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  1. Pink Ranger has been updated V1.3, what did I do?
    -Fixed A.I. to prevent spamming specials.
    -Fixed pausetime on Mega Laser


    Here you go: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B40sSanLRu4bQldDSEtmZ2dIa0U?usp=sharing

  2. Well I tried doing some sprite "editing" of my self insert.

    And no, these type of sprites weren't stolen. I found them on spriters resource.

    Basically, I did the recoloring and the glasses. Yes I know the glasses aren't that good....

    But if you anticipated me to add in the MLG glasses from the image then it'll blurry the time I resize it to fit.


    Well......here it is.....


    1. Redhair Ryu Lover

      Redhair Ryu Lover

      Cool Blue Kirby, wicked.

  3. Punky skunk has been updated to v3.1:



    What did I do?

    -Fixed infinite chain on LP/MK and LK
    -Diggerang and fart can be used throughout battle, due to it not working on other people.
    -Hyper shouldn't be giving back power so I tweaked that. ;)

  4. As you guys didn't notice yet, I'm making a remastered version of Punky Skunk that's counted as version 3.0.

    Since, I'm pretty much finished with him, I'm gonna be hiring beta-testers before I can make its

    official release. If you're interested, then lemme know and I'll send you the download link for him in PM.

    For showcase videos, you can only make a video to only send to me privately, and has to be only for feedback purposes. To make things easier I also made a readme so you guys could know how to do those movesets. Alright that's all for now, thanks for reading this.

  5. We finally reached the goal ya'll

    Thanks for all your help. :D


    1. WlanmaniaX


      Good for you!

    2. Paul999


      Tekx u DS12 Productionz!

  6. Welp, the screw-ups I will face has already begun. Why does it matter anyway? It has been like this every summer, it's like something atrocious happens to me unexpectedly.

    1. Darkflare


      Well, aren't you all sunshine and rainbows?

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      It goes beyond that

  7. Guess I'm posting here a bit more often since I graduated 8th grade, including the part where I have summer break.

  8. So seeing Mugen videos of Pink Ranger, her two transformation intros (including the megazord intro) have been screwed up due to the battle's startups. You know how when the battle starts to show, the animation delays a bit? Well unfortunately, I didn't realize this may happen in a lot of screenpacks that delays the animations cause I use the IMT screenpacks version the last minute I released her. Finally, I messed up the intro badly. I'll try to make a minor update not too in the distant future.....using suitable screenpacks for her intros.


    I know you might not know what I'm referring to here, but if you would see the videos showcasing my Pink ranger creation you might understand.

  9. Well kinda late to say this but hey, check this out:


  10. Hey everyone, if you hadn't already checked out the Pink Ranger thread then please do. :)


  11. Psst roy, is it ok if I kindly borrow your idea on the special guest hyper from shovel knight? :D

  12. Hey everyone it's your boy DS12 Productions.

    MvC Nanashi has again been fixed with minor changes with explods and provided with proper MvC hitsparks and hitsounds.

    Please download the version (V1.11) here: http://diamondawesomeness.wixsite.com/mugencharsandstages

    Lucky for you guys its in Google drive instead of the rigged 4shared. :]


    - DS12 Productions 2017

  13. Well, Ashley's full release is nearly done. That goes for Super better mario and Bowser jr updates as well. I'm thinking about releasing them next weekend.

    In the meantime......why don't we vote for another character update along with my next W.I.P. 

    (You really think im gonna spoil my next WIP, well wrong-O!)

    Anyway here's a strawpoll for my next updated characters please dont spoil it in the comments, just tell if you already voted or not.


    Here's the link hope lots of people vote! 



    And.......here's progress for Ashley! Hope everyone likes! :goodmood:


    well we're fucked :/




    Having trouble getting down m8?

  14. bgqzqe.png

    Yes guys, I made another OC sprite. And no, i shall not add it in the gallery section cause this is better. :3

    The outline looks a bit off from the skin and the clothes but who the hell cares? At least I tried to use the best dark colors I could.

    Anyway, I really wish that this madoka was in M.U.G.E.N. But.....its gonna be a pain in the butt trying to make a spritesheet. Wish somebody came

    around to help lol.

    Oh well, this is just for show. Hope everyone likes it. :3


    Oh yea and here's another sprite I made a long time ago. 

    It was a Mami OC. :3

    And it even has a palette color list.



    P.S: Yes Im too lazy to even add a palette list for Madoka except for mami lol.

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    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Seems nice actually. However the bottom one needs color clean-up on one of the arms. I examined closely in one frame that part of his left arm had a white circle.


      Anyways, these look cool. I'm thinking about trying one on venusaur from pokemon. What do you think?

    3. DuckMannnn


      I made the animation using an online GIF maker so I couldn't and am too arsed to remove that lol

      Just do whatever you want m8

    4. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Alright, i'll try to edit as much sprites as I can.

  15. After many screw-ups and blaming I got, I finally made a wiki sponsoring Lord Brevon. 

    It still needs some of the finishing touches. But from what I've seen, I can at least say that it doesn't look too bad.

    Check it out: http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/Lord_Brevon

    1. SSBK65


      Apologize I never said anything about his release DS12, I'm in a big problem with my school. But I'm glad to see another great villain in Mugen.

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      It's ok. School can be shit sometimes.

  16. Remember, when there's smoke. There's a happy bday. :)


  17. This is a perfectly way to spend this big day of you

    Oh yea, and happy bday my brother.


    1. Weiss_Circal


      Yay 4 cat Meduka.

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions


      Also ignore the date. 9/6 It was like that lol.

  18. Happy hyped birthday my friend!

    *Gives you diamonds as a gift*

  19. Hello again everyone. It has come to my attention that Lord Brevon does have a slight problems. Such as Serpentine's intro. He instantly disappears when he jumps out of the screen. He also did have a few problems which is his explod so I fixed that as well. :) Be aware that the readme wasn't updated for slight changes.

    Well, enjoy his updated version v1.1.




    Also @TMC55, no worries about the lightworks custom portrait in the 1st version you can always "re-add" it in there. :)

  20. Hey again, I have a question. How do I make a birthday event like the section where it says Today's Birthdays?


    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      On the top bar under home go to Calendar.
      Once you're there click the "+" sign on any day to add an event.
      There's no front page notification for them, however.

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Ok, what about the age? At the Today's Birthday section it shows their age.

    3. RobotMonkeyHæd


      I think that's just an automatic calculation of the birthday feature.  
      Creating your own event, I don't think has a parallel feature.  

  21. Hey everybody. I have a discord server. Hooray! :D

    I have multiple chats where people can have fun at. 

    So just click here to join: https://discord.gg/j7JvtVg


  22. Lord brevon is gonna most likely be released next Monday, Jan. 23. In my opinion I'm not so excited for this release at all. But all in other news, Aaron Roulette will also soon be released on the same day by me and TMC55. And yea, I did work with him on the specials, hypers, intros, win poses and assists. Even added new sounds for him. So yea hope you guys are excited besides how I am. :/

  23. Haaaaaaaaaappppppppyyyyyyyy birthday TK! W000000T!

    1. TopKirby8305


      Thanks DS12!  :3