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  1. My real name : Ali meaning : Great
  2. Help plz.... Hi everyone, I'm back again but I need help. I want  to create a new 3D mugen game called : "F For Fight" but I don't know how to turn models and use them into brawlbox. is there someone to help me?

    1. Алексей


      That goes beyond the scope of mugen. Mugen only allows for PCX sprites post-compiled into a proprietary format called SFF. Maybe checking a BrawlBox development forum might help you better?

  3. What do you really mean?
  4. I don't hate anyone. I just say this kind of criticism is not good.
  5. I don't see any childish rule or Standard criticism in videos. It's just like: X's mouth smells and it's not good. Y, instead of saying : hey X, sorry, but you have a problem, comes and tells everyone : X has lots of problems! I don't see anything good in here.
  6. Any problems with my rules?
  7. 8/10? i thought you are gonna hate this char!( cause I hadn't coded it very well)
  8. Yeah yeah I know what are you talking about. thnx
  9. I know, but I really hate my creations being bashed.
  10. thanks for your help, buddy. I will use your feedback.
  11. Pink panther's beta release! In the name of God. Hi, How are you? My name is notepad and I'm here to give you information about this character. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* WHAT'S NEW? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* EVERYTHING!!! this is the first and best version of Pink panther, only and only for mugen, beta, 1.0, 1.1. haha so funny. :I but remember, this is NOT a complete version of pink. this is just a beta version,(but this beta version looks good, too) maybe you ask were did Ali get sprites, when He is not a Custom sprite creator. the Answer is, Dear WlanmaniaX. He helped Ali a lot in this way, and made sprites for him. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Files ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Sprites : 755 Animations : 228 sounds : 50 Number of Hypers : 5 Number of specials : 10 additional colors : 3 ******************************************************************************************************************************************* What do we have for Final version? ******************************************************************************************************************************************* More colors More Moves Some sprites should be improved Some errors should be fixed More compatible Animations. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Informations ******************************************************************************************************************************************* This character uses 7 buttons (a, b, c, x, y, z, start) and has 10 specials. He also has a power charge that activates only and only in crouch mode. if you want to power charge, Hold both down button And start button. Try not to laugh when you see how he charges his power! Here's the list of Special moves : ===================================================================================================================== power charge = Hold down + Start dodge = x+a Refile = D,DF,F,a BigNose = D,DF,F,b Dog = D,DF,F,c Chain = D,DF,F,x bmb = D,DF,F,y pink spray = D,DF,F,z Magic = D,DB,B,z Midnight Bliss = D,DB,B,a skat = D,DB,B,b ===================================================================================================================== As you can see, the list of Hyper moves is approaching. Saxophone = D,DF,F,x+y SuperPink = D,DB,B,x+y BullKart = D,DF,F,a+b Karate = D,DF,F,b+c (it's so coooool) Turtles = D,DB,B,b+c ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Rules ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Ali showed you the character's moves. and he hopes you like this char. but he also has some rules. 1. DO NOT UPLOAD BASHING VIDEOS ABOUT THIS CHAR. If I, Ali, find the video, video is reported. 2. If you want to give me feedback, DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEOS. I don't like to see hate or feedback videos about my character such as mario. 3. If you hate this char, Try not to leave a hate comment in char's page. 4. Do not Edit the character. 5. If you want to use sprites, you can call WlanmaniaX. 6. IS there any code that you want to copy? it's free! you can copy whatever you want. :> ... DO NEVER UPLOAD HATE OR FEEDBACK VIDEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS! ******************************************************************************************************************************************* Thanks to ******************************************************************************************************************************************* God, for everything. My family, For being awesome WlanmaniaX my friend, For sprites, Sound clips, sfx, some codes, etc Ryon , for Character creation tutorial. MGM, for owning Pink panther. Elecbyte, for MUGEN Virtualtek, For fighter factory 3 Adobe, For photoshop !draw, the app that I used. maybe this one : Dark souls III, For being So hard o0o0o0o0o KlonaD fan, Diamondswag production, Galvatron, etc for waiting and following me to see this character. You, for downloading this character. ===================================================================================================== Bye bye, hope to like this char, god bless :> Eh, this readme was too long, isn't it? i'm a bit bored. so, here is the link : size : 12 TB preview :
  12. My connection is ALIVE AGAIN!

  13. O_o 233 notifications..... mamma mia...... 

    well then, I'm sorry every one, my connection looks Broken again (its speed has turned into 20 KB per sec)!

    it will be fixed soon, and the pink will be downloadable! he is complete, but because of my connection....

    1. Klonoafan200
    2. WlanmaniaX


      That sounds virtuoso about your news for your new cartoon creation!


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    2. Ali


      O_o Sorry I didn't said pink panther :P, but after all, I'm going to sleep now, and tomorrow, I will release the pink!

    3. WlanmaniaX


      Alright. I guess you already did your exams for this day.

    4. Klonoafan200


      So Pink panther is going to be Downloadedable soon?.