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  1. New episode from danzey legendary tournament 2 the 5 episodes with strong characters . who will win ? let 's show begins ! next episode will come very soon! thank you for you watching !
  3. DANZEY LEGENDARY TOURNAMENT 2 NEW 2019[MUGEN TOURNAMENT ADDON] HERE MY CONTRIBUTIONS FOR MUGEN Now the dream come true danzey legendary tournament is a real tournament (AI ONLY or you can play also SEE THE TUTORIAL) but also the tool you allow to manage all your characters LIKE RPG (give AI PATCH,look his progress,etc) indeed when a character win a fight points of experience is given! the tool included a ranking to see who is your best characters: and i I INCLUDED A MODE CHALLENGE with a mode story is like the survival with MUGEN but you can saved your feat and i add a ending for success! there is a database to compare data and fighters! there we are! i must have forgotten some features really interesting! it is worth it ,hurry up! TRAILER OFFICIAL 2019 WITH RELEASE DATE OK i let you make your opinion. see you soon THE TOURNAMENT MODE(preview in live ) THE CHALLENGE MODE SUBSCRIBE IN MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR MORE STUFF: CLICK TO GO TO MY CHANNEL! CLICK HERE DOWNLOAD LOOK AT THE TUTORIAL video + blog FOR USING IT
  4. OK ! i understand you but it is obvious when you go on the net you must have a antivirus for any website ! i thought Mediafire was safe but you can be right (beware some antivirus can be wrong and detect a safe file. in my side , nothing is warned and the community are all ok! meanwhile, i changed the link in other server. i suggest you to delete the file corrupted and keep the main software. you can download it now on uptobox. download danzey legendary tournament 2019 uptobox thank you for yours feedbacks.
  5. FIRST TV MUGEN TOURNAMENT SHOW ! THE 5ST program tv ! the bigger fight ever ! best figthers inside ! the artificial intelligence is awesome and hardest ! lets discover the mighty mugen through danzey legendary tournament !😉 next episode are coming very soon...ENJOY
  6. IMPOSSIBLE ! the website danzey legendary tournament is from blogger by google and the file is highly safe ! it is totally free ! No virus and trojans guaranted ! i am loyal man and i want to let people enjoying mugen and my creations ! don't say lies !!!! respect the creation !
  7. TUTORIAL VIDEO RELEASED! in order to improve the ease for installing, i make a tutorial video which will supplement the tutorial from the blog! see the first post to look the link for the tutorial from the blog!
  8. 2019 EDITION GOLD AVAILABLE NOW! YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT (see the first post)
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