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  1. AI Patch for Rina Ogata by luis2345. (Not me) Was made last year: Edit: I realized I already posted this before but you never added it.
  2. If you use a broken character you can beat anything.
  3. Happy Bday to u, Luis. :3

  4. Yuki Morikawa (the character on the left of my signature) has an uppercut super (which she does not have in the source game and it belongs to Shiho from the same game) that is nearly impossible to activate because of the fact that she already has a somersault super and both of these supers have almost the same inputs. The somersault super will be the one that comes out the most if you try to do the uppercut one. I don't really need that uppercut super though and the somersault is really used because it's weak and has no invincibility.
  5. Anna from Nitroplus Blasterz: Heroines Infinite Duel and make it as close to source accurate as possible.
  6. Dark Magician Girl by Tsubaki was updated on 7/25/2016. Her floating spell move will now stay on the screen for a few seconds after pressing the detonation button instead of exploding. Pressing the detonation button will give the spells their hitboxes and can be used as traps. In the old version you will had to blow up the spells when the opponent is near them, which was terrible because the opponent will just walk pass them before you can use it. Her supers were made a little easier to pull off. The level 3 is still the only one worth using since the level 1 lost it's invincibility it once had last year and it has a slow startup and can be interrupted. She now has a launcher that can combo into her heavy rod swing. This is something I have been waiting for because she has a training mode only combo that starts off with that slow rod swing. Now I hope one day she gets a get off me move. She use to have one back when her ground projectile attack had invincibility.
  7. Surprisingly she actually has that super in the source game. I don't know how cheap it is in Melty Blood but in mugen it's annoying because she will do it when you try to attack unless you exploit the AI and avoid triggering that super.
  8. lol, the Ciel by Shiroto will do that annoying super when you push a button. Fortunately I have found a way around it by staying near her and blocking then attack her when she does a backflip. By doing this I can play the whole match without worrying about that super. That super is broken in 2vs2.
  9. I don't like when a character's AI needs to be reactivated in the second round and you have to wait again for them to start fighting. Does it have something to do with bad AI coding or something? It can be annoying having to wait every round. I want to attack immediately.
  10. For some reason mines doesn't do that. There's only 12 slots. Maybe my data folder is just messed up and I need to get a fresh mugen.
  11. I have the 4vs4 patch but I could never figure out how to raise the number of slots on it. It ignores the system.def file in the big folder. My main mugen roster has over 100 slots. In the 4vs4 mugen there's only 12 slots and I can only pick the first 12 characters on the select.def file character list. I'm using the default screenpack if that helps.
  12. More characters for me to fight. I defeated the maid. Now for that other one.
  13. You can ban characters from appearing in Arcade mode by putting order=0 next to their name in the select.def file. At least that's what I heard. For some reason that doesn't work for me but I wouldn't like to ban anybody anyway, except for those few characters that has no AI that I use.
  14. I don't see the point of unlockable characters though. Are we unlocking private characters? We unlock characters by downloading and adding them to the select.def file.
  15. Calvawash by IF. I raised her health from 5000 to 9000 because when I figured out you can dodge some of the missiles and keep back dashing to avoid a lot of cheap from the missiles as they pull you into her, she was too easy. Now she's can kill me.