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  1. No I barely do anything on mffa but I just wanted to say happy birthday

  2. Well let's see whether your impression about this character will change or not when you spam its medium punch.
  3. Closes without error, sometimes windows says "MUGEN stopped responding" and it closes but most of the time the former happens
  4. Hi guys, I have a problem with my MUGEN where it crashes frequently during fights. I'm using 1.0 and have about 300 characters and 160 stages in my MUGEN. I'm not planning to remove any characters from my MUGEN, so I'm not looking for solutions involving that. I heard there was a patch for MUGEN 1.1 that increases the amount of memory (I'm pretty sure the crashes in my MUGEN are caused by lack of memory), though I'm holding off on it because of the fact that some of my characters are likely not going to work in 1.1. My computer is not incredibily fast. I have only one solution I can think of. There are a lot of files and stuff I downloaded but don't use, and deleting all of that stuff would hopefully allow my computer to handle MUGEN better. I really need to get this fixed because I'm planning on recording MUGEN fights and MUGEN streams of 30 mins or more and I don't want my game to crash during those streams so I need to make sure my game won't crash. I'm really thankful if anyone could provide me with a working solution.