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  1. JoeAngel

    English sound patches for Choujin's characters.

    your link is down too but if you have these id love them please
  2. JoeAngel

    How to Edit the Versus Screen in a ScreenPack

    There is a simpler method yes. 1st go to system.def of the screenpack you like. Locate the area where the versus screen is. Look for spriteno= (whatever number) everywhere in the versus screen section only. Open up the system.sff and locate all those sprites and save them anywhere you want. Now open up the system.sff file of the screenpack you want to use in fighter factory, usually just opening the system.def file and clciking the sprite section is easier. Ok now simply add all those sprites to the screenpack. Save it. Now go to the system.def file that you originally liked the versus screen and copy the entire section text, based on versus screen only. Then go to system.def file of the screenpack you want to use. HIGHLIGHT THE EXACT SAME TEXT for the versus screen right click and paste. Basically overwriting it. And BAM your done. (Keep in mind if you do have a sprite in that same group or same number already in your screenpack when adding the sprites you do like, just edit the spriteno in the versus section to a different number, very easily, and add those sprites to the group number you chose, there isnt that many depending on the versus screen you choose normally.) (Doing it this way you dont delete the previous on e and you can resort back at anytime as well.) OldGamer is a genius I will add.
  3. JoeAngel

    Mugen Plus Collections (WinMugen+ Only)

    Oh shucks lol I was going to hopefully request a reupp, but that has already been asked for lol....and by me a year ago [email protected]???
  4. JoeAngel

    The INM Of Fighters [NSFW]

    Lmao wow this is horrible haha
  5. JoeAngel

    Dungeon & Fighter / Dungeon Fighter Online

    Quick question before I download all singles, does the full game have everything in the post or do i still need each 1 seperately.
  6. JoeAngel

    Custom Beat Battle Draglade

    Any chance of reupping them
  7. JoeAngel

    tokka_TMNT by Malovka1 & borewood2013

    Fanatastic......any chance he works with winmugen?
  8. So glad for winmugen versions of characters, only characters that work on ps3 and xbox, so these are appreciated, if you ave a list of all winmugen characters you have id be greatful man
  9. Would be awesome to have kept up with this. Only characters to work on ps3 and xbox.
  10. JoeAngel

    Combo counter display fix, help!

    EDIT NEVERMIND MY MISTAKE. I seem to have forgotten the extra font folder that the lifebars relied on, that was my bad, whew I just got them going properly.
  11. JoeAngel

    Combo counter display fix, help!

    Hey @Ryon, I have a quick question and you seem to be knowledgable of the subject and may understand what Im going through. I made some lifebars. I use them in 1 game and everything displays perfectly. I use the same exact lifebar files in another game, and in that game the name doesnt show and the timer doesnt show either. Same exact files both mugen 1.0 1 game perfect, 1 game no countdown timer and no name displayed. Can you please help me with this?
  12. I commented on youtube but this screenpack is beautiful man, very beautiful
  13. JoeAngel

    1up mugen screenpack for Windows or Mac

    can you please reupp??
  14. JoeAngel

    Mugen Plus Collections (WinMugen+ Only)

    i would love a reup as well
  15. JoeAngel

    How do I extract EXE Files

    I really need to extract files from a molexed exe mugen file, is there anyone that knows how, someone had to create the thing from all the files