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  1. Power Moves / Power Athlete

    Click in the author name to download. PLAYER SELECT JOE WARREN REAYON BARAKI RANKER Tracante Tracante Tracante Tracante Tracante Lord Sinistro Lord Sinistro(Edited) Lord Sinistro(Edited) Lord Sinistro NICK BUOH VAGNAD GAOLUON Tracante Tracante Tracante Tracante Mr.Pancadaria POWER MOVES SCREENPACK BY LORD SINISTRO (CLICK IN THE IMAGE TO DOWNLOAD) Converted to 1.0 & 1.1 by gui0007 STAGE SELECT Stages by Nori-ban Stages by Dadou Vagnad Stage by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster Vagnad Stage by OldGamer Gaoluon Stage by DrKelexo Nick Stage by Metal Warrior OTHER STUFF Sound Rip by Electrocaid
  2. Click in the author name to download. If you have any MUGEN material related to Battle Master, you're free to post in this topic. PLAYER SELECT SYON - Brown || CHAN - Brown || RANMARU - Nyankiryu / Sugio || ALTIA - Kiske Otoko ZENO - Dark Nekrobat NOT MUGENIZED YET CHARACTER LIST: BODY, JIAN, WATTS AND WOLVAN STAGE SELECT Stages by Cenobite53 Stages by Tamez Stages by Kurai Naito Altia Stage by Luiz Chuck_Hikaryo Hosted stages in Mugen-O-Rama OTHER STUFF Soundrip by Electrocaid
  3. The Eye of Typhoon

    Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. PLAYER SELECT Hoya: Envymask666 || Sauri: Shimon || Cho Hong: SirohAmada || Wang Chang: NGI || Mui: Aiacos || Natasha: Shimon NOT MUGENIZED YET Character List: Roy, Nelson, Tialoc, Dalma, Musasi Taro and Jarkill BOSSES Powell: Not mugenized yet || Mahesvara: BoyBoyz (1st Form - 2nd Form) STAGE SELECT Roy, Sauri and Jarkill Stages by MadkaT || Wang and Jarkill Stages by Vegaz_Parrelli RESOURCE SELECT Sprites Rips (Endings and two stages) by MadkaT
  4. MUGEN Match 2.1

    MUGEN Match 2.1 [PREVIEW] [DOWNLOAD] MEGA (12 Parts) [INFO] Long time ago, i did this edit of Shiyo Kakuge's MUGEN Match 2 Screenpack. People around enjoy that a lot and asking me to do a Fullgame version. And now, the wait is finally over! :D Features: → Screenpack (2.1 version) edited, with more slots and improved. → Tag System, with 3v3 and 4v4 options (3v3.exe and 4v4.exe) Just select Team Arcade, them Simul (second option), select your chars and have fun. :) Same steps for the 3v3 and 4v4. → 165 CHARS, from Capcom, SNK, Type-Moon, Dengeki, Marvel, Sega, Square Enix, GAINAX, Visco and some original ones. All compatible with the Tag System, played in CvS/POTS-ish Style. → Awesome stages by Shiyo Kakuge, included the stages with water (all chars compatible). And also the great stages inspired for the Shiyo's work, made by AVPBoy6754 and Flowrellik. → Sounds from SFA3, Capcom Fighting Evolution, Capcom vs SNK 1 and 2. Each mid-boss, boss and final boss had your own theme. Hope you all fellas enjoy!! :D Special Thanks & Credits Screenpack, Tag System and Stages: → Shiyo Kakuge Chars: → Warusaki3 → POTS → Vyn → DivineWolf → Quickfist → Chazzanova → Rajaa → Trololo → Varo_Hades → Zero-Sennin → Rei Seiryuu → Buckus → Infinite → R@CE Akira → Jesuszilla → Lord Vader → Tiger-Boy → Sennou-Room → Mr. Ansatsuken → Jmorphman → Koldskool → NDSilva → Mr. Karate JKA → Froz → Izuno → Victorys → Chuchoryu → CrazyKoopa → Mwryly → H' Stages: → AVPBoy6754 → Flowrellik
  5. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Original Topic Well guys, here is another Morrigan for MUGEN. But this Morrigan however plays in a Custom style that you never imagined. This time, jade_midori did a Morrigan that plays in AzuFight style. I bet you guys are asking themselves, what the hell is AzuFight? Remember Azumanga Daioh? Well, AzuFight is a döjin fighting game based in the manga/anime series. And Daniel simply did a Morrigan that plays in the style of this game. Simply awesome!! :D
  6. Alien Vs. Predator

    Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. SELECT YOUR PLAYER Sergeus(Old) / HSR Sergeus(Old) / Mouser / Descolor Sergeus(Old) / Tin / Falchion22 Sergeus / Desh The four chars by Sergeus(New Versions) ENEMIES & BOSSES HSR Sergeus Sergeus Sergeus New Versions of them by Sergeus Alien's Faction 1: Warrior, Stalker, Defender, Smasher and Arachnoid. Note: Stalker and Defender are together in the second link. Sergeus Sergeus HSR Alien's Faction 2: Egg Chamber, Facehugger, Royal Guard and Chrysalis. Note: Egg Chamber and Facehugger are together in the first link. HSR HSR Sergeus Alien's Faction 3: Razor Claws, Alien Queen and Mad Predator. Sergeus Sergeus Sergeus HSR: Old - New Sergeus Colonial Marines: Private, Sergeant, Corporal, Power Loader and General Bush. BONUS GAMES Predator Training: Sergeus Control Box: Sergeus Marine Training: Sergeus Note: Control Box comes with the stage. CHARS / EDITS BASED IN OTHER AvP GAMES AND MOVIES Sergeus Tableros WarriorZ Sergeus Sergeus Tableros Predators 1: Elder Predator, Another Predator Hunter, Predator Raptor, Hulk Predator, Predator Fighter and Another Elder Predator. Duracelleur WarriorZ Tableros Kazuki: Old - New Tableros JosipKnezovicz Predators 2: Predator, Predator Armbar Master, Predator Bad Blood, Jungle Predator, Predator Wolf and Predalien. JosipKnezovicz: Old - Patched Sergeus Sergeus Sergeus Aliens 1: Alien Drone, Alien Runner, Electric Alien and Space Jockey Alien. Note: Space Jockey Alien comes with your themed stage. JosipKnezovicz Sergeus Sergeus Aliens 2: Alien Night Cougar, Queen Facehugger and Alien Spinner. SNES Predator: Freddery II - Old / New SELECT YOUR STAGE Stages by Reginukem || Stages by Tableros || Stages by HSR || Stages by XGargoyle || Alien Extocage by Robo Z Stages by Sergeus: Pack 1(Round 0 to 3) / Pack 2(Round 4 and 5) / Pack 3(Round 6 and 7) Konami's Aliens stages by Sergeus: Spinner Stage / Electric Storm Stage / Boss 1 Stage || Yautja Ship (Original) by AVPBoy6754 More stages by Sergeus: AvP2 Primal Hunt - Trophy Room / The Artefact / Pyramid Core || Movies - Antarctica / Sulaco Cargo || Original - Predator Ship Stages by Luiz Chuck_Hikaryo: AvP Stage 1: Ver.1 - Ver.2 - Sookie's Edit - Ver.3 / Aliens: Stage 1 / Alien 3: Alien's Lair SELECT MORE STUFF AvP Fullgame by Ristar87 & Sergeus (Winmugen/320x240) AvP Screenpack by Reginukem & Sergeus (Winmugen/320x240) AvP Another Screenpack by Sergeus (Beta/Winmugen/320x240) AI Patches for HSR chars and Tin's Linn Kurosawa by GUN Help about HSR's Predator Warrior's HP Recoil
  7. Decided to made a collection not only with the chars, but with the KOFE game too. :) All the chars have '98-ish+edited gameplay (or the called "KOFE Style"). Click in the char image to download. Note: Some chars like Ryu doesn't work in 1.1. You can follow the progress of KOFE here. CHARS FROM THE OLD VERSION Adelheid Bernstein Angel Andy Bogard Ash Crimson Athena Asamiya Benimaru Nikaido Billy Kane Chizuru Kagura Duolon Clark Still Eiji Kisaragi Elisabeth Geese Howard Goenitz Goro Daimon Iori Yagami B. Jenet Joe Higashi Jhun Hoon K' Kasumi Todoh Mr. Karate Sie Kensou Kim Kaphwan King W. Krauser Krizalid Kula Diamond Kyo Kusanagi Blue Mary Mai Shiranui Leona Heidern Mature Maxima Mr. Big Nameless Orochi Raiden Ralf Jones Robert Garcia Rock Howard Rugal Bernstein Ryo Sakazaki Ryu Saisyu Kusanagi Shen Woo Shermie Shiki Terry Bogard Vice Vanessa Whip Li Xiangfei Ryuji Yamazaki Yuri Sakazaki Yashiro Nanakase Zero CHARS FROM THE NEW VERSION Chin Gentsai Chris Gato Goddess Athena Akuma/Gouki Heidern Hotaru Futaba Lee Pai Long May Lee Neo Dio Tung Fu Rue WIPS Richard Meyer Oswald John Crawley Raiden (New Sprites) Grant Ryuhaku Todoh Nakoruru Sagat Ryu (New Version) Morrigan Aensland Demitri Maximoff KOF EDITION GAME: New Version / Old Version, edited by gui0007
  8. PREVIEW Video Preview #1 / Video Preview #2 DOWNLOAD INFO You can check details and additional stuff in the MFG's original thread
  9. Art of Fighting Series

    Another old collection remade, Click in the author name to download. PLAYER SELECT RYO SAKAZAKI Fred(AOF1) / Ironjw(AOF2): Old - New - SD / Brown(AOF3+Edited) / Dorgol(KOF 98 Bootleg) / Anamochi(Ohaou_Ana/Edited/Joke) Yumehiko & Fred(Riyoh Nagasaki/AOF1+Edited) / Guile N' Roll(AOF1+SSF2+/Edited): Old - New / Kani(AOF1+Edited/Cheap) ROBERT GARCIA Fred(AOF1) / Ironjw(AOF2): Old - New - SD / DeSouza(AOF3) / Dorgol(KOF 98 Bootleg) / Anamochi(Donaiya/Edited/Joke) YURI SAKAZAKI TAKUMA SAKAZAKI Andre Lopes(NSFW) Fred / Dorgol(KOF 98 Bootleg) RYUHAKU TODO Fred: Original - Fixed by Tim Markworth / Gal129 Mr.S, Misamu K Young & Proto(Unknown/KOF2000+Edited) / Arnaud Petit & Mr.S(KOF/Edited) Note: Gal129's Todo works in 1.1 only. JACK TURNER Fred(AOF1) / Andre Lopes(AOF1+Edited) / Ironjw(AOF2): Old - New - SD / Andre Lopes & Luigi-Master(AOF2+SvK) / NS(AOF2+KOFXIII) LEE PAI LONG Fred(AOF1) / Ironjw(AOF2): Old - New - SD / Unknown Author(AOF2) / Mr.S(AOF2+KOF/Edited) KING Fred(AOF1) / Kain The Supreme(AOF1+Edited) / Ironjw(AOF2): Old - New - SD MICKEY ROGERS Lord Sinistro(AOF1) / Tim Markworth & Lord Sinistro(AOF1+KOF) / Fred(AOF2) / NS(AOF2+KOFXIII) / R@CE Akira(AOF2+CvS) JOHN CRAWLEY Fred(AOF1) / Smogon & The_None(AOF1) (Alt. Link) / Sweater(AOF1) / Ironjw(AOF2): Old - New - SD / Fred(AOF2) / Adamskie(AOF2) / Raiwa(AOF2) Mr.S(AOF+KOF/Edited) / Evil Orochi(AOF2+KOFXI/Edited) / David Demianoff(AOF+RBFF/Edited) EIJI KISARAGI TEMJIN Fred / Brown Ironjw / Adamskie / Mage & Adamskie(AOF2+Edited) KASUMI TODOH JIN FUHA Nyo / Amanojaku(AOF3+Edited) Tin (Six button patch by Cannon Musume) / Rel(AOF3+MvC) Poikre(Mr Shihan KY/Joke): Old - New RODY BIRTS LENNY CRESTON Kai One, Jezekiel & Nyko Keyu WANG KOH-SAN KARMAN COLE Oscar12345 Mass / chenLY2001 MR. KARATE Fred / Guile N' Roll(AOF1+SSF2+/Edited): Old - New / Lucifuego(AOF1+KOF'95/Edited) MR. BIG GEESE HOWARD Tim Markworth & Fred(AOF1) / Fred(AOF2) Fred / Laiso_7 Note: Password to download Laiso_7's Geese is mugen SINCLAIR WYLER Mass / Tof / Luchini / Hiramoto(Shin Sinclair/AOF3+Edited): Old - New Borewood / chenLY2001 / DxWho BONUS GAMES Fred MAITAKE POTS / Tim Markworth(Playable): Old - New STAGE SELECT AOF1 Stage Pack w/ BGM | AOF2 Stage Pack w/ BGM | AOF3 Stage Pack w/ BGM Stages with Zoom and Superjump by OldGamer | Stages by Zaiko | AOF1 & AOF2 Stages by Fred | Stages by Yamato | Stages by Alex AOF1 & AOF2 Stages by Dark Saviour | SNES AOF1 & AOF2 Stages by Cenobite 53 | AOF2 Robert & Geese Stages by Lord Paul | AOF 2 Jack Stage by Slushzer AOF2 Robert Stage by Duende Macabro | AOF2 Eiji Stage (1.1) by Legendary Demonkai - 1.0 Edit by Alpyne D | AOF3 Stages by Most Unbalance AOF2 Ryo & John Stages by Andre Lopes | AOF2 Yuri and King Stages by Zaiko | AOF1 & AOF2 Jack Stages & AOF3 Temple Stage (1.0/1.1) by Wolf Jaws AOF1 Mickey Stage & AOF3 Train Stage by Jo | AOF1 John Stage by Wild_Wolf | AOF2 Stages by Caddie | AOF3 Stages by Ryo2005 | AOF3 Stages by Kung Fu Man AOF3 Stages by Nightwing | AOF3 Stages by Mr. Mu~ | AOF3 Train Stage by Master Yoda | AOF3+Edited Temple Stage by Sunaryo: V1 - V2 Carnival Stage (1.0/1.1 - AOF2 King Stage Edited) by OldGamer | AOF3 Festival & Cemetery Stages by Kaine | AOF3 Mansion Stage by ELECTRO / by Zaiko SCREENPACK SELECT AOF Screenpack by Akabei - 1.0/1.1 conversion by OldGamer AOF2 Screenpack by Akabei - 1.0/1.1 conversion by OldGamer AOF3 Screenpack by masa_nr - 1.0/1.1 conversion by gui0007 AOF Screenpack by Fred OTHER STUFF Intros by Dark Saviour AI Patches for Mass Karman & Mass Sinclair by NS Extra Palletes for Borewood's Wyler AOF2 Portraits by Dorgol
  10. One Piece - Great Pirate Colosseum

