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  1. Well, we expected for mounting to this cute dinoasur in Odissey...




    But probably not...





    So, welcome the "real life" in a Mario game!

    1. Ricepigeon


      So they're taking inspiration from the Super Mario Bros movie I see :P

    2. SSBK65


      I think all the main Mario characters should appear in this game, especially if Pauline's in it. I'm surprised Toad hasn't made an appearance.

    3. Yagoshi_The_Yoshi


      Holy F***ing Shit. It's a Mariossaur. Jesus Chriiiist!!! WHAT THE F*********************CK

  2. Ya sé que allí no me aguantaban y en el fondo me arrepentí por todo lo que yo he organizado allí, pero bueno lo pasado ya ha pasado. Ahora siento que ya he aprendido de mis errores a pesar que ya es demasiado tarde.
  3. ¡Saludos y bienvenido este tema! Aquí podéis discutir sobre cualquier tema, pero solo se puede usar tu idioma nativo. Que os divirtais.
  4. Welcome and...
  5. A very faithful remix of "UN Owen Was Her?", but is very decent in my opinion.
  6. OK, I will buy Mario kart 8 deluxe for my Nintendo swi-




    Oh wait, but it is exclusive for Xbox one, hahahaha!(Sarcarm)


    For more in formation visit here:

    1. NEON 7

      NEON 7

      Wow...Epic Fail on their part.

  7. MFFA appears this weird symbol if you didn´t noticed.




    I know this is a joke but, what is it in the origin?

    1. Valgallah


      It's a yen symbol.

  8. I think there should be an international section where we can use our native language like Mugenguild, not sure if it is a good idea.
  9. Well, that was a long story, my username is really a "tribute" of a famous glitch from Super Smash Bros Melee. I am not joking, but before of that glitch I always wanted to play as Master Hand.
  10. Yaboshi_The_Boshi
  11. Hey, dude! Seriously Jirobou, as a lot of people said you should stop speaking about a thing is now discussed since a lot of time so, you should accept the forums decision against MA and adfly and that is all, end of the story!
  12. Happy Birthday, Darkwolf! :)


  13. Happy Birthday, TMT! :)


  14. A picture of my first waifu Plutia getting mad from Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation.