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  1. Sometimes people wants to see and play Marvel VS Capcom 4 on PS4 and XBox One, if they want to play it soon, that they want to see more Marvel VS Capcom series. Can it be that happen when Marvel VS Capcom 4 coming up for PS4 and X-Box One? (No Rude Answers)
  2. Okay, first of all, copy your mugen sprite picture, go to Google for your own Mugen characters and make them smaller or go to Mame or Kawask to copy them to the paint program and copy into the paint program. Save as Ryu.bmp or Ryu.PNG for example. And then, use Fighter Factory, go to pallette to make a brand new selective pallette, click open PCX folder and the click the file you saved. Edit your photo or if you want to leave and then click Save PCX file the disk Icon, save it to Ryu.pcx for example. Go to sprite, look for the picture besides the numbers, Group: 9000 and Index: 1, click Open PCX folder to replace or add, and then click pcx file you saved. If your pictures not done on the select screen, eidt your picture on Fighter Factory and make them into the transparent into the clipboard and/or color the picture. And then click Save Viola and there you go! :-) If you don't get it, watch the video:
  3. Hi, everyone! My name is Mr. Welldone, I'm the mugen creator of Marvel VS SNK and of Street Fighter II VS Fatal Fury 2. And also, I'm from Mugen Multiverse. But, I'm from Ajax, Ontario, Canada. Description of me with my good sense of humor: friendly and gentle. Therefore, I am the most biggest fan of Marvel VS Capcom. My dream was creating Marvel VS SNK on Mugen, since in 2014, I treat it like Marvel VS Capcom. So, it's a crossover battle. My favorite game type is the crossover game on Mugen. The first crossover game was The King of Fighters '94; it has Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Ikari Warriors and Athena and the Psycho Soldiers joined in right there in the King of Fighters tournament against the country teams and including Team Esaka (Kyo Kusanagi, Goro Daimon and Benimaru Nikaido). So and now, I would like to join up and stay. Please, don't be rude, I'm just a nice guy.