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  1. I Wanna Request this! I search on google and not found the char...
  2. They are on an Italian site... http://spazioinwind.libero.it:80/yuyu/Mugen.htm
  3. UHH,I Discovered I have Found Kenshin Himura version of Yusuke and {Evil Kairi} Toguro ototo 100%!
  4. I Saw an video of Gerson's sensui he created complete version of it...: He has Brazilian voicepack,Voiced by Sergio Stern... To get,send an email to GersonXBR. But in Portuguese (Use google translator to translate English to Portuguese)
  5. D.C. Da Capo is an adult Visual novel made by: Circus... In MUGEN, some chars are converted by nipa3008 and mahoro111. Chars: Shirakawa Nanaka by nipa3008 Inner Nanaka by mahoro111 Wataru Itabashi by nipa3008 Koko Tsukishima by nipa3008 Asakura Nemu by nipa3008 Shirakawa Kotori by nipa3008 Violent Kotori by mahoro111 Screenpacks: Da Capo Screenpack by nipa3008 [1.0 / 640x480] There are no stages and fullgames yet!
  6. Alicesoft: IT'S GOOD EROGE MAKER!!! since 1989 and some Cap in the bottle.
  7. Visual Novels stage Collection This is an collection featuring Stages from Visual novels by Lump of Sugar such as: Diamic Days and Tayutama: Kiss in my delty. Stages from Diamic Days by Unsigned author (Due to MA Links,i host them on onedrive in case...) Stages from Tayutama: Kiss in my Delty by Namu ami Dabutu
  8. Yeah thanx for adding my Leaf aquaplus colletion in the QOH Collection
  9. Metamoquester is a 2D Arcade fighter made by Banpresto. This collection features chars of it converted to MUGEN. NOTE: Due to MA link of Sepher's Yukihime.... I decided to put this on my Onedrive. Chars: Kaiohmaru by Binho Yukihime by Sakuraka || by Sepher Soon I will put stages...
  10. The Fullgame is Released:
  11. Also THANKS kontyan's Felden is offline,kontyan makes cheap and broken stuff...
  12. Mugen ruled again... And compilations look very awesome,By the way... he tried...
  13. Hello,Manaka here,Right now,After an so called huge work... I decided to release something... It's an Mugen game of Qoh99se. Which I made,and I take the references of screenpack to have an feel like in original game. I Had to make this because the fullgame I got was crap.. As well here are the screenshots. The intro just like the Original game which was my attempt at making one like this... The Menu screen Character Select screen Just like Original game due to VS Sprite. The VS Screen finally... The image of the Game in action... Credits to the persons: gatyuo: For his Akari Kamigishi,OMG She's so Cute! Tuki no Turugi: an FLOOD of qoh Chars Aoi Matsubara,Kotone Himekawa,Comode Serika,Badness Hatsune,Maid Multi and Maid Serio maruta: Just like Tuki no Turugi: An Awesome FLOOD,with Ruriko,Azusa,Rina,Serio,Chizuru and Ayaka Zin: He made the Multi HMX12 On mugen. Tokinokuni-Kei: Really source Accurate chars,Rio Hinayama and Mizuki Takase a-tye: His Kaede LOL,has awesome moves,Plus he made Tiria and Ayaka Rapid. crain: His Tomoko char serika (Ayustat): For the serika character -I-: Remy Miyauchi! Nameless_Drifter: Source accurate chars,Mizuho and Kanako. SOS: He converted Yuki Morikawa for mugen... what a success,He also made Corin and Saori in mugen Doppel: He created "THE QUEEN OF KARAOKE" Shiho Nagaoka into Mugen. takesi: He create twin version of Akari,for mugen... what a cute char to have... Kaze: He made True Kotone for mugen,And I use QOH old Rooftop as her stage... alowe: Great creator who did Yoshie and LF97 Aoi on mugen... he also made Hatsune Kashiwagi... BUT IT'S OFFLINE! WHERE ARE YOU HATSUNE! MILL: The cheap Oni chizuru for the MOOGEN. Mirumausuboshi (aka: Mirumausu) and NOR (aka: Reiga): for Stages. Orochi Herman: The Fonts DOMINO: Base lifebars and Screenpack files. Watanabe Productions: for Original game... Elecbyte: For mugen 1.0... SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS OF THIS GAME: You need Windows XP SP2 or Higher such as Vista,7,8,8.1 and 10 (My Computer has Windows 10) Because the game uses Mugen 1.0. Intel Core duo CPU Or equivalent recommended for HD Resolutions (This game is Lowres) 512 of Memory or More... (actual requirements may vary based on character and stage complexities). Download the Game via Onedrive.
  14. Hmmm.... soon I make an Mugen game with Chars from Kamekaze and ssw777. Called: YuYu Hakusho SNES Mugen Remake.
  15. NOTE: Soon I will do this @Nodog because I am Working on an mugen game.