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  1. Why would people hate you? You have gotten better in some characters.

  2. @Nodog I fixed the alining for slingshot attack, etc.
  3. I updated the edit. It is currently uploading
  4. R E N (RenatoOfRoblox Edit) This is a cheap edit of RenatoOfRoblox! Download now! https://mediafire.com/view/nhqqi3tncdzc5gi
  5. Quote

    Suicide isn't the way to go

    - Obama


  6. @GarchompMatt I can't update Newbie because I dont have a pc
  7. Again thread is revived
  8. "There's over 800 Donald edits."

    Stop this nightmare please.

    1. DS12 Productions

      DS12 Productions

      Worst part is that most of them are cheap edits and contain cringy jumpscares.

    2. Akram
  9. Quote





  10. All my edits on there are working. On my old computer, I had Tanic's noob on there and his older version
  11. @MetalGuy213 be speficic on which noobs
  12. Finally I am back! How do you get a free PC?

    1. GarchompMatt


      By robbing a technology store.

    2. Akram


      @GarchompMatt You are a f**king genius, then I don't wanna. I will just beg someone to buy for me

  13. Thread is revived
  14. I love how JayHigh19 made a joke character out of his OWN character
  15. Wait hold on. I think I have Zobbes' version