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  1. here is the walk cycle. this is one reason i don't want to release it. it's choppy. wish i knew how to code mugen characters. bleh.
  2. a good 3d mario. i'm making one right now but most likely not releasing it
  3. i don't know if it's just me but since downloading this mario randomly sounds in my other mario characters and other characters don't play anymore. it's weird but it may just be my mugen/headphones or the low quality mario. i'm not sure.
  4. may i have a download link to mario here?

    1. Ali


      Sure. Stay tuned I will send it!

    2. That Guy Sebi

      That Guy Sebi

      may i have it now? it's been a day.

    3. Ali


      I was busy And I am awfully Sorry. I will post it soon

  5. hey guys, i actually joined a while back but just found this forum now. i don't have much to say and they only thing people know me for is a color swap of ssb mario. comment if you want i guess. anyways, yo.
  6. everyones releasing betas, so here's a gif of a project i'm working on mapno (mario from space odyssey.)
  7. i was thinking color splash, ugh, for whatever reason i said sticker star
  8. the sticker star mario looks great! i was actually working on one, but you can portray it better.
  9. if you can fix it, i can't wait to see your mario and possible future waluigi. maybe if you have a steam you can send me screenshots incase you get it to work? (greedy, ik, just excited) my steam is That Guy Sebi.
  10. heya, this is the creator of grand dad here. i'm planning on working on a complete revamp of the current grand dad, with custom sprites. maybe you could put a mockup gif (if i do make one), in the bootleg marios, as wip. (and oliver will NOT be working on this one, so please do not credit him for it.)