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  1. 1)Thorsten from The kung fu master: Jackie Chan (Arcade) Screenshot: Mugen version: 1.1 Status: 98% complete More Screenshots: 2)Lau from Jackie Chan:Fists of fire (Arcade) Screenshots: Mugen version:1.1 Status: 50% complete
  2. [Screenshot] [Download] Carlos: Riggs: [Movelist] Carlos D,DF,F,B +Z :Earthquake F,F+Z :Shootshotgun B,F +Z :Bomb Teleport Riggs B,F+X :Hell Fire F,D,B+X :Roll F,F+Z :Possesion B,F+Z :Teleport [Credits] Sprites by dxwho Elecbyte for mugen & kfm as base
  3. Riptor Stage From Killer Instinct(SNES) [Screenshot] [Download] link:
  4. I updated Kodama.Link is here:
  5. Kodama from Dragoon Might [Screenshot] [Download] Link:
  6. Yadon from Fightin' Spirit(Amiga) [ScreenShot] [Download] Link:
  7. 1)Mouth from Xenophage(PC) Screenshot: Gameplay: 4 buttons Mugen version: 1.0 2)Yadon from Fightin Spirit(Amiga) Screenshot: Gameplay:3 buttons Mugen version:1.0
  8. Tuo Lei from Dong Dong Never Die mugenized by me. [Screenshot] [Download] Link:
  9. [Screenshot] [Includes] -Tiger -Sanghun -Joker -Dragon -Tailor [Download] Link:
  10. [Screenshot] [Download] Link:
  11. [Screenshot] [Download] link:
  12. [Screenshot] [Download] Link :
  13. download : what missing: -hit spark -guard spark