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  1. All-Star

    Mugen ArtificIal Human 17

    Thanks man,it means alot.
  2. All-Star

    Mugen ArtificIal Human 17

    I spelled artificial wrong,sorry about that.
  3. This is my second character,Artificial Human 17 from Dragon Ball Z Please tell me any flaws and I will try my best to fix them.
  4. All-Star

    Vegeta Release

    Okay,here is an updated Vegeta,I've fixed most of the false you mentioned. Here's the updated Vegeta! I might give him a transformation in another update,but that is a maybe however.
  5. All-Star

    Vegeta Release

    Okay,thanks for the feedback. I've fixed most of these problems and once I'm done with my Cell I will release an updated Vegeta. We good here?
  6. All-Star

    Vegeta Release

    This is my first character,so please go easy on the feedback. Most of the errors in this video are fixed. Here's the link: