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  1. AWESOME!!!! hey WMX, Long time no see, Isn't it?
  2. Well,looks like 3D naked snake is ready to release.

    1. ᵈᶤᶻᶻʸᵐᵒᵒᵍᵉᶰ™


      Neat, I have something to test.

  3. Wow! awesome! hey... where did you get that nice foxy?
  4. Wow! awesome! hey... where did you get that nice foxy?
  5. Wow! awesome! hey... where did you get that nice foxy?
  6. Wow! awesome! hey... where did you get that nice foxy?
  7. mmmmmm.... sorry I want to change my signature but I don't know how.... :( plz help

    1. RobotMonkeyHæd


      Upper right > user name > drop down menu > account settings > signature ( left panel ). 

    2. Ali



  8. I'll become useful in social media experts. :)
  9. A new preview: Added some specials ,win, taunt and intro.
  10. Hey everyone, Ali is back with a new character. well, I tried to create this char long ago but i cancelled it. now, I have improved my coding and I'm ready to create snake. overview :
  11. brother, I'm fixing his bugs right now for the final release.
  12. Hey everyone, Back again. My laptop died month ago so I cancelled one of my projects. The 3D Crash bandicoot. but I, have started a new project. Snake. but I need Your help. I don't know which one is better and more popular. 3D Naked Snake or 3D Solid snake?(the SSBB one) I loke both of them. so plz comment.
  13. Back again, After days. my PC died so I had to cancel one of my projects. the crash bandicoot. but, another character approaching, The 3D naked snake!

  14. My real name : Ali meaning : Great
  15. Help plz.... Hi everyone, I'm back again but I need help. I want  to create a new 3D mugen game called : "F For Fight" but I don't know how to turn models and use them into brawlbox. is there someone to help me?

    1. Алексей


      That goes beyond the scope of mugen. Mugen only allows for PCX sprites post-compiled into a proprietary format called SFF. Maybe checking a BrawlBox development forum might help you better?