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  1. does anybody have to i can update and finish him?
  2. will anybody help the enja project?


    1. Darkflare


      You do know there is a What are you listening to thread, right?

  4. WIP ENJA http://infiniteff.forumotion.com/t569-w-i-p-enja#3222 Topic their
  5. 95% done with character. need palettes.
  6. wassup fam. chillen in my mugen black discord page https://discord.gg/6EsPDwc
  7. hangout 7:35 long beach time....... willl be in chat. coding and relaxing and probably will be coding for few hours. say wassup. https://discord.gg/6EsPDwc
  8. update Kazuma kuzuki by wharkandi, krunkest404, skeletor ex http://infiniteff.forumotion.com/t568-kazuma-kuzuki-by-wharkandi-krunkest404-skeletor-ex