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  1. Happy Birthday to you!

  2. Happy Birthday to ya, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


    You know... I didn't think this song had lyrics, and if it doesn't, well that makes sense. But these lyrics just make this song even more badass.


    1. Алексей


      Okay, but please cut down the frequency of your status updates. Y'know? Let others have a chance.


    Little V is something special, I tell ya... nothing like going HAM.


    1. Алексей


      Indeed he is. You should check out RichaadEB too if you like Little V.

    2. JoshR2K16


      Thanks... uhhh.... Anekcen?


    Is that even Jazz or is it just a much calmer version of Balrog's original theme? Hmm....



    Yep, that's relaxing, I dig it.

  7. Happy Birthday you sexy Brazilian man!



    Nah, but seriously, happy birthday bro, hope it is a good one.

  8. And Ryoucchi saves the day once again! <3 Thank you!
  9. First off, what is this screenpack? Secondly, does it work with mugen 1.0? I've already tried reverse image search and it only displays the site this image is found on. (The link below is a bigger version of it, in case that helps)
  10. Obviously I'm new (well, not really, but sorta... new account anyways) But I've been around long enough to know that there is one thing this site doesn't need and that would be censorship. Like yeah, I get the reason behind it, but come on, isn't there a way to just eliminate the one problem rather than create a bigger one for everyone to deal with? But hey, rules are rules, I'm not here to say you should or should not remove it... but I'd prefer to be able to say F U without being "honked" at.
  11. Ducky, you need to put your Koryu Edition characters somewhere else besides 4shared, that way I can download them a lot quicker.

  12. Thanks for the tip Mr. Steal-Your-Waifu, I'll be sure to give those a look over.
  13. I feel that maybe you misinterpreted my request and took it as an insult to your intelligence or possible your character finding skills. To simplify it, I'm looking for characters which literally copy many other characters, yet aren't just random crap thrown together. Don't get me wrong, Uppercut is an amazing character, but he's just not the style of FRANKENSTEIN I'm looking for. I want something that looks like it could be somewhat possible if placed in a real-world game scenario. Like, Uppercut, not possible... memes and making music as he punches isn't something you'd see in an actual legit game. Characters like Khriz and Asura, very possible, as they are merely a modification to a character's appearance and fighting style. Hell, even Ubu is a possibility, as it is a character whom just has a really unbalanced physique and physical aging progress. (of which I already have Ubu, so that's out of the question) My apologies if my previous post came off as "negative" in any way, I shall re-word it better.