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  1. Street Fighter X Tekken

    1. Jabs have always lead into combos, but they were never as broken as they are in this game. My argument wasn't about them leading into combos, it was about how they lead into combos and: beat throws, are 4 frames or less on startup for most characters, give RIDICULOUS frame advantage on block to the pint where you can just walk up and continuously jab and you are forced into doing an alpha counter which is easily baited for a punish, or block until they feel like doing something else. 2. If you don't run into any Rolento's, we must be playing a different game. 3.The problem isn't really that I run into Ryu/Ken so much, it's that they are both top tier and really good. It's like Yun/Yang in vanilla AE. Ryu is safe on everything and can punish you for trying to punish him, and Ken's air hurricane kick does ridiculous damage and has insane priority. 4. Gems being a problem is solely my opinion, so thats not really anything to argue about. Rolls are completely safe if you know how to block a crossup, so that's a really stupid get out of jail free card. Cross Assault being stupid is again just an opinion. I wouldn't want Pandora to be like X-factor broken, but I would like it to get a decent buff with like a 15% damage increase instead of 10%, and at least 20 seconds of time before you die so it's actually useful outside of timer scams. 5. It's not an excuse whatsoever, it's a legitimate issue that needs to be fixed ASAP. Excuse me if this was troll bait, but if it is I was expecting it.
  2. The Hardest Boss that YOU have ever faced.

    Sephiroth from KH1 Raven from MGS1 on Extreme with no radar was a straight bitch to beat Motaro/Shao Kahn from MK3 Akuma from SSF2T was nearly impossible with his teleports and completely retarded A.I. he's even harder than some SNK bosses.
  3. Street Fighter X Tekken

    I haven't played this shitty game since mid March, and I have to say it's the best decision I've ever made. Lets list some flaws. Jabs are literally the best things in the game, they can bait out Alpha counters give you tons of frame advantage on block, lead into a combo, and have hardly any pushback. Infinites/Glitches are everywhere in this game, there's even a glitch that freezes your whole console, if that's not bad coding I don't know what is. No character diversity only characters I see are: Ryu, Ken, Hugo, Kazuya, Jin, Rufus, Rolento with the occasional Lili Asuka or Heihachi. To many gimmicks with this game. Gems, completely safe forward rolls that ruin oki, cross assault, pandora (which is useless). Terirble gameplay decisions. HUGE stages mixed with a short timer, recoverable health, No timer pause when doing supers, and speed gems to make running away faster make it a race to who can hit you and run away first. This game needs a COMPLETE balance patch to make it even remotely fun, Jab X Timeout is dead and I hope it stays that way until it gets the changes it needs.
  4. Street Fighter X Tekken

    AHHH, the infamous Flowchart Ken. I remember the days of vanilla SF4 when all of the scrubs who didn't know how to play the game chose Ken, and used only 4 moves I shit you not: Jumping Roundhouse, Crouching Roundhouse, Hadoken, and Fierce Shoryuken. There's even a song dedicated to the flowchart Ken scrubs called good morning Mr. Masters.
  5. Street Fighter X Tekken

    This Image sums up this game very nicely.
  6. Street Fighter X Tekken

    Arrgghhh, this game makes me so angry. I was going on win streaks against top players yesterday on peaceful jay's stream, but today I can't even win a single match. I'm also mad that they made my sf4 main's main pressure tool unsafe on block (Guy's Hozanto.) Out of the DLC characters, the only ones that look interesting are Cody, Guy, Dudley, Sakura, Bryan, and Lars. I hope that we can buy the characters individually so I don't have to buy the other 6 I don't care about at all.
  7. All MBAA characters by ⑨ updated 1/22/12

    At least I'm not alone in my boredom.
  8. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    You should really consider switching him out for Hawkeye or Dormammu. They both have good zoning, and will build a lot of meter for when Viper dies. If you wanna know how to use Viper, I would suggest looking up some of MarlinPie's matches. He has the best Viper I've seen yet, but her combos are going to take a while to get used to.
  9. Raging Kim Kaphwan (0.90)

    Nice character, really fun even though he's not finished. Off topic, but what is it like having a wife so young Ryon?
  10. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Yeah people complain about UMvC3 being unbalanced, I guess none of them played ssf2t or mvc2. Those were unbalanced with only about 3 characters in ssf2t being played (Boxer, O.Sagat, Dhalsim) and 6 in MvC2 (Magneto, Sentinel, Storm, Cable, Strider, Iron Man). I had to adapt to those games, and they were WAYYYYYYY worse than anything today, but it made me a better player.
  11. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Yeah Spencer is just.....annoying, that's why I've been practicing with him. His bionic arm is one of the best supers in the game. Whenever scrubs try to spam ammy's elemental super, it's BIONIC ARRRRRRRRRRMMMM for them. I also finally got some more xbl gold, time to level up my Magneto game. Also @verydannyboy you save X-factor level 3 for Wesker aswell, Strider and Wesker are equally dangerous in X-factor level 3, just choose whoever anchor you like better.
  12. Street Fighter X Tekken

    This game looked sooo good before they went and ruined it with the gems feature.The worst thing about it is they are going to have PAID dlc gems. meaning if you don't give them extra money, then the person who did is going to have an advantage.That's bullshit, and they don't even have an online filter so you don't have to play with people who use gems Xiaoyu & M.Bison leaked On the Xbox Live Marketplace they have 20 screenshots of the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken. An image is show where Heihachi is fighting Dhalsim but if you look up at the character portraits you can clearly see Ling Xiaoyu and M. Bison.
  13. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Vergil is REALLY scrub friendly, even more so than Dante, but his teleport is really slow and only hard to react to online. Vergil is probably like the tenth best character in the game offline, but like the 2nd online. Only the LMHS sj MMHS gunshot LMHS sj MMHS gunshot THC from Wesker is easier AND more damaging than something Vergil can do. I like Iron Fist for the fact that his standing M is one of the best normals in the entire game, and his 2 meter combos without assists can do over 1 million damage. I just hate the fact that his S won't hit airborne opponents severely hindering his combos. Magneto is really good, and I like the fact of using his extended air combos involving flying and air-dashing to style on my opponent. He also has one of the best level 3s in the game and he has good synergy with Frank West. If any of you use Magus with Frank, you would know that ROM loop into Grabbity Squeeze is a good way to level Frank up to level 4 in one combo. I mainly just use Frank for his shopping cart assist, I don't really enjoy using him because he has only like 2 useful combos, and they don't do much damage. A team I found that works really well with nemesis is, Nemesis on point, Wesker 2nd with OTG gun assist, and Strider as anchor with Vajra assist. Keep X-Factor and 3 meters for level 3 X-Factor orbs with strider, then teleport cross them up with off the wall dive kick and it's insta- kill for anybody.
  14. And so sony is being targeted....AGAIN

    Well If i was supposed to get a hundred dollars, and I only got $95, I wouldn't really care that much. Sony apparently does though.
  15. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

    Phoenix Wright is useless, his normals are ass ( they have no range and no priority), he no longer has any good assists, and to make him not the worse character in the game, you have to gather evidence. I think Doom, Wesker, Spencer, Zero, and Hawkeye are the best in the game. Does anybody here use a Magneto, Frank west, Iron Fist team?