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  1. 1455587577799.jpg


    Leaked Footage of Pokemon Stars.

  2. Touhou 16 Confirmed and I didnt even noticed. Also Tanned Cirno.

  3. (IF A THREAD RELATED TO IT ALREADY EXIST I WILL DELET THIS) Street Fighter EX is a fighting game developed by CAPCOM and ARIKA. Its not considered canon to the series and these are the earliest 3D Games in the Franchise. The non-SF Cast appears in Fighting Layer as well. Titles in Order EX The first title of the Series. Has seen two revisions. EX Plus, A revise of EX. Included Evil Ryu, Bloody Hokuto and Cycloid-β and Cycloid-γ. And EX Plus Alpha, A Playstation Port of the Game which included Dhalsim from SFII and Sakura from Alpha 2. EX 2 A sequel to the series. Has a PS1 Port. EX 3 Another sequel to SFEX. Has a PS2 Port. There is another ARIKA title on the works. But its unknown, if its a sequel to Fighting Layer or a Fourth Street Fighter EX Installment.
  4. Mike Wazoski The OneEyed Mo nster.
  5. *See Pullum and Shin Bison😱
  6. Saw this on RIΖΣKI's Discord and worths posting (NSFW)


  7. The only Smash Game with Goku and without hacks.
  8. May I be a global mod? I want to make MFFA better. Guys Im serious with this one.
  9. Welcome Back.
  10. Roy-senpai saw this BTW


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      Thanks for the mention!

    2. DLF, The Meme Lord