    Great collection!! Finally a Great Pirate collection here! :)
  11. MFFAWN #21(Sep 03 - 09, 2017) - Terrible Aim

    Another great job bruh! :D I'm ready some Special Editions of the MFFAWN, be aware fellas!
  12. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Really a HUGE update compared to the old version. From Version History.txt -More hitboxes are readjusted. -Now you can't combo from Close HP, Close HK, Crouching HP and Crouching MK. -Added Close HP (Inspired by Descolor's Adon), comboable. -Readjusted Far MK. Now it's easier to hit with and like his Far HK on right distance it can give two hits. -Changed dodge's kick. -Fixed mess with sprites, codes and animations. Hello by Me from the Past. XD -Added missing intro/winposes. -Changed intro VS. Muai Thai fighters. -Added winquotes against my Joe and Charlie (in SFV mode). -FINALLY got some attention on Alpha Counters. Now P is for Thousand Jaguar and K is for readjusted Rising Jaguar. -Jaguar Kick is NOT overhead anymore. -Jaguar Kicks got new, photoshop drawn SSF4-like effects. -Readjusted EX Jaguar Kicks. -Readjusted Airbourne Jaguar Kick's movement. -Rising Jaguars are readjusted. -Jaguar Tooth is overhead now. -EX Jaguar Tooth is now one-hit move, but it will push enemy much higher, than before. -Thousand Jaguar readjusted to be more Chun-LiSH. -EX Thousand Jaguar got custom animation (inspired by Fido's Adon) and extra juggle points. -EX Thousand Jaguar can reset juggle points, if combo before it wasn't too long. -Jaguar Revolver remade. Now it's not so useful, but still... -Now Jaguar Revolver's range can be adjusted in simular (NOT ANALOGIC) to SSF4 way: ---"LK" or "LK+MK"- Short first leap. ---"MK" or "LK+HK"- Normal first leap. ---"HK" or "MK+HK"- Long forst leap. -Jaguar Varied Assault readjusted. More juggle. -J.V.A. got old-new effects. A better effect like from older versions. -Thousand Jaguar as J.V.A. Ender now throws enemy in the end and resets juggle points, so you could hit falling enemy. -Jaguar Avalanche totally remade. Added some custom sprites, so now it's technicaly closer to sourse material.
  13. Emi Yusa

    Awesome, just awesome!!
  14. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO From the char's Readme - Total revamp/recode. Added a more extensive color separation by Shao_kun. Overhauled sprites, damage levels, animations, hitboxes, and coding. Now (mostly) uses frame data/velocities/timings from CvS2. - Hit sparks reduced 65% in size - Added EXPLODsive Buffering system, projectile reflection, and compatibility with the Reigi no Ishizue super from Vans's Chizuru. - LP/MP Hurricane Upper projectiles now fade away after travelling a short distance - EX Slash Kick now launches opponents upwards, and no longer wall bounces, so that comboing off it is easier - EX Golden Heel had its damage adjusted, can no longer be comboed into, and can be performed multiple times per combo - Added alternative command for TNT punch - Added new sprites for Dynamite Fist - EX TNT punch has new animation and hit behavior patterned after KOFXIII - MAX Screw Upper now goes full screen, and won't lose hits as it moves forward - Golden Tiger Kick had its damage adjusted, it has new effects, and its hit behavior now matches KOF2002UM
  15. All Chars Update June/August(Poison)

    I really love the update on Poison. Thanks DW. :)
  16. MFFAWN #18 (Aug 13-19, 2017) - Return of the Faun

    Wow, nice job fellas! :D
  17. Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru updated 8/28/17

    Just... What the hell is that?? XD Gotta test for sure, i want to keep enjoying Rashou Mon a little more.
  18. The Legend of Zelda Series

    Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. Red is missing/offline. Dark Orange is WIP. (NP) is Not Pictured. (CS) is Custom Sprites. LINK MASA (Famicom Disk's Zelda 2) || RMX, Silencer, Eikichi & Mike (CS / A Link to the Past) - Toph's Edit - Kong's Edit (MvC) - Barrysun's Edit - Unknown's Edit (Dark Link) MICROmor (CS / Majora's Mask) - MSDensky's Edit - MugenJF's Edit - EMW's Edit (MvC) - KingCharz & CD's Edit (MvC / 2nd Pictured) || Shiruzato (Custom) MUGENX (1st (NES TLoZ) - 2nd (NES Zelda 2)) || Ax (CS / SSBM+MvC) (Old - New - Alt) - NapoleonJonamite's Edit (Old - New) || Monkey D. Yomi (CS / SSB+Custom) Chuchoryu (CS / New SSB+CvS) - KingCharz's Update (Old - New) || Tako (CS / A Link to the Past) || Alerkina4 (Spriteswap) || Karter (CS / SSB) || Sektor San (CS / JUS) MGSSJ2 (CS / Custom) || Borewood (CS / TLoZ) || YTM333 (CS / Toon Link / New SSB+MvC) || This Boy (CS / Toon Link / New SSB) || Arumikan (CS / Custom) Smeagol14 (CD-i Link) || J.NEWMAN & Duckerman12 (CS / Toon Link / The Wind Waker) || Sumin2393 (CS / SSB) || Nesmaster (Famicom Zelda 2+FF) Papacap (3D / SSB) || dragon972 (3D / SSBM) || S.Nara (Crap / SSBB) || HCL (3D / SSBB) || Nefreopitou (NP / 3D / SSBM) Geshtro (BEN / Majora's Mask Creepypasta / Cheap) ZELDA Alerkina4 (Spriteswap / SSBM) || YTM333 (CS / New SSB) (Old - New - CNS Fix) - Pizzasause's Update || Smeagol14 (CD-i Zelda) Chuchoryu (CS / Hyrule Warriors) || S.Nara (Crap / SSBB) || Ayumu Sekizyo (NP / Custom Sprites & Gameplay) SHEIK Keriku Zenru (CS / New SSB+Custom) || S.Nara (Crap / SSBB) GANON / GANONDORF MUGENX (Pig Ganon / NES TLoZ) || Freddery II (CS / SSBM) - J.NEWMAN's Edit - Nesphext's Edit BaganSmashBros (3D / SSBB+MvC) || Kikurage (Mr. Ganon / CS / Joke) (Normal - AI Patched) || Shiruzato (Custom) KING HARKINIAN Quetzalcoatl_88 (CD-i Zelda / Joke) - AI Patch by Gabriel - anthonyatkins Edits (Evil - Santa - Death) || The Answer (CS / Beta / KOF Style) || Ancara (CS) OTHER CHARS Tingle: googoo64 (Cheap) || Dark Link: tfkdude (CS / SSBM) / Smeagol14 (CD-i) || Oni / Fierce Deity Link: Omegabros (CS / Majora's Mask) || Cucco: RicePigeon (Joke) Lizalfos: Kilus (NES Zelda 2 / Spriteswap) || Morshu: ESE-PT (CD-i Zelda) || Octorok: Ganva (CS / Four Swords) || Raging Moon: Kouzyoutyou2621 (Majora's Mask / Boss) STAGES Stage Pack Hyrule Field (3DS Ocarina of Time) by KingCharz || Zelda's Temple (Zelda 2) by crystalis6669 || Hyrule Sky Island (Original) by mAdLaX || Hyrule Stage (Original) by ExShadow Temple of Time (N64 Ocarina of Time) by MACKX || Bridge of Eldin (Twilight Princess / SSB Brawl): by Ryon - by MGMNZX - by Sam || Forest Encounter (Zelda 2) by DrKelexo Lon Lon Ranch (N64 Ocarina of Time) by Aztec Soldier || Grassland (Zelda 2) by Kilus || Great Bay (Majora's Mask / SSB Melee) by TheMasterGamerify || Stages by Kaiman Princess Zelda Locked Up (A Link to the Past) by Senjen || Dark Link's Room (N64 Ocarina of Time) by Dfalcon || Castle Courtyard (N64 Ocarina of Time) by Mugenmanspirit Hyrule Temple (SSB) by Kaivolate || Ahitaru (CD-i Zelda: Wand of Gamelon) by Viper Snake || Parapa Palace and Midoro Palace by Agnibyte Hyrule Field (Original?) by Andysmugen || Dark World Map (A Link to the Past) by SonicBrawler77 || Morshu's Shop (CD-i Zelda) by Zaibatsu North Palace: Zelda's Chamber (Zelda 2) by mh77 || Stages by NintendoStarKnight (Offline) OTHER STUFF A Link to the Past Screenpack by Mike Werewolf (Winmugen/320x240) A Link to the Past Lifebars by KyoDaChef (320x240)
  20. Breakers / Breakers Revenge

    This is a remade collection of the MUGEN stuff related to Breakers / Breakers Revenge. CHARACTER SECTION Sho Kamui Lee Dao-Long Descolor / Inverse(KOF Edit) Descolor / Inverse / Charlzn64 / O Ilusionista(Edited) Tia Langray Condor Heads Descolor / Nynaryo / Mast-Chen Descolor / Kamekaze ƒGƒX(KOF Edit) / DivineWolf(CvS) / Basara(Shelly/Edited) Pielle Montario Descolor / Kamekaze / Summon Night / Shadowtak / Tommy-Gun(Edited) / Shadowtak(Edited) / Knkn(Edited) Alsion III Rila Estansia Tobikage Saizo Sheik Maherl Huang Bai-Hu O Ilusionista / Shimon Sankaku / DrKelexo Shimon / Flam Shimon Descolor / Borewood Breakers ToSix Edits by Duracelleur (Click in the image to download) MISSING LIST Lee Dao-Long by Bolanos | Rila Estansia by Mr.Zero | Tia Langray by Raph99 | Breakers Screenpack by Claudio Toxi STAGE SECTION Stage Pack | Stages by JedahUK | Stages by Nyko | Stages by Mature4ever | Stages by Masa00341 | Sho and Tia Stages by Yusuke Sho and Dao-Long Stages by Inverse | Pielle Stage by Summon Night | Rila Stage by ELECTRO Alsion III Stage by HankVenture | Bai-Hu Stage by KAINE SCREENPACK SECTION Breakers Screenpack by Inverse Breakers Revenge HD by Hloader
  21. CatFight

    Click in the author link to download. CHARACTER SELECT Kimala: Xperimentz || Pyriss: DxWho || Sara: NGI || Thermia: DxWho (Old - New) || Chae Lee: DxWho BOSS Shinma: DxWho STAGE SELECT Stages by Cenobite 53
  22. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

