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  1. Maybe you could fix the bug where we can't access our profile every weekend....
  2. Well I did say I was gonna update her not too in the distant future, and so I did, Today! Now for the updates.....well I update the readme so you oughta check it out yourself m8! DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B40sSanLRu4bQldDSEtmZ2dIa0U?usp=sharing
  3. How did you rip sprites from Super Smash Bros. Crusade?

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    2. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Searched it up on google.

    3. Superteletubbies64


      Is there a link to a place where you can find sprite rips from Crusade? I couldn't find them on Spriters Resource and googling "super smash bros crusade sprites" didn't help at all

    4. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      I found Ashley's sprites here: 

      Ashley Canvas


  4. So seeing Mugen videos of Pink Ranger, her two transformation intros (including the megazord intro) have been screwed up due to the battle's startups. You know how when the battle starts to show, the animation delays a bit? Well unfortunately, I didn't realize this may happen in a lot of screenpacks that delays the animations cause I use the IMT screenpacks version the last minute I released her. Finally, I messed up the intro badly. I'll try to make a minor update not too in the distant future.....using suitable screenpacks for her intros.


    I know you might not know what I'm referring to here, but if you would see the videos showcasing my Pink ranger creation you might understand.

  5. Well kinda late to say this but hey, check this out:


  6. Yo, I released Pink Ranger just now, mind putting her in this collection: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B40sSanLRu4bQldDSEtmZ2dIa0U?usp=sharing
  7. Well then, I would like to present to you..... PINK RANGER'S RELEASE! SUPER BETTER LUIGI'S V1.2 UPDATE RAINY HIGHWAY STAGE RELEASE! So anyway, these characters and stage are basically found on my google drive, and everything that I see...... is on the readme lel. :P Credits, movesets, you name it. That being said, I really hope you guys enjoy my releases I made, and feedback and complaints are kindly appreciated. :) PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD: http://diamondawesomeness.wixsite.com/mugencharsandstages
  8. Mostly veanko's characters are hard to beat. Also Kamekaze's characters And.....DGpowerpuffgirls.
  9. Welp, guess I'll just to live without it then.
  10. Only bug I found from this is when I start round 2, my altered palettes now revert back to my default. Tried to fix some coding, but it didn't work.
  11. INFO: When a FNAF character plays like the game, it actually plays like the game does! Anyway, this character is mainly based on helpers related to the FNAF 3 game, or the 2nd version. Sorry I'm not a HUGE fan of FNAF, so I don't know that much. Hope everybody enjoys, be aware of the trickiest mind tricks that can play on you. PREVIEW: DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BwPAiCpAeMkCX3NNVGlXWG9iN2s?usp=sharing
  12. Really late for this but the character's CLSNs and its Battle portrait are misaligned. There's more but I'm a lazy bone to explain it all.
  13. Even though Heracross can have a "pain in the butt" flaw that affect its Iron Defense, I should be at least grateful there was an AI patch of heracross. So therefore he could be a great addition to my Roster.
  14. Hey everyone, if you hadn't already checked out the Pink Ranger thread then please do. :)


  15. Then shouldn't he make a weak version of the flamethrower?