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  1. Rurouni Kenshin - Soul and Sword Website
  2. Jiren by Franciynaldo Hit By Joe flizz,Team SB Diogo Studios Mugen e Luis 17 Mugen Download Here Hit Downloiad Toppo Download Jiren Jiren
  3. Trying to make better stages, but I only stay in 1.0 Ah, i forgot there is no sign of who tore this sprites I hope someone knows Download stages Arcade - Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone - Mission 1 USA Download Here Video
  4. ripped by Jebo14Sprites Originated From = Previous Building & Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Download Here and The Forest Death 2 From NSNA 0.2 LF 2 Games Download Here
  5. Sprites Original From : -Naruto Shippuden : Naruto VS Sasuke -Wonder World J -One Piece -Ueki No Housoku Shinki Sakuretsu! Nouryokumono Battle By Jebo14 Download Here : Forest Compilation
  6. Naruto Torneo Ninja 3.0 La Saga (G)OLD MUGEN Ok, so i have a long time seeing this on youtube. So long i search this game it turns out the game is not in publication, so i give up to find it, but some characters of them there are public (seperately). After that i search for it again, and i found it, but what i see Very different from some people who make this game impressions. Download this game directly to : Personajes: 68 + ocultos Stages: 50 Link:!qoQTFR5T!WY55466J5kNjKEwkWjbrlbMz5HomXQiUunKl35sW1Mo Creditos:Rock Ron/ Lider / Creador y Editador: de Chars y stages Grc-009/ Sub Lider / Creador de chars y stages Veron/ Coder / Creador de chars Uchinaru/ Coder / Creador de chars y un gran ayudante Luxx/ Coder/ Creador de Chars MG/ Coder / Creador de chars D-Yan/ Coder / Creador de chars y life bars Sasuke JG/ Coder / Ayudante de Sonidos Blenardb/ Coder / Creador de Chars Tobi_07/ Lider de Sprites / Creador y Editador de: Sprites y addon para los chars Sergiu/ Coder / Creador de Chars G23/ Sprintero / Creador de sprites F-Funes/ Sprintero / Creador de Sprites y ayudante de ideas mattfv/ Stagero / Creador de stages Mikel888/ Stagero / Creador de stages Arthurrrrrr/ Stagero / Creador de stages IACO95/ Ayudante / Ayudante de ideas y creador de stages Isaac Dillom/ Ayudante / Ayudante de ideas e impulsador del juego Screenpack = By Rock Ron Life Bars = By D-Yan si lo desean pueden suscribirse a mi canal espero que les guste saludos! rockron13 Mensajes : 1 Fecha de inscripción : 10/06/2016
  7. Download Naruto Shippuden Ninja Struggle NZC 2017 with my own version Thanks to : JesuSRenaut (Screenpack) (Character) Cobra6G Mikel8888 Shadow Mercer Monkey D. Yomi and (Stage) Manoichi David11 MEDYN Wolf_Stak Sprites, Codes, FX, Ideas, etc: Benhazard David pajon Juan 18 Diego Uchiha Spectro Sosuke RBM_Kyubi Juubi Sennin15 Pierremings Download : Part 1!tQgmQTTI!WYBkZuEibrDHzG-iHAG40rec_KgjnVzP2Q-tVwWkkK4 Part 2!JEhSESbS!VHNjCSJPHbEcvOvOorKYSmm0hpUclJJ_ClYb7_X5DOU Part 3!IdIGRbYA!SWtlmMZtVvClLYWkzRLhNbLQBmG-ex07LQY3IICJG-0 Part 4!oc4khKYR!SXGr2XMEOdgjeSuPXjHjbMS4cQaSn7XcY4crcAPfLTk Note: i accidentally made a little stages and the character slot is still not complete, to complement it ! Meet them soon, the person I have written above !
  8. The time has come!War of Shinobi 2.0 - OpenGL version is officially released!..Click here to download OpenGL version:… . Mirror 1:…/… . DirectX version:… . Mirror 1:…/… . **Upcoming updates will be signed with date, so be sure you have the latest version! (You can press F1 in menu screen to check your current version) For now, the latest one is 2.0 - 1.5.17 . ***There might be some bugs, so please, contact us so we can fix them as soon as possible, thanks! (Screenshot would be a perfect addition) . ****Also if you think any character is too weak/strong - share your opinion, we may consider balancing it in the future. . . Thanks for downloading, enjoy playing