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  1. Happy birthday, mate

  2. Happy Birthday Toshio.

  3. Happy Birthday, bud! :D

  4. Happy Birthday! :D

  5. Happy Birthday

  6. I know you busy with everyday life right now but want to say Happy Birthday to ya. :-)

  7. I'm mostly on facebook, but you usually don't talk with me to catch up with the events.
  8. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf Anyone playing that game? I have 3 copies of it with 3 different towns: Acme, NewLeaf and Joyville. Friend code: 2380-5933-3365 (3DS XL). 2896-1422-4952 (New 3DS XL).
  9. I'm still working in a sprite of Dot yet. So far I haven't got a sprite support as of now. I asked a user to trace some sprites just need to wait till he is done. Anyone can have a easy way of contacting me via facebook: My deviantart is however leave questions about Dot in private message and not in my page or deviations.
  10. Unfortunatelly my other friend is still too shy about working with cartoon character spriting. So I can't push him to keep helping out. At the moment I'm trying to make new walking frames for Dot as well. By the way, I've dealt with some annoyance on deviantart as well But hope things got sorted now that I published that journal:
  11. Reintroduction for 2017! Yes, I'm still around. I had tried to post some time ago, but the site was having issues and finally worked due the new reopening. Things mugen wise are kinda slow and I'm sorting my free time between playing and spriting. 2017 is here so I decided to give a reintroduction just to tell those who are worried that I'm ok and kicking.
  12. Sup, guys!

    I'm slowy updating Dot Warner again.

    I have no spriter support anymore due conflicts with Jarquin10 who wanted to help another guy instead of keeping his promise to keep the focus on Dot.


    But, I've moved on from him anyway.

    If someone want to help as a co-spriter then send me a PM.


    Here's a link for the latest video:


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    2. Galvatron


      T-toshio!! Your back!! :-D


      Where have you been Man!?


      I see you still try to finish up Dot warner eh!.. Awesome

    3. Toshio Tenma

      Toshio Tenma

      I'm mostly in facebook.


      Your bro often forget that we have a private chatroom there, heh, heh!


      Anyway check my reintroduction topic when you can.

    4. RMaster007


      I'll try to trace them.

      Of course, if you could just shade them for me while I trace them, we have a deal.

  13. I'm working on Dot's Frying Pan move which is based in The Great Edgar Hunt.

    That move might destroy some projectiles, though it'll be weaker than her hammer move.

    By the way, seems that many of my character pages got deleted from M.U.G.E.N Wiki for whatever reason.

    1. Galvatron


      Awesome Man! glad to see ya back in action.

      Yeah some stuff been going on lately in the mugen community with the uploads/downloads on characters and stages and the issues currently with 'mugen Archieve' dealing with stuff linking with adfly ads... :-P


      But some of us been helping re uploading some mugen content. Also our friends Ryoucchi and others been redoing the collections one of them is with your characters you made from Magical Chasers: SoD:☆chaser-~stardust-of-dreams~/



  14. There is a friend who might help out. I'll just wait him to return from a trip. Besides Dot, I got the idea of making a new character based in Animal Crossing series which is not the Villager. I'll practice pixel art in that character PMD model which allows unique poses and moves.
  15. Hope someone on mugen wiki point out Jarquin's inability to keep promises and that he is not worth of trust. I trusted on him and ended up going into temporary retirement for NOTHING and just because his cartoon will die which is unevitable. Man, I can't just keep waiting till june, that project is two years old and can't keep like that. That guy need to learn things the hard way, he can't just let everyone down like that. It's not just me who want Dot to be completed. Anyway, I despeately need a new sprites, I don't even know it that guy will ever reconsider his lack of consideration.