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  1. I have a terrible distrust with MA they could add a shortcurt again in any moment, also I am really agree about the weekend event, honestly it could be an annoyance for the people who wants to download the hosted stuffs. So yes, I want MA is still on the blacklist for now.
  2. I am sure this guy was only releasing recolors and "edit" characters for paying attention, apart of that according Daniel he also used his musics in youtube as monetized and without credit as consequence he sent takedown notices and probably his old channel was closed and I am not surprised he was banned in Gamebanana since he used to release his fake edits on that site.
  3. You should wait more later, this also happened to me for some weird reason.
  4. Some screenshots of her (Update: I just changed the original screenshots for following the forum rules since I used from other, sorry for any inconvenience): She is basically a bigger edit of Choiyer´s Haruhi, she has the classic and arrange mode, which this mode adds a lot of stuffs, making her more cheap than the original(As you will expect of Yu-toharu´s chars). Anyways here is the link(Warning NSFW: She still have the grab molester, sprites compatible with rapists or others things...):
  5. I hope these presents will be usefull stuffs for my Mugen chars...
  6. My real name is Alvaro. Very common in my country and that is all.
  7. Who made this silly farting character and where Can I find? I want because I am bored and I like to do some stupids things in my Mugen.
  8. Hello, I am searching both cheaps characters because I am planning of making a video with my Donaldesu´s Ronald edit. Can someone re-upload both chars since they are offline? The screenshots of both characters:
  9. A decent version of Plutia/Iris Heart(Since there is a bad made version of her with horrible sprites), Miia, Rei Ryghts, Dark Demon from Dynamite Heady and Nezumi Hime from Soreyuke Burunyanman.