing ahead of me.
  10. It's been a while since I've last came on here. What's going on? I haven't been doing too much. It's mainly been going like this though. I work nights so I go to work around 7pm - 9pm and return home around 6am - 7am. Usually when I come home I sleep. Sometimes I play games or catch up with my news. Normally on Weekends I'm over at my Grandmother's or hanging with Friends playing D&D. Well over the past month my Grandmother passed away. She was a great person and I really miss her everyday and at times I wish there was something more I could have done to make her feel better. Of course if any of you realize I've started to Twitch Stream again and I'm trying to get a little bit more serious on it. as you can see over here on my past broadcasts. You can kinda see an evolution going on there. of course you could always go to the highlights page and see some LEGENDARY fails of mine there. I thought about deleting them, but they're too epic to just be tossed aside so visit my hall of shame if you want. Warning though, they can be long. So that's really what I've been up to. I've been looking into other things as well and been experimenting with my sources so I'll try to keep ya'll up to date with what I'm doing. I'm still looking into wanting to do a "Friday Night Fights" or "Saturday Brawl" Live Stream thing. It's been in my Mind for a while ever since the Tournament. So that's that, how ya'll been?
  11. about to stream Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

  12. A lot of times my Dreams take place in my own town. But one dream stuck out to me the most was a place I knew was not my town. It looked like Boston or some place in Massachusetts. I have never been there, but it was alright.
  13. A Death of a Major Character usually results in that. What I'm trying to say is that I think Family Guy has Finally Jumped it's Last Shark.