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  1. Destined Shogun

    RWBY from BlazBlue Cross Tag

    goddamn, this looks doper than ever, please I wish you a lucky charm on this!!!
  2. Destined Shogun

    Miku Hatsune (VOCALOID) released (04/02/2018)

    I've been waiting so long for this release, this is awesome as hell
  3. Destined Shogun

    Broken Sonic NOW LIVE!

    are april fools characters not suppose to be releasing today...the other note, good and decent character!!!
  4. Destined Shogun

    a soundpack...

    a soundpack... anybody have a silly soundpack for master geese by cannon musume?
  5. Destined Shogun

    Yukari Yakumo (Incident Zero style) updated (07/19/18)

    you know who else will have this play style?
  6. Destined Shogun

    [WIP] RicePigeon's WIP thread: IZ Marisa, IZ Tenshi

    I bet people will be hyped about zero yukari!
  7. Destined Shogun

    Dream World

    what's going on, RicePigeon?
  8. how are your works in progress doing? *I don't know why I said that*

    1. RoySquadRocks


      Just getting a second intro and death animation done for Keen.

  9. Destined Shogun

    STAGE: 6 Stages From Kemono Friends Fight

    hello, been a while. right? how's azusa nakano going on?
  10. Destined Shogun

    Ton Pooh released by Gladiacloud, Beximus and Shinzankuro

    the character is lookin' good...
  11. Destined Shogun

    Excahm´s Wips [I Have No Idea]

    I thought the "Hyperdimension Neptunia - Concert" stage looked fancy
  12. wish you good luck on aya shameimaru, hata no kokoro, rin kaenbyou and chen
  13. Destined Shogun

    Miku Hatsune (VOCALOID) released (04/02/2018)

    how are you with azusa-san?
  14. Destined Shogun

    Shovel Knight Digs In! (ONE FINAL HYPER!!!)

    you're next character gonna be streets of rage meiling?