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  1. No prob and thanks for the update. :)
  2. PREVIEW (SMOKE PLAYTHROUGH) DOWNLOAD INFO Hey fellas! :) Basically, this is a MKII MUGEN, but now with the new MKP S2.5 stuff instead of the Juano or the old MKP stuff. Not only this, i remade and edit some things. Also i did myself new features (i constantly updated this from the time, but i only shared now because i wanted to share a definitive version here). Version 1.0 - Ressurecta's Screenpack redone, especially the Main Menu screen. - Lifebars by Leandro remade. Stuff edited from the FightFx: * Battle Plan * New Flawless Victory message, from the original MKII game * Dan Forden (TOASTY!) of MKII instead of the MK3 one * Position of the Finish Him/Her and Fatality messages fixed - New Common.snd, with sounds ripped from the original MKII Arcade version - MKII Wins fonts for Baraka, Raiden, Kintaro and Shao Kahn (thanks IceCold Assassin for these ones!) - Position of the Kharacters Wins messages fixed - Round text color now yellow, as it looks in the original MKII Arcade version - Some bugs on the chars fixed - New "Noob Saibot Wins" sound, ripped from the original MKII game ("Feel the power of TOASTY!") - New sound for Shao Kahn's defeat, ripped from the original MKII game - Endings from the original MKII game and custom endings Version 2.0/2.1 - Added Hornbuckle (thanks Barook!) and new version of Sub-Zero (thanks Leandro!) - Bugs fixed - Stages more cleaner now - Noob Saibot Win sound (Feel the power of TOASTY!) fixed and better to hear - Dan Forden image fixed (Thanks IceCold Assassin for that!) - Portraits of the Battle Plan fixed - Brutalities easier to do. Just keep pressing High Punch (A) - Sound when appear the message of the Secret Kharacter changed to fit well - Custom Wins sound now for Ermac, Rain and also for Hornbuckle - Hornbuckle fixed by Leocobainjr (thanks a lot fella!) - Another version of The Pit II for Hornbuckle (without him and Blaze in the background) Suggested by Alessandro Draiona on Facebook Version 3.0 - Huge fixes and edits by ShinSmoke. I can't thank him enough for this, there are such too much! YOU ROCK BRUH! :D You can check all the details in the "ShinSmoke's Read Me", but there some other things not mentioned * New snd (voices) for Jax, Kitana, Jade, Johnny Cage, Raiden, Shang Tsung and Sub-Zero * There are two options of AI, the one made by ShinSmoke (ShinSmoke.cmd) and the original (1.cmd) * Also there two common1 options (common1.cns and common1(ShinSmoke).cns) You can chance one of them or both in the Kharacter .def archive Just Liu Kang had only the ShinSmoke AI cause sadly the original had some annoying bugs * Sprites and CNS fixed, especially from the Male Ninjas and especially from Reptile that had serious bugs fixed now * Now the game loads more faster and cleaner to play * Game Over screen changed Once again, thanks, thanks, thanks a lot for this ShinSmoke! ENJOY! Credits and Special Thanks: borg117, for the new MKP stuff Juano16, BlackJack and Reignman, for the original MKII MUGEN Project Ressurecta, for the original Screenpack Interloko, for the great work with the Opening Le@N/LEAN MK, for the excellent job with the stages and the chars sound rips EddieMattos, for the chars bio pics ShinSmoke, for the BIG help and for the EPIC job with the fixes and edits. YOU ROCK! Leandro, for the awesome work with the Lifebars and Sub-Zero Jermaine Kidd, for the converting MKII chars IceCold Assassin, for the MKII Male Ninjas, for helping me with the MKII Wins Fonts and the Dan Forden image. YOU DA MAN! :) Barook, for the great edit of Hornbuckle into MK2 Style All the custom stages creators And of course Ed Boon, John Tobias, John Vogel and Dan "Toasty" Forden for creating Mortal Kombat! MORTAL KOMBAT II © 1992,93 MIDWAY MANUFACTURING. Developed by Midway Games/NetherRealm Studios. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. MORTAL KOMBAT, THE DRAGON LOGO, and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  3. VERSION 3 RELEASED!! Download → Of course, all credits for the chars and stages creators and editors. And stay tuned for more!
  4. Added the original version of Heidern by RBGarcia.
  5. Thanks a lot bruh! :D Added them and also Ryumaou and Albert Roseman by Hanyu.
  6. Made a huge update in the MK Kollection. :)

    It has more to do, but i'll handle this.

  7. HUGE UPDATE! Added A LOT of new stuff, specially from the MKP Season 2.5. Check first post. :)
  8. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Kinda a mix of POTS and MvC Styles. Really a good edit. :)
  9. Thanks a lot! Added. :)
  10. Thanks for the ask. The other FAWNS will come as a BANG very soon. ;)
  11. Great job Dura!
  13. Chun-Li by Sektor san.!aAY0WIRS!fVhbWyhC27Wkmzwh_CqQJJwqiawM7oyNev5kQmsaoYc
  14. EPISODE 208 ENJOY!
  15. Added Ryo by OCariocaNildo and ptzptz 7's Edit of Leona by NAO&M.