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  1. Graphics card with strong RAM

    I want to record a video as long as I want to in at least a 480p resolution. My dad said that 512mb could do the trick, but idk about that, and that RAM size is the highest I could find in AGP graphics cards.
  2. Graphics card with strong RAM

    Um.... anybody?
  3. Graphics card with strong RAM

    Graphics card with strong RAM Hey guys, my computer isn't working again, but I am using my grandma's desktop just to send this, and just so you know I need some help. The reason why my computer isn't working is because my graphics card died, and I want something with a stronger RAM, strong enough to at least record a 480p video. You guys know any graphics cards like that? Like 4 gigs maybe 6 gigs?
  4. Hey guys, decided to update this stage to give it the rest of the stuff Lemmy's Castle, along with some more songs and the Koopa Robots from Bowser's real castle. It's pretty small, but it is something. Here's the link:'s+Castle+(Updated).zip Also, big shoutout to Yagoshi for featuring my stage in a screenshot, you made me feel special bro. If any of my stages were featured in a video, I'll feel even more special than ever.
  5. 3D modeling program

    I made a Deviantart account to ask if there's a good Daisy model somewhere. I'm a little hesitant to ask, but I can't go anywhere without help, so I'm gonna have to brave up SOMEHOW. I mean, I just joined.
  6. 3D modeling program

    Gonna be needing some more help, I'm trying to figure out whether the trial has watermarks or not.
  7. 3D modeling program

    Far too expensive, but there is a 30 day trial so I'll give it a try. Also, there's a primary reason for me asking this this and the 3D model request on resource requests. It's this model of Daisy: I got it from Models Resource, and when I tried bending her fingers, they deformed and they didn't bend properly, so my alternatives are to either find a 3D program (you suggested 3DS Max) or find a different model. I did however find this model of Daisy's tennis trophy from Smash Bros, however it's a OBJ file and it hasn't been T posed. So I guess I'll have to T pose it myself and perhaps make a armature. I was wondering if you guys know a better model of Daisy in this outfit, along with her 2 Strikers outfits, so that's why I made the 3D model request in Resource Requests.
  8. 3D modeling program

    BUMP! (sorry) Is anyone going to answer or....?
  9. Street Fighter 4 throwing sounds

  10. Street Fighter 4 throwing sounds

    Making another resource request, sounds this time, not models or sprites. I'm looking for some Street Fighter 4 sounds, ones that are fighters throwing punches and kicks. You have 'em by any chance? (This is the first time I used the "By any chance" phrase)
  11. 3D modeling program

    Okay, so another thing I need help with is 3D modeling programs. I want to know which program works best because I don't think that the models from Models Resource work with Blender, which I have. Which program works best?
  12. 3D models for my characters

    I said I was going to make a thread regarding 3D stuff in here, I'm actually gonna make 2. This one in the resources, and another one in development help. Anyways, do you guys know or perhaps have 3D models of the characters shown here, I'm having a VERY hard time finding them so I need some help. Daisy (Mario Tennis and Mario Strikers, the one I have doesn't have a good hand armature and the Strikers one doesn't have a skeleton) Sheik (Super Smash Bros Melee, same reason as Strikers Daisy) Samus (Metroid Prime, same reason as Sheik) Zero Suit Samus (Super Smash Bros, Fusion Alternate costume, idk if there's a edited version of the model without the heels, but if there is, let me know) Doom Slayer (idk if there is a model of him) If you guys have the models of them, that would be a huge help for me and I'll accept more of you guys as my friends, even though I barely know you.
  13. Did y'all miss me?


    Sorry for the long disappearance, my computer was broken and my dad was too busy to fix it, but I'm back in action and I'm ready to code some more.

    1. RedDragonCats17


      I'm planning on making a thread regarding 3D stuff, I'm gonna be needing some help on the 3D models so stay tuned.

  14. RedDragonCats17 W.I.P... thread?

    Big shout out and huge thanks to my friend, Nalgini Masters. He's the dude who made the logo here, and it looks amazing on the title screen, and btw, all the frames of the Earth animation are converted, so currently I need a SFA3-ish character select screen and Vs. screen along with a MSHvSF victory screen then we should be good to go. In the mean time, I'm gonna work on Ryu. Also, consider this post as a small advertisement, but if you have time, check out Nalgini's Facebook page and take a look at his stuff, his art is both adorable and beautiful at the same time, and I think they're worth a look. If you want a sample, I have one of his pieces right now, so just ask if you want a sample. Link:
  15. RedDragonCats17 W.I.P... thread?

    Yes, I originally asked a question whether I should use the WinMUGEN screen or the 1.0 screen. I just decided to use the WinMUGEN screen because I got impatient. What do you guys think so far?