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  1. Alright, I understand.
  2. Can someone make an AI Patch for Bartman by Warner? Please?
  3. doesn't work on 1.0
  4. Any AI on any of the Characters?
  5. Army Man VS Ninja, what could possibly go wrong? Also, Match requests are now open!!
  6. Want More? Fine, Have More.
  7. Though I was dead? *chuckles* Guessed Wrong. ALSO: The MUGEN Round Robin Series is Cancelled.
  8. You wern't kidding when you said he was overpowered. When I checked his stats via fighter factory, I kid you not he was so overpowered to the point where I had to heavily nerf him, now he has above average attack & defence, and average HP.
  9. Round 2 down, 7 more to go! Current Status: Zangoose: 1 Clippit: 2 Top Man: 2 Marco: 0 Rorschach: 1 Belmont: 0 Missingno: 2 Robocop: 0 Angela: 2 Pac-Man: 0 Round 3 will be arriving tomorrow! It's still anybody's game! -Sticks
  10. MUGEN Round Robin is a new series by me, it's basically MUGEN, but with a round robin tournament format. Here Are The Combatants: Zangoose by The 100 Mega Shock! Clippit by The_None Top Man by JFA & O Ilusionista Marco by Vans Rorschach by SeanAltly Belmont Trusdale by Kamekaze Missingno by The_None Robocop by Ryou Win Angela Belti by Dr. Kelexo and Pac-Man by Mr. IBZS Here's how the first round went: Current Status: Zangoose: 0 Clippit: 1 Top Man: 1 Marco: 0 Rorschach: 1 Belmont: 0 Missingno: 1 Robocop: 0 Angela: 1 Pac-Man: 0 Round 2 is coming soon. Don't worry, it won't be long. = ) -Sticks
  11. Back here with a brand spanking new video! Enjoy!
  12. New vid is up! Enjoy!
  13. Back at it again with another one...
  14. Here with a character showcase, enjoy!