    Click in the author name to download. Red is missing/offline. PLAYER SELECT Jack Tenrec Hannah Dundee Mustapha Cairo Mess O'Bradovich Maniac (Old - New) / Nnaajj Maniac (Old - New) / Alexei Maniac (Old - New) / OCariocaNildo Maniac (Old - New) / Nnaajj Mustapha Cairo Edits: Binho(Beta/Edited) - Fixed by: Oscarnaiz - Mae77 / Arcaderm & Magus(Pocket Mustapha) ENEMIES & BOSSES Vice Terhune: Maniac (Old - New) Gneiss|Risk: Maniac (Old - New) Ferris|Astro: Maniac (Old - New) Butcher: Maniac (Old - New) Slice: Maniac (Old - New) Morgan: Maniac (Old - New) Morgue: Maniac (Old - New) Tyrog: :3 Slisaur: Maniac (Old - New) Dr. Simon Fessenden: Maniac (Original Link - Alt. Link) Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus 1 and Tyrannosaurus 2 by Potro (Bonus Chars) OTHERS Cadillac Car: Sugio Hannah's Cadillac Car and Ferris Motorcycle (1st and 2nd Versions) by Potro Note: Both edits of Sugio's Cadillac Car Old Man: MrSasuke958(Joke) Pocket Raptor: Mr'Saas STAGE SELECT Stages by Alex || Stages by Mature4ever || Stages by Valek || Stages by OldGamer || Village of Dino Mountain by Omega 47th Street by DrKelexo / by Hikaryo || Computer Room by XDie || Village of Flame by Dark Ruler || Wasteland by Ihoo1836 Pre-Final by Kain The Supreme || Jungle by EnvyMask666 / by Potro MORE STUFF Sprites rips (Chars and Stages) by T0misaurus
  23. Ranma ½

