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  1. Man if you can help me on this that would be fantastic I really cant seem to get the cursor on the proper square on the page, like i dont know how to get that cursor on the character, its always like 2 boxes up and the character is 2 boxes down, may i please msg you
  2. cant seem to find the link, japanese is hard to read lol, i click download and it just brings up a bunch of anime porn lol
  3. if possible may i get 1 of each?? i like to make seperate 1s i dont know why
  4. im sure this is awesome but i get an error when it tries to load in any game i use and when i open it in fighter factory it says sprite incorecctly linked to the index 0, i assume this is the reason it wont work in mugen as well, i really want to get this going what can i do to fix that??
  5. May i ask which screenpack you are using for this please??
  6. what screenpack is this and how did you get it to say each of the names of different types of characters?? I would love to add that type of info to my screenpacks or even get this 1
  7. what is the name of this screenpack it looks nice as well
  8. May I ask what screenpack this is, i love the portraits, looks very clean, did you make them yourself??
  9. If you havent fixed that yet, i know this was awhile back but i can help you fix it, you have to tinker with your select.def file
  10. Legacy is an amazing screenpack as well as Warzone
  11. Shoot I actually already have this screenpack lol
  12. Thanks Ill look for it lifebars and all or did you do anything with it, cause it looks great
  13. May I ask what screenpack this is, it looks beautiful, is this Melty Blood screenpack??
  14. Use Fighter factory Ultimate instead of fighter factory 3 and open the system.def and then go to sprites tab then open your sff file, when you do what you want to do, just click the save button on the actions bar dont go to file save as or anything, under sprites after you finish just click the floppy disc icon that saves save and exit, test and let me know if that worked for you
  15. i like this one which screenpack is this bud, thats alot of characters slots, i like it