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  1. Really love your spriteworks wlanman, but the one thing that concerns me is the size and the bit of shading. Otherwise, the rest look awesome. Although I wish someone would make a spritesheet for me......
  2. This guy is still alive? Now that's unexpected.
  3. Well to be honest I don't blame him for the template. I sorta used it on my Bowser jr. Well at least I understand. Im gonna stick to other templates besides MvC. Anyways, for Spongebob, I feel like most of the sounds were ripped off by Felixmario2011's version.
  4. This character is very disappointing when it comes to EoH creations. - He has missing hitboxes on some movesets - I can spam his hypers which is cheap and unfair - He takes too long to transform back from a wizard to a regular character - The palettes needs some serious work. - Worst of all, the EoH template is shit. And I gotta admit, this was one of the examples why I mistakenly put a sh*tty template on Bowser jr. This author is a nice guy, but this character needs some serious work.
  5. Wow.....looks like somebody made a monster of hell. Why am I not surprised?
  6. YES! More battles! I'll follow this even though i'll see it on youtube lol.
  7. I have some characters..... - Tuff and Tiff from kirby right back at ya - Hitomi shizuki (Madoka magica) - Magical Girl OCs (I have one that's similar to madoka magica but its appearance are much different) - A better Donkey Kong - A better diddy, kiddy, and dixie kong
  8. Happy b-day my friend! May your wishes and dreams come true! ;D

  9. *Hype freaking intensifies*
  10. Ima Ima diamond boy
  11. No prob
  12. Probably borrow some other code like mine. Here's my code from super better luigi: [State 200, 1] type = HitDef trigger1 = Time = 0 attr = S, NA ;Attribute: Standing, Normal Attack damage = 23, 0 ;Damage that move inflicts, guard damage animtype = Heavy ;Animation type: Light, Medium, Heavy, Back (def: Light) guardflag = MA ;Flags on how move is to be guarded against hitflag = MAF ;Flags of conditions that move can hit priority = 3, Hit ;Attack priority: 0 (least) to 7 (most), 4 default ;Hit/Miss/Dodge type (Def: Hit) pausetime = 10, 10 ;Time attacker pauses, time opponent shakes sparkno = s6010 ;Spark anim no (Def: set above) sparkxy = -10, -65 ;X-offset for the "hit spark" rel. to p2, ;Y-offset for the spark rel. to p1 hitsound = s3, 0 ;Sound to play on hit guardsound = s6, 1 guard.sparkno = s6005 ;Sound to play on guard ground.type = High ;Type: High, Low, Trip (def: Normal) ground.slidetime = 30 ;Time that the opponent slides back ground.hittime = 40 ;Time opponent is in hit state ground.velocity = 0,-12 ;Velocity at which opponent is pushed airguard.velocity = -1.9,-.8 ;Guard velocity in air (def: (air.xvel*1.5, air.yvel/2)) air.type = High ;Type: High, Low, Trip (def: same as ground.type) air.velocity = 0, -11.6 ;X-velocity at which opponent is pushed, ;Y-velocity at which opponent is pushed envshake.time=10 envshake.ampl=5
  13. Don't see anything wrong here. Maybe copy and paste other codes that other characters have and edit it the way you want.