    Collection remade. Click in the author name to download. PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Chōnai Gekitōhen Ranma Saotome: Masa || Genma Saotome: SonSon3000 / Jhfer - Colosse's Edit || Cologne / Granny: Rubeus - Colosse's Edit || Happosai: Masa Note: Masa's Ranma and Happosai comes with their "Street Combat" versions. Principal Kuno: Unknown Author - Colosse's Edit PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Hard Battle / Bakuretsu Rantōhen Ranma-chan / Ranko: NyanKiryu: Site Link - Mirror Link || Akane Tendo: Quasar Mind Mousse: Rubeus - Colosse's Edit || Ukyo Kuonji: Nyo: Site Link - Mirror Link / Heaven-e-Hell || Happosai: Doctor M - Colosse's Edit Hikaru Gosunkuji: Yu-Toharu / KFM Spriteswap - Colosse's Edit || Gambling King: Span: Site Link - Mirror Link / Puppet - Colosse's Edit || Shampoo: Elecbyte Pantyhose Taro: Yu-Toharu / Timji(Human Form/KFM Spriteswap) - Colosse's Edit / Rubeus(Beast Form) - Colosse's Edit Not mugenized yet: Ranma Saotome, Genma Saotome and Ryoga Hibiki PLAYER SELECT - Ranma ½: Super Battle / Chougi Rambuhen Ranma Saotome: AnkokuNaitou / Ironjw / Pneophen: Site Link - Mirror Link / Moyashi - GohanSSM2's Fix / Evil K'999: Original Link - Alternative Link / SonSon3000 Ranma-chan / Ranko: Zero-Sennin: Original Link - Alternative Link / Jhfer / Toni: Site Link - Mirror Link / Timji / Rexxon Akane Tendo: AnkokuNaitou / KGenjuro / Sana Sagara & Namaguideran: Site Link - Mirror Link Ryoga Hibiki: AnkokuNaitou / LegatoB: Site Link - Mirror Link / Ranmasama / Ryon(KOF) / Evil K'999 || Ukyo Kuonji: Namaguideran: Site Link - Mirror Link / Jorge Campos Mousse: Unknown Author || Tatewaki Kuno: AnkokuNaitou / KGenjuro || Shampoo: AnkokuNaitou / Sano Sagara: Site Link - Mirror Link / PCTIM Mariko Konjo: Fervicante: Site Link - Mirror Link || Kodachi Kuno: CharimanKaga Genma Saotome: KGenjuro - Colosse's Edit - Unknown Creator's Edit(Winnie the Pooh/Spriteswap) / Basara Herb: AnkokuNaitou || Hinako Ninomiya: Namaguideran PLAYER SELECT - Custom / Edited Sprites Ranma Saotome: Garci || Ranko: Chibasin || Rouge: Jhfer(Shampoo's Sprite Edit) - Colosse's Edit || Cologne / Granny: Gouketsu / Happosai: Gouketsu STAGE SELECT Stage Pack (Contains stages by Jhfer and Sano Sagara. Also the Coliseum Stage by Alex) || Food Ring & Waikiki Beach by Ryoucchi & The Magic Toaster || Stages by Span Stages by Ze Sensei || Stages by MadkaT || Train Stage by O Ilusionista: Site Link - Mirror || Akane's House by Duende Macabro || Stages by Cenobite 53 OTHER STUFF SELECT Screenpack: by Ze Sensei(1.0/320x240) || Portrait Pack: by Fer619 || Sprites Rips: from Hard Battle by Fret / from Super Battle: by Redblueyellow & RadSpyro
  24. Remade of the RBS/RBDM/RB2 collection, incluiding FF3 and RBFF, since a lot of stuff is missing/offline in the old collection. If you have any MUGEN material related, you're free to post in this topic. Color Guide: GREEN: Accurate/Semi-accurate gameplay BROWN: Custom/Non-FF gameplay RED: Mssing/Offline PLAYER SELECT TERRY BOGARD Sekirei(FF3&RB) / Star Platinum(FF3) / Tora(RB2) / Mouser(RB2) David Demianoff(RBS): Old Version - New Version / Pioupiou(RBS/RB2) / DarkRiem(RBS+MvC) / Kunekune(RB2+Edited) ANDY BOGARD Sekirei(FF3&RB) / Tora(RB2) / Bad Darkness(RB2) / Infinite(RB2+SvK) / Race45(RB2+Edited) JOE HIGASHI Tora(RB2) / NeoGouki(RB2) / Kokekoko(RBDM) MAI SHIRANUI Sekirei(FF3&RB) / Anamochi(RB) / Shacti & Rugh82(RB) / Tora(RB2) / NeoGouki(RB2) / Kokekoko(RBDM) / Hiram Yagami(RB2+Edited/NSFW) KIM KAPHWAN Kazuya(RB) / Tora(RB2) / Mouser(RB2) / David Demianoff(Eddy Stanley/Edited) "BLUE" MARY RYAN Sekirei(FF3&RB) / Tora(RB2) / Gege(RBS+RB2) / Keyu(RB) / Juke Kisaragi(RBS) HON-FU Tora(RB2) / Mouser(RB2) / Montana(RB2) / Duracelleur(RB2+Edited/ToSix) / Burning Ranger(RB2) DUCK KING Tora(RB2) / Pneophen(RB2) / Mappy(RB2) / Kokekoko(RBDM) / Duckss & Mappy(RB2) / Duracelleur(RB2+Edited/ToSix) BOB WILSON Tora(RB2) / O Ilusionista(RB2+Edited): Old Version - New Version / Crosscat(RB+KOF) FRANCO BASH Minmeishobou(RB) - DarkLuigi's Edit / Tora(RB2) / Smogon & Star Platinum(RB2) Perfect Dark(RBS) / Minmeishobou(RB+KOF): Char + Palette CHENG SINZAN Tora(RBS) / Kokekoko(RBDM) / Terra(RB2) / Krunkest404(RBS+Edited) / Thedge(RBS+KOF) TUNG FU RUE Tora(RB2) / Bad Darkness(RBS) / Silencer(RBS) / Duracelleur(RB2+Edited/ToSix) SOKAKU MOCHIZUKI Tora(RB2) / 3ha(RBS+Edited) ALFRED AIRHAWK Tora(RB2) / Taruse(RBDM) / Vans(Sprites Edited/KOF2002UM) / Mr.S(Sprites Edited/KOF) RICK STROWD Tora(RB2) / NHK(RB2) / Unknown & Ex-Inferis(RB2) - DarkLuigi's Edit / MugenCreation(RB2+Edited) / 119way(RB2+KOF) Claudio Toxi(RB2+MOTW) / Duracelleur(RB2+Edited/ToSix) / Mother Earth(Mo-Mo-Dainamaitu/Edited) / Krunkest404(RB2+SvK) / Tan(RB2) LI XIANGFEI Tora(RB2) / NHK(RB2) / Star Platinum(RB2) / Duracelleur(RB2+Edited/ToSix) BILLY KANE Tora(RB2) / Star Platinum(RB2) / Mouser(RB) / Montana(RBS) LAURENCE BLOOD Tora(RB2) / Fujy(RBS/RB2) / R@ce Akira(CvS-ish Edited) / Duracelleur(RB2+Edited/ToSix) RYUJI YAMAZAKI Abuhachi(RB) / Abuhachi(RB2) / David Demianoff(RB2) / David Demianoff(Laurent Demianoff/Edited) JIN CHONREI Warasuki3(RB) / Tora(RB2) / Luchini(FF3/RB) JIN CHONSHU Warasuki3(RBS) / David Demianoff(FF3/RB) / Tora(RB2) / Kokekoko(RBDM) / Mouki(RB2) Note: Warasuki's Version comes with a SvC Chaos option mode. JIN BROS. - NRF(FF3) WOLFGANG KRAUSER Abuhachi(RB2) / David Demianoff(RBS): Old Version - New Version / Duracelleur(RB2+Edited/ToSix) / Higher & Terry Kou(RBS) GEESE HOWARD / NIGHTMARE GEESE Sekirei(FF3&RB) / Mouser(RB) / David Demianoff(RBS) / Tora(RB2) / Flam(RB2) / Terra(RB2) Ahuron(N.Geese/RBS) / Rin&Bat(N.Geese/RBS+KOF) / Don Drago(RBS+All-In-One) / Cannon Musume(RBS+Edited) WHITE Dark Nekrobat(RBDM) / Kung Fu Man(RBDM/Beta) / Rin & Bat(RBDM+KOF): Old Version - New Version STAGE SELECT Stages by Kung Fu Man / Stages by Caddie / Stages by M.M.R. / Stages by Ryo2005 / Stages by Kaine / Stages by ELECTRO Stages by Dark Saviour / Stages by David Demianoff / Stages by NeoGouki / RB2 Geese Stage by Winame / Stages by Slushzer FF3 Stages by toreador607: Sokaku - Mai - Hon Fu - Terry / Stages by Yamato / FF3 Andy Stage by ELECTRO / Stages by Tatsu Stages by Tim Markworth / Stages by R.o.q.u.e. / Stages by Chloe / RB2 Chinatown Rooftop by Big Eli King / Stages by LESSARD FF3 Sokaku Stage (Three versions) by Abuhachi / FF3 Yamazaki Stage (Three versions) by Abuhachi FF3 Sokaku Stage by ghOw / Old Stages by David Demianoff / RBS China and Japan Stages by Rabz SCREENPACK SELECT Real Bout Fatal Fury Special by Aracnor & Spiderboy(Winmugen/320x240) Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 by Ookani(Winmugen/320x240) Both screenpacks converted to 1.0 and 1.1 by gui0007 Real Bout Fatal Fury by David Demianoff(Winmugen/320x240) OTHER STUFF Intros by Dark Saviour Tora's AI Patches for your RB2 chars and for Mouser's Terry and Kim AI Patch for Tora's Bob Wilson by Kuron
  25. Street Fighter II

