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  1. Ok but is there an option to allow you to edit the thread
  2. I've decided I'll no longer be updating this collection. I'm currently kinda done with MUGEN and I don't really have much time so I don't want to waste time on this collection. I don't know how I can pass this collection over to someone else without them having to make an entirely new thread (I'd prefer if this entire thread could be kept and edited by the new owner) If anyone wants to take over this collection please tell me.
  3. Update: -Added Floral Fury, Hell Casino and Billiard Palace by Duke of Corvus -Added Grim Matchstick by Dark Ruler -Added Cuphead by jeffery -Added A KNOCKOUT! KO FX by Miral Asahina
  4. Update: -Added Mystery017's Cuphead @joeythemarillfan Did you check the post right above yours?
  5. Update: -Added Sally Stageplay and Mr. Wheezy by AngryBirdCooler I also saw another Cuphead which is an edit of KFM on MUGEN Archive but I don't have a download link (I can view things on MUGEN Archive through a workaround but can't download anything from it)
  6. Update: -Added Ribby and Croaks by Dark Ruler
  7. Update: -Added Cuphead Fight Animation with Custom M.U.G.E.N 1.0 lifebar by Infantry00
  8. Update: -Added Ooze Woods by Duke of Corvus
  9. Update: -Added Cagney Carnation and Beppi the Clown by AngryBirdCooler
  10. Update: -Added Goopy Le Grande by Dark Ruler
  11. Update: -Added Dice House by Duke of Corvus
  12. Update: -Added Tipsy Troop Bar by Duke of Corvus I also added GarchompMatt's edit of Botanic Panic yesterday
  13. I did make it so that they're in the order of which appears first in-game but I'm not sure if it's right
  14. I deliberately held off on this because the collection is too small right now. When more Cuphead-related stuff gets released and there's a decent amount of stuff in the collection I will add the color codes and sprites mark. Added but the username in the .def file was TinCreature484 so I went with that instead