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  1. I find a Another plankton. He by Camren Springer. He is unfinished. Also sprite swap of kung fu man http://www.mediafire.com/?89a1oy2nny10epx
  2. oggy from oggy and the cockroaches. better versions of nicole watterson. kung fu spongebob from super brawl 2. timmy turner. bayonetta. animated mr.bean. better versions of plankton.
  3. And MvC butthead too. http://www.mediafire.com/?hc75n63xvu9tf1q
  4. I find some MvC characters. Beavis by aperson98. http://www.mediafire.com/download/mtba6g2qggvbwmv/MVC+Beavis.rar
  5. I'm sorry for making multiple accounts. I don't harassing random people. And I'm using my phone. And I will always remember my password. 

  6. If I get new laptop from Christmas. I will try him out.
  7. Oggy. From oggy and the cockroaches. Bayonettea. Lolo from klonoa. Cow and chicken. Timmy Turner ( decent versions ). Danny phantom. Inspector Gadget. Zig and sharko.
  8. The only thing I disliked about a mugen character. When you are trying to use Punch or kick. It make whole Screen disappeared. Maybe is a bug.
  9. Here is another cartoon character. I find http://www.mediafire.com/?rgsw7q6v9lyl36d
  10. Hey is me klonoafan230 gaming. I made new MFFA account. Because my computer broke last week and I my MFFA was on my computer. So I'm using my phone 

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    2. Klonoafan200


      I'm getting new computer for Christmas. (Hopefully). And I'm  happy we are getting pink partner in mugen.

    3. Klonoafan200


      Q&a : what Hitspark he going to have?

    4. Ali


      Thanks. I'm not sure but I will use cool Hitsparks