    Finally remade. ^ ^ Click in the author name to download. If you find or have any MUGEN material related to SF2, you're free to post in this topic. Red is offline, Orange is WIP. PLAYER SELECT Ryu: Masa(SF2'CE & SSF2T): Winmugen - 1.1 (SF2'CE - SSF2T) - SNES Ver.(SF2 - SF2T) - David's Edit(Flash Game) Fido(SSF2T) - Helder Santos Edit(HR) - Domatenboss Edit(HR) / Ikaruga(SF2' Rainbow) / Kani(SF2'R - Pass: mugen) / Dark Saviour(SF2') / Guile N' Roll(SSF2+Edit) Crazy for SF(SF2+Edit) / Tanicfan22(SF2): Old - New / Hloader(Evil Ryu - SSF2+Edit) / G.D.T(SSF2T) / Charlzn64(SF2T+Edit) / Zion(SNES SF2) / Fusion Armor X(SF2'CE) Satan's Child(SF2' Rainbow) / Magnus(SSF2+Edit) / Vegeta20XX(SSF2T) / Minseo1911(SF2) / Rin&Bat(SF2'CE) / ADA(SSF2T Rainbow - SSF2T+Edit) Buti(Edit) / MvC Champ(SNES SSF2) / Mark Mitchell(SF2) / OCariocaNildo(Evil Ryu - SF2'T) / Electro(SSF2+Custom/Beta) Aroi(SNES SF2+IWBTG) / IIGamesMasterII(SF2+Edit) / !?(Bootleg/Edit) / Strideriryu(SSF2T & Edit) / Slack86(SF2+Edit - The first one) E.Honda: Yayutto(SF2) - Yayutto's Last Ver. - Vegeta20XX's Fix(SSF2T) - Gal129's Fix(HSF2) Omegapsycho(SSF2T) - Domatenboss Edit(HR) / Fido(SSF2T) / TommyGun(SF2+Edit) Blanka: Masa(SF2'CE): Old - New - Voice Patch by miru / Fido(SSF2T) / Leonixon(SF2) / Pji111(SSF2) - Domatenboss Edit(HR) IIGamesMasterII(SF2+Edit) / Omegapsycho(SSF2T) / Electro(SSF2+Custom) Guile: Masa(SF2'CE): Old - New - SNES Ver. - Knkn's Edit(SNES SF2) - kmym's Edit(SF2'CE+Edit) / Kaz(SSF2+Edit & HSF2) / Ikaruga(SF2'R) TESTP(SSF2+Edit) - Kung Fu Man's Update - Robert the Small's Edit(Evil Guire) - D@rK-SuN's Edit(Shadow Guile) / Kain The Supreme(SSF2+Edit) / !?(Bootleg/Joke) Fido(SSF2T) / D@rK-SuN(S.Guile - SF2+Edit) / Wara(SF2) / DJ HannibalRoyce(SNES SF2+Edit) / Omegapsycho(SSF2T & NES Bootleg) Ken: Masa(SF2'CE & SSF2T): Winmugen - 1.1 (SF2'CE - SSF2T) - SNES Ver. / G.D.T(SSF2T) / Zolagun, Shacti & Zamtong(SF2 & SSF2T) - JungHoonGoon's Edit / Fido(SSF2T) Raiwa(SSF2T) / Dark Saviour(SF2') / Vegeta20XX(SSF2T) / Tanicfan22(SF2) / DJ HannibalRoyce(SNES SF2+Edit) / Mima(SF2'CE+Custom) NyanKiryu(Bater - SF2+Edit) / Kenkutard(SF2'CE Koryu) / Chok(SSF2T+Edit) / BlackJack(SSF2T) / Guile N' Roll(Evil Ken - SSF2+Edit) Chun-Li: Masa: Old(SF2'CE) - New(SSF2T) - SNES Ver. / Shacti: SF2 - T.Markworth's Fix - SSF2T / Jaldabaoth(SSF2T) / DarkSide Joe(SSF2+Custom) / Fido(SSF2T) Mast-chen(SSF2+Edit) / Anamochi(SSF2 - Arcade & SNES) / Tanicfan22(SNES SSF2) / Jo(Genesis SF2) / Kazmer13(SSF2+MKvSF) Zangief: Masa(SF2'CE): Old - New / Fido(SSF2T) / Electro(SF2+Custom): Old - New / Omegapsycho(NES Bootleg) Mima(SF2'CE+ Custom) / DarkSide Joe(SSF2+Custom) / Shiratama(SF2+Edit) Dhalsim: Masa(SSF2T): Old - New / Fido(SSF2T) / !=Different(SSF2T+Edit) / Mike Werewolf(SNES SSF2) - TripleM's Edit(Dim Sim - NSFW) Notes: Masa's Ken comes with Ryu (Both versions) as a separated .def. Masa's Dhalsim had a Darkstalkers Mode. T.Hawk: Omegapsycho(SSF2T) / OCariocaNildo(SSF2) / Fido(SSF2T) || Fei Long: G.D.T(SSF2T) / Fido(SSF2T) / DarkSide Joe(SSF2+Custom) / Zamtong(SSF2) Dee Jay: BlackJack(SSF2T) / Unknown(SSF2?) / Fido(SSF2T) / Qkrtkf(SSF2T) Cammy: G.D.T(SSF2T) / Omegapsycho(SSF2T) / Andre Lopes(SSF2) / Nobody(SSF2) / Fido(SSF2T) Dorgol(Bootleg) / キャノン娘(SSF2T+Edit) / Cannon Musume(SSF2+Edit) Balrog/M.Bison (Boxer): N64Mario(SF2) / Rin&Bat(SF2'CE) / Omegapsycho(SSF2T) / Shacti(SSF2T) / Fido(SSF2T) Vega/Balrog (Claw): N64Mario: SF2 - SF2'CE & SSF2T / Rin&Bat(SF2'CE) / Crazy for SF(SF2'CE) / Lord Sinistro(SSF2+Edit) - 119way's Edit / Fido(SSF2T) Sagat: N64Mario(SF2) / Robo Z(SF2) / Masa(SF2'CE) - Edited Ver.(LGM) - David's Edit(Flash Game) / Rin&Bat(SF2'CE) / Zamtong(SSF2T) DarkSide Joe(SSF2+Custom) / Ssjfools & Bigsally(SF2+Edit) / Guile N' Roll(SSF2+Edit) / NyanKiryu(Namihei - SF2+Edit) / Fido(SSF2T) / Jango(NES Bootleg) STG(Element Sagat - SF2+Cheap): Old - New / BC(Korean Sagat - SSF2+Joke) / Gscool(SF2'CE+SSF2) / Vegeta20XX(SSF2T) / Omegapsycho(SSF2T) M.Bison/Vega (Dictator): N64Mario(SF2) / Masa(SF2'CE): Old - New / Rin&Bat(SF2'CE) / DarkSide Joe(SSF2+Custom) Zolagun(SSF2) - CMD Patch by miru / Lord(Evil Bison - SSF2+Edit) / Buti(SF2+Edit) / Electro(SSF2+Custom) / Fido(SSF2T) Omegapsycho(SSF2T) / Cipher44(SF2'CE) / Vegeta20XX(SSF2T) / Unknown(F.Bison - SSF2T+Edit) Ali(SF2'CE+Edit) (Old - New) / Omegapsycho(Viga/NES Bootleg) / Guile N' Roll(SSF2+Edit) Akuma/Gouki: Felineki - Helder Santos Edit(HR) / G.D.T / Masa - SNES Ver.