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  1. The Master (Paper Mario 64) So here's a character I've been working on for a while. Based off the super boss in Paper Mario 64, The Master. He's a 4 button character with a huge amount of moves to get close to his opponent. A few things you can do with him are in the video below. He also features two assists which are based on the game as well, his sister, Tayce T. and Chan. This is a character I felt should be mugenized in some way as he has a lot of potential to be a formidable foe. The character itself is pretty much finished (by finished, I ran out of moves I wanted him to use), but he is still missing an ai which I will include in an update sometime down the line. I hope you all enjoy this character as he the first character I've actually created and finished. Also thanks to those who showed a bit of support way back when I first started and posted my character in the "W.I.P" section. Note1: He was built for 1.0 so I'm not sure if he works in other versions Note2: His moveslist is in the readme text
  2. Sweet stage! Also, what Zero-ko do you have in that screenshot?
  3. I guess now that I released an early version of a Mario character, I should probably drop him here, nice collection too!
  4. Hello! New guy here, after finally learning how making and editing a Mugen character works, I decided to join the community. My first little goal as of now is to make potato-like characters on my roster viable in a fight, so no new characters in the making as of now. I guess I should also drop a link for my first release here as well, which is my edit of Shimon's Centaurman.