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  1. [YUZUSOFT/JUNOS] Noble Works by whdyd693 Stage@Preview: Stage@Download: https://kotone.egnyte.com/fl/Pkt9gMDHXv -Shared in Egnyte by me... Stage@Comment: An Offline and hard to find Stage from an Yuzusoft visual novel named "Noble Works" once lost in obscurity. It's an stage I found in one of the Niconico uploads documents...
  2. Does this Exist whos the author of this creation

    I Decided to use this tread,AND WHY? Because I was requesting this Voicepack for Kotetsu If you know from what anime the voices are taken from the chars and helpers,and also the seiyu... Let me know...
  3. Evil Zangief,This Alty edit and this stage on 2nd fight

    Because of this I am going to play Narcissu before I talk to Yochi and flare... note: I changed too much indentities and then I revealed myself in MFFA. Basically,It's me Jansen121 on MUGEN ARCHIVE,Who signed up on both sites since 2016. (My old channel was created in 2015,But I deleted it,I Made another one...)
  4. Evil Zangief,This Alty edit and this stage on 2nd fight

    Yeah,Fuck this NIGGA or else KOTONE will attack him... and I already found some chars,Such as Majikichidonaiya by unknown... Still researching about Muvluv alternative game server mugen contents...
  5. Evil Zangief,This Alty edit and this stage on 2nd fight Does these things exist? I Searched for evil zangief character,Mech zangief results are unique appearing... And I need this Alty edit that's cheap,And the stage where diavolo is fighting alty edit...
  6. Kotetsu voicepack

    I Want this voicepack so Badly? From what anime the voices are taken? Who is the seiyu of that voice in the char on right?????????
  7. Hercequary

    It's an game made by an company called ZYX. An Japanese company who are better known for making Eroge RPG and visual novel games. Hercequary was ZYX's first title...
  8. Ninja Master's

    edit: Kain the supreme did not made some Ninja master's chars...
  9. Ninja Master's

    WOW An shitload of offline chars??????
  10. Variable Geo Series

    Yeah but I AM updating the char...
  11. Variable Geo Series

    @Basara-kun Do not warehouse my Tamao without my Permission!
  12. This Shiki edit,This Nanaya by ZZZ

    This Shiki edit,This Nanaya by ZZZ His name is "Kamisirosawa Yuta" Does someone have this? As for Nanaya by ZZZ,Had this in 2015! But I lost and cannot find this char!
  13. These characters from Hayate X Blade,And this Cloud strife,squall leonhart My attempt on Remaking these requests because these ones I made was crappy... My request will be: Kuga Jun and Shizuma Yuho (From Hayate X Blade,Both made by "U") But I only get results from The manga xd. And these Final fantasy chars on Sanotohno's videos (Because I want these ones just to give a try...) VIDEOS:
  14. Voicepack for Kanna by 586!!!

    @OldGamer but In this video She might have voiceclips from An anime I don't know!
  15. Alicesoft

    Stuff from Pastel chime continue http://www.mediafire.com/download/h79s2v126iowzb5/botan.zip YOU FORGOT!