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  1. These are edits of Tachi's Geno and Mallow. When these were originally released, they were very cheap and had poorly ripped sound effects and Ironcommando bashed these. They've since been updated and are now less cheap, but they still had poorly ripped sound effects. I replaced most of the poorly ripped sound effects with clean rips but only those where it's noticable that there's still BGM or something else on the SFX, because there were no SMRPG SFX on Sounds Resource I had to download the SFX in SCP format and had to convert them to WAV, also it wasn't clear which number was which sound so I had to keep browsing through almost 200 SFX. I also changed the button layout to A, B, C (it was originally X, Y, A which was very awkward), added victory quotes and made some other changes. The edits also include new palettes by GazpachoMasterX. Changes: Geno: -Replaced poorly ripped SFX with clean SFX -Changed button layout from X, Y, A to A, B, C, the "timed hit" commands are also changed to reflect this -Replaced portrait with the portrait of an old version of Geno which looks much better than the portrait used in the updated version but is still not perfect -High-Speed Movement Attack is now attributed as a Special -4 new palettes added (by GazpachoMasterX) -Added victory quotes Mallow: -Replaced poorly ripped SFX with clean SFX -Changed button layout from X, Y, A to A, B, C -Buffed almost all of Mallow's attacks because Mallow was very underpowered -Fixed infinite priority of Normals, range of crouching C decreased -Shocker now hits OTG -3 new palettes added (by GazpachoMasterX) -Added victory quotes Links: Geno: Mallow:
  2. This is a minor edit of Aperson98's Banjo. The first thing I did for MUGEN that wasn't a punching bag. Changes: -Changed display name to "Banjo & Kazooie" -Specials and Hypers that were misattributed as Normals are now attributed correctly -Ice egg now does damage -Hypers buffed (Breegull Smasher deals slightly more damage, Tank Banjo deals more damage, fires more projectiles and no longer knocks down so all hits can connect) -Added victory quotes -"Banjo small.cns" file deleted because it's corrupted and unused. Link:
  3. Don't ask me
  4. This character was released more than a week ago but no one seemed to notice. Yes, this is real. You're not dreaming. Fidget Spinners have made their way into MUGEN. It has hitboxes while moving or jumping so you can just move toward the opponent for cheap KOs. It also has cheap tornado moves that can OHKO opponents. Link:
  5. Can you add the Chrono Trigger collection to the Collection Directory?

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      It's still not in the menu in the spoiler in the Collections section

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      I could only edit the topic. Only admins could edit that menu thing.

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  6. I second this. However, I think it's better to use 3D models from the game. Those sprites looks a bit... off.
  7. Why 1.1 tho? 1.0 is more stable
  8. The link to Kyo Kusanagi's Vile leads to Barubaru's version instead.
  9. And Balthazar & Jmorphman (I think)
  10. You made the Pingu character right?
  11. I can't belive Porky is missing from this collection
  12. Will the collection directory get updated?

  13. Channel:
  14. What he said As I said on MFG I'd like Shinki but I'm also leaning toward Medicine because she's underrated
  15. This version of King K. Rool is a conversion of the final boss battle of Donkey Kong Country. It behaves exactly likes said game and must be hit 10 times. It has no alternate colors but the amount of damage King K. Rool deals depends on the number of the palette chosen. If you press Z when you select him, every attack is a OHKO. The F1 and F2 buttons also don't work on him. Works in all versions of MUGEN. Link: