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  1. Well, happy new year everyone.



      Well This is my new 2018 Profile

  2. Glad the MFFA came back, I had been scared.

  3. I hope this next year is more promising than this one.

    1. DS12


      Agreed, this year for me was crap. I've been through a lot of drama and loneliness since then, but that was only because of my lifetime mental condition. The beginning for me was also a bad start. I hope 2018 will be decent for me. Unless I screw up again, then it's 3 years in a row.

    2. Xiristatos


      I'd say this year was merely boring to me and went by fairly quickly... abnormally quickly, I have to say. Considering all the mentally-raping bullshit I got myself in in fucking 2016 (fuck the entire fucking U.S. election in the fucking roadkill ass) for absolutely nothing in hindsight, this was something of a breath of fresh air. It had many things that pissed me off, like the media's usual fear-mongering and clickbaiting on... quite a lot of issues (I should really consider blocking a few of them out of my view) and meme communities like Know Your Meme and Reddit somehow getting even more annoying, but all in all... at least it wasn't fucking 2016.