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    2. DLF, The Meme Lord

      DLF, The Meme Lord

      YTP Tennis.

      Someone Makes a YTP. Then another one repoops it and the same happens until it becomes a mess.

    3. Kiwicake Tinyegg Hypermix

      Kiwicake Tinyegg Hypermix

      Yeah. But those above memes.

    4. DLF, The Meme Lord

      DLF, The Meme Lord

      Was viewing while using my mobile

  1. so no activity this week.

  2. If this was an anime and Rowlet was a major character I would definately watch it That one bad anime like SAO That counts
  3. True
  4. Meanwhile in Venom Sans Discord some bot sent me this


    1. Kiwicake Tinyegg Hypermix

      Kiwicake Tinyegg Hypermix


      Been there with those types, done that.


      Not to that place specifically... But about the same thing. And they didn't spoil it for me... Lucky.

  5. Complete_Select_Screen.png



    Credit to Oliver as Latias

  6. i celebrate this special of 100 content count by giving you a birb





  7. Even_Speedwagon_Is_Afraid.pngEven_Speedwagon_Is_Afraid.pngEven_Speedwagon_Is_Afraid.pngEven_Speedwagon_Is_Afraid.png



    1. Ricepigeon


      mr Speedwagoooooooonnnnn

    2. DLF, The Meme Lord

      DLF, The Meme Lord

      even speedwagon is afraid of this meme

  8. to me The Most Unlikely Crossover would be a Smash Bros clone but with likely every Steam and Indie character and Gabe Newell as Master Hand
  9. And all those japanese super speedy songs like red zone and un owen was her
  10. Happy Birthday, Big Green.

  11. Happy Birthday Magic Toaster

  12. FE Heroes Got Released BTW. Looks very well done!

  13. ok activity post this week. maybe i overdid it. i will continue working on Ditto this weekend and on February I will publish a Video about it. Thanks. I am so pissed, someone downvoted a post goddammit.