(Edit) / Fido / Neofix / Vegeta20XX Minseo1911 / Unknown(Shadow Akuma - Edit) / Nobuyuki(XCOTA) / Guile N' Roll(Shin Akuma) Notes: Felineki's Akuma had multiple modes. G.D.T's Akuma had Shin and EX Shin Modes. Masa's Akuma comes with SSF2T Ryu and Ken as two separated .def and he had a XCOTA Mode. Cyborg/Shotoborg: Basara / Masa / Kamekaze / Zion / Victorys(CvS) STREET FIGHTER II WORLD WARRIOR CHAR PACK BY N64MARIO (CLICK IN THE IMAGE) STREET FIGHTERS BY BUTI (CLICK IN THE IMAGE) SF2 KORYU EDITED CHARS BY DUCKSS (CLICK IN THE IMAGE) SF2 NES MUGEN CHARS BY SMEE & BEA (CLICK IN THE IMAGE) FOLLOW THE PROGRESS OF THE MF III CONVERSION PROJECT BY SHERIFF WOODY (CLICK IN THE IMAGE) ORIGINAL EDIT SELECT Sheng Long: Cipher44 || Gouken: Guile N' Roll || Dan Hibiki: Ichidori555 - Unknown Author's Edit(Go Hibiki) || Sean Matsuda: Mugenmonkey BONUS STAGE Smash the Car: SamusAran 78 & Pioupiou / Yayutto / MabsKMK / Hiram Yagami || Oil Drum: Tim Markworth || Brick Wall: N64Mario / Hiram Yagami STAGE SELECT SF2 World Warrior Stages by Dark Saviour || SF2' Champion Edition Stages by Dark Saviour || SSF2 Turbo Stages by Dark Saviour || SSF2 Stages by VIB SNES SSF2 Stages by Amy || Super Jump Stages Pack by Acey || SSF2 Turbo Revival Stage Pack || Stages by Envymask666 || Stages by Dj Rao SNES SF2WW Ryu's Stage by Thunderbert || MD SF2' Beta Ryu's Stage by Squirtle & OldGamer || SF2'CE Dhalsim's Stage by Kazmer13 SF2WW Sagat, SSF2 Sagat and SSF2 Turbo Revival Guile Stages by Nightwing || SSF2 Turbo Revival Stages by Nori-ban SF2WW Chun-Li and Sagat Stages by Namu ami Dabutu || SF2WW Dhalsim and SSF2 T.Hawk Stages by Lord Sinistro SSF2 Ryu's Stage by Type Wild || SSF2 Vega's Stage by Inverse || SSF2 Ryu (Two ver.) and Sagat Stages by Yusuke SF2'CE Ryu / Ken and SSF2 Ryu, Ken, Dhalsim and M.Bison Stages by Masa (the stages comes with the chars) SSF2 Cammy's Stage by HitmanXXVIII and Winame || SSF2 Zangief and Balrog Stages by Akabei SSF2 Turbo Revival Ryu's Stage by Duende Macabro || SSF2 Fei Long's Stage by Mature4evr SSF2 Guile and M.Bison Edited Stages by Rugal2 || SF2WW Ryu's Edit Stage by DonRamon SSF2 Ryu and Guile Stages by JedahUK || Stages by Sam || Edited Stages by Guile N' Roll NES Sagat Night Stage, NES Ryu Stage and E.Honda's HR Stage by Luiz Chuck_Hikaryo SSF2 Turbo Revival Ryu, Zangief and Balrog Stages by JAM || SF2 Movie Stages by KFM SSF2 M.Bison's Stage by G.D.T || SSF2 Ryu, Ken and Dee Jay Stages by Juan Carlos SF2'CE Ryu and Ken Stages by SamusAran 78 || SF2'CE Guile Stage by TESTP SF2WW Ryu's Edit Stage by O Ilusionista || SSF2 Stages + Edits by Takato-kun SF2WW Zangief's Stage by Wild Ken || SF2WW Brick Wall Stage by Orochi Gill SF2'CE Bonus Stages Pack by KM || SNES SF2 Guile Stage Edit by Traveller Edited Stages by DG || Stages by Rafael || SF2 Movie Stages by Xtrm SF2'CE Zangief's Stage by Nyko || SSF2 Balrog's Edit Stage by Scar SSF2T Stages by Hatabow || SSF2 Balrog's Stage by Haruwo NES Bootleg's SF3 Chun-Li Stage by Jango & O Ilusionista NES Bootleg's SF3 Sagat and Guile Stages by Dorgol NES Bootleg's SF2 Stage Pack by mh777 SF2 Intro Stage by Edys / by Cyberhaker NES Stages + Edits by SMEE & Bea GB SF2 Stages by Cenobite 53 SCREENPACK/FULLGAME SELECT Street Fighter II by Doorhenge(Win/320x240) || Street Fighter II by Claudio Toxi(Win/320x240) || Street Fighter II' CE/Rainbow by Chotto Komaru(1.0/320x240) Street Fighter II by OldGamer(1.1/640x480) - gui0007's Update || Super Street Fighter II by Mike & gh0w(Win/320x240) - gui0007's Edit(1.0 & 1.1) Super Street Fighter II X by Hatabow(Win/640x480) - Kaze no Ken's Edit(1.0) - gui0007's Edit(1.1) Super Street Fighter II Turbo by Fido(Win/320x240) - gui0007's Edit(1.1) || Street Fighter 2 NES by Bia & SMEE(1.0) RESOURCE SELECT From Spriters Resource: SF2 Rips (Arcade Ver.) || SF2 Rips (Master System Ver.) || SF2 Rips (SNES Ver.) || SSF2 Rips (SNES Ver.) || SF2 Rips (GameBoy Ver.) SF2'SCE Rips || SF2 Movie Rips || SSF2TR Rips || NES Bootleg's SF2 Rips || NES Bootleg's SF3 Rips || NES Bootleg's Master Fighter 6 Rips From Sprite Database: SF2'CE Rips (Arcade Ver.) || SF2 Rips (SNES Ver.) || SF2'SCE Rips || SF2T Rips (SNES Ver.) || SSF2 Rips (SNES Ver.) || SSF2TR Rips Voice Rips from Sharp x68000 SF2'CE by Felineki || Sprites Rips from PC Ports by Dhillon521 || SF2 Hi-Res Effects (WIP) by Dhillon521 Gouken Custom Sprite Sheet by SiL3Nt J || Intros: SSF2 Arcade Intro by Lestat || Sounds Rips by nick09 || Sprites Pack by HHHanzo Endings: SSF2 endings by Nick: Ryu / Ken / Chun-Li / Guile / E. Honda / Blanka / Dhalsim / Zangief / Balrog (Boxer) / Vega (Claw) / Sagat / M. Bison (Dictator) / Staff Roll