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  1. Yeah, sponge bob does rape most characters XD
  2. Johnny test sucks ass. The new episodes are animated better now that CN Started doing it. still sucks balls and isnt funny
  4. btw, i made this Heres a Rage Guy remake
  5. yeah well, your opinion, i love zombies, and anime. so yeah, and the dub is annoying
  6. god damn im a dumbass, sorry typo. Boy do i feel dumb
  7. Awesome, i always find awesome mp3 for your stages, btw, misspelled night on title even though you will probaly fix it before you read this
  8. Anyone Seen high school of the dead, its a violent anime combining 3 of my favorite things. Violence and gore, Zombies, and BOOBS, LOTSA LOTSA BOOBS! ive only seen 3 episodes of it so far but it kicks ass. But they Shove in way too many boobs jiggling like all of the time. but whatever thats fine with me
  9. i try playing call of duty, but its just plain boring But if your a fan of COD, dont hate on me, its my opinion, I totally respect everyones opinion. And yes, COD is fun, But i got bored of it.
  10. kay thanks i wanted to get some more
  11. uh the links are down does anyone but me notice this? I have few of the chars, i have Cvs Lilith,cvs yoko, cvs geese, and cvs ken. i could uplaod them if you guys need them
  12. XD
  13. well im to lazy to post my pic but i hoard chars and i have over 400 chars on my roster, just need another 600 LMAO Forever alone 0_0
  14. I Like How it tells you who last viewed Your page, Now i can tell when people are staking me -_-

  15. wasnt There an other darkwing duck?