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  1. This is awesome and promising synck. Gonna hype it on my roster later.
  2. Requesting Portrait for Pink Power ranger
  3. Alright thanks
  4. There's a Lucina for mugen?.........fucking finally. I can't imagine how she's gonna turn out. EDIT: For some reason, her snds, palettes, animation, and sprite files are missing in the AI patch file
  5. Hey there! Yes, remember when I said I was gonna update my characters. Well.......I spoiled too much. So yea..... Anyway, Ashley has been fully released! YAAAAAAAAAY! As well as Super better mario and Bowser jr being updated both into V1.2. (About goddamn time I updated crap!) There's a lot I did for these characters so just read my readme for mooooooooaaaaaaaar. :) Hope you enjoy! Download from meh website! :) http://diamondawesomeness.wixsite.com/mugencharsandstages Here's a video showcasing my crap:
  6. 100 reputations? That's surprising.


  7. Well, Ashley's full release is nearly done. That goes for Super better mario and Bowser jr updates as well. I'm thinking about releasing them next weekend.

    In the meantime......why don't we vote for another character update along with my next W.I.P. 

    (You really think im gonna spoil my next WIP, well wrong-O!)

    Anyway here's a strawpoll for my next updated characters please dont spoil it in the comments, just tell if you already voted or not.


    Here's the link hope lots of people vote! 



    And.......here's progress for Ashley! Hope everyone likes! :goodmood:


    well we're fucked :/




    Having trouble getting down m8?

  8. bgqzqe.png

    Yes guys, I made another OC sprite. And no, i shall not add it in the gallery section cause this is better. :3

    The outline looks a bit off from the skin and the clothes but who the hell cares? At least I tried to use the best dark colors I could.

    Anyway, I really wish that this madoka was in M.U.G.E.N. But.....its gonna be a pain in the butt trying to make a spritesheet. Wish somebody came

    around to help lol.

    Oh well, this is just for show. Hope everyone likes it. :3


    Oh yea and here's another sprite I made a long time ago. 

    It was a Mami OC. :3

    And it even has a palette color list.



    P.S: Yes Im too lazy to even add a palette list for Madoka except for mami lol.

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    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Seems nice actually. However the bottom one needs color clean-up on one of the arms. I examined closely in one frame that part of his left arm had a white circle.


      Anyways, these look cool. I'm thinking about trying one on venusaur from pokemon. What do you think?

    3. DuckMannnn


      I made the animation using an online GIF maker so I couldn't and am too arsed to remove that lol

      Just do whatever you want m8

    4. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Alright, i'll try to edit as much sprites as I can.

  9. Try not to think if it as an insult and/or offense to your creations. But think of it as a Demonstration for flaws in the character, and what you can do to fix it. But mostly people just put a description for what's really going on.
  10. No problem. By the way, I forgot to mention about the throw. The sound for it doesn't fit that well and the opponent just falls down to the ground instead of being an actual normal kick throw, if you know what I mean..... Also if it is a kick, it should have a hitsound and a hitspark at a certain anim frame.
  11. Found a few bugs that you could fix in the full release. Here they are: - I personally feel like his specials could use more sounds - I know that Air B and C is a one-button masher but its movehit is infinite. Try increasing the pausetime. - Also the share palettes boxes aren't checked on certain sprites such as the walking back sprites. - Apparently the rabbit special and the bomb special can be spammed. - Also try to find an explosion sound for when the bomb goes off cause the current sound doesn't go with it very well. - Assist Big Nose and Assist Dog can be spammed - The midnight bliss movehit for QCB + a needs serious work. - The hurt animation time for the saxophone should be shorter as if they stay that way too long even if Pink finishes that hyper - The rabbits don't even attack the opponent when Pink dashes right through them but instead it just disappears automatically as you can see from this GIF: That's all for now. Keep up the good work with the update ali! :)
  12. Can you please fix the link? It takes me straight here again when I click the download link.
  13. Probably my Bowser jr. Its more decent but currently way out of character, for now. This is why I sometimes regret using The_None's gameplay styles.
  14. After many screw-ups and blaming I got, I finally made a wiki sponsoring Lord Brevon. 

    It still needs some of the finishing touches. But from what I've seen, I can at least say that it doesn't look too bad.

    Check it out: http://mugen.wikia.com/wiki/Lord_Brevon

    1. SSBK65


      Apologize I never said anything about his release DS12, I'm in a big problem with my school. But I'm glad to see another great villain in Mugen.

    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      It's ok. School can be shit sometimes.

  15. Remember, when there's smoke. There's a happy bday. :)