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  1. The current lotus master isn't the final boss, so I decided to make this guy. However, at 90% completion, life took over and I don't have the time or energy to continue. After a break of 1-2 months, I'll just post the 90% I have done. Movelist is in Readme file. What's left: adjust damages hit pausetimes (normal moves done) intro and ending (90%) hitsounds some inaccurate hitsparks position guardsounds missing in some moves guard dmgs recovery roll after hit down etc
  2. True lotus master (the actual final boss) is still missing. Though technically he can be made from the current lotus master
  3. Hi, please add Al Azif Ex Mortis, the final boss, into the roster. She has been mugenised recently.
  4. Just had to sign in to say that this is awesome!
  5. There's a bug, where when you walk against her, she will either be pushed back very slowly, or even walk forward against your character. The auto walking forward thing happened against M.Ranmaru character. I think it might be player width attributes, but I am unable to edit them as Borewood codes his .cns files in a different way. Pls fix - great character.
  6. Lots of new things added, including a "whirling butt attack" super from the manga episode against Suiryu. He feels more accurate than ever! In trying to make a better Saitama, I used sprites, animations, and coding from Cliff's Saitama, so here's giving credit to him and of course, JUS who made all the Saitama sprites. Read the movelist in the character folder of the file to find out more about all the changes! Download link also updated in first post. The new video does not show all win voices / intro voices, as not enough space to record lol. Changelog 13 Mar 2017 System: changed sprites for 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats introduction new gethit sprites (only when u press and hold enter can he get hit) new guard sprites standing animation changed new running animation and tweaked speed tweaked hop back distance AI updated with new supers fixed remappal issue movelist writeup updated Normals: added air dash added normals: air chop (can do in air), roundhouse kick, launch kick, air dash punch, dashing elbow, one inch punch. movelist changed changed some hitsounds for normals pressing start now has different animation when he becomes hittable Added Tatsumaki helper. She randomly does 2 moves - tornado and meteor (credits to Cliff for the idea/code) Supers: Added saturday sale uppercut as a super (credits to Cliff for the idea/code) new animation added for punch meteor super (credits to Cliff for ripping the animation) white eyeball sprites for serious punch / death punch (credits to JUS for the sprites) new accurate animation added for death punch (credits to Cliff for ripping the animation) Added split earth atmosphere animation during serious punch (credits to Cliff for ripping the animation) Added latest super (quite simple one) - whirling butt attack used on suiryu. Changed the whirling tornado effect. Completely redid animation for air consecutive punches (credits to Cliff for ripping the animation) added another variation of super sidehops (code by Cliff) Fixed punch rain super to have rain sound in the start. What may be missing: Almost unnoticeable stuff like some guardsparks/hitsparks here and there.
  7. Killable Saitama patch in the link above; just replace the original .cns file. Press and hold Start button and he can regen life/power at a slow rate, only when in the taunt state 196. Meaning, if he were hit out of the taunt state and you are still holding start button, nothing will happen. The unkillable version is actually killable by random chances where the unkillable code fails to work or something. In a previous update of the original 40+mb file that was not mentioned, also added missing hitsparks for the 2 new air normal moves.
  8. Update of 21 Apr 2016: 1. Added new air moves with button y and b, with new sprites. Both can be done backwards in air to do cross-ups. 2. Added new lie on ground sprite. 3. Fixed bug with Consecutive Normal Punches when Saitama vs. Saitama 4. Added new uppercut sprite when he punches the meteor. 5. Added a block sprite (120,2) but have not used it. 6. Added Tatsumaki sprite, but have yet to code her as a helper. May not do so if no time. New sprites are updated by JUS. May add in more relevant facial expressions if I have the time.
  9. Haha thanks. Dont mind me, just listing down what I updated as of 16 Mar 2016: 1. Fixed super armor to disappear when doing all his super moves, so in 1v2 scenarios, enemy(2) cannot hit him during a super. 2. Also fixed super armor to disable during any normal moves with nothitbys. 3. Fixed certain issues with Genos's fireball hitting enemies out of the custom state or pauseframe. Now Genos's fireball can only hit P2 if P2 isn't already hit. 4. Tweaked width in consecutive normal punch super, to prevent a bug where he wouldnt connect sometimes. 5. The rising phase of his "c" normal is now invulnerable, to prevent any issues that might crop up with super armor. If you want a Saitama that can be killed, you now need to disable the assertspecial, lifeset, and lifeadd in statedef -2. I love this character and I want him to be as bug free as possible, be it whether the updates are downloaded/noticed or not xD. - Saitama 16 Mar 2016.rar
  10. Fixed a bug with the new super armor coding that would cause more hits to appear. Adjusted the rain explod to look better. Fixed other misc bugs and tweaked some clsns and stuff.
  11. oops, updated a different version just as you posted lol.
  12. Update: 1. Added the super armor officially, and he takes no damage while moving or doing anything. HOWEVER, if you press start or hold start, he can be hit and damaged as long as he isn't knocked off the ground (where he will enter the superarmor state and regain full health)! But he won't die if life reaches 0. 2. NEW MOVE! You'll be reminded of the deep sea king fight, where he 'punches the rain away'. The video shows a 2-hit combo, but I have fixed that already. Perform by pressing D,DB,B + b. - make sure the file you download is titled Saitama 14 Mar 2016_1 for the correct version.
  13. Haha just remove the assertspecial and lifeadd things in the statedef -2 area. Then he can be killed before he reaches 1 power bar (where he will kill instead) xD im thinking of trying to do a remove super armor button where he can purposely let enemies smack him around.
  14. Yea i could try, the rain effect is a nice idea. dylanus i actually tried that coding, but the intro would take unusually long and if u're in watch mode, u cant tap out of it. U all like the super armor mode? If so ill add it in (waifu edited on an earlier version with a bug i didnt solve yet).