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  1. In the Config.cns Search for "AI Level" and "AI Response". You can config the character AI from here.
  2. Thanks so much miru! All added. :)
  3. Heihachi by Mikel8888. :)
  4. Daigo by Memo. :)
  5. Added new edit of Pots Ryu by ShinSmoke and Todoh by Knkn.
  6. Added Pielle by Knkn.
  7. Shammahomega1's Ryu. ;)
  8. Added. :) Also added two Links, by Arumikan and Monkey D. Yomi.
  9. HUGE UPDATE!! ADDED: - Some of New versions of MASA chars reuploaded Chars missing: Guile, Zangief, Sagat and Cyborg - Ryu by Striderhiryu - Evil Ryu by OCariocaNildo - Chun-Li by Jo - NES Bootleg Sagat by Jango - Domatenboss HR Edits - Sprites Pack by HHHanzo - Sagat by Gscool - Korean Sagat by BC - Shadow Guile by TESTP & D@rK-SuN - Old and new versions of Bison (Dictator) by Ali
  10. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Sadly they don't a Special Intro against each other, so i hope Ikaruga did that in future updates. Overall, they're great! :)
  11. Mr. Pancadaria's Terry.
  12. Added edit of Ahuron's Jyazu by Zadkiel.
  13. Edit of Ahuron's Shin Shishioh by Zadkiel.!1gslWaRS!pBzgWkbsmbHWc-3zsLOAGnCniRq9VADjaWZ7DWKwXos Edit of Hirohiro's Haohmaru by ptzptz7. Edit of Aomura's Cyber Woo by Zadkiel.!spFkGShI!60AHG_tZyKjan3aIIJg8bU-XUUEzH27LaoQ6BrLEL4U
  14. Edit of 119way's Kain by Zadkiel.!xsFWTSBZ!HUYTSsO5pf7kxAkHXIxpfIELtWVcKpnWTdIZZSQdd_I Edit of Abuhachi's Grant by Zadkiel.!54tmHYTb!Z_J6CW7m8MENj3jiYo0I6qdmnrhJnd2xGnT7a4zKhYk
  15. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO MOVE LIST: Humming-rush >> D,F,P Jackson-kick >> D,F,K (after that "a"=Pop-up-knee or "b"=Partition-break or "c"=Pull-down-leg) Alternative-catch >> D,B,P Reflector >> D,B,K (reflect helpers) Upload >> PP (after that hold-P) Download >> KK (after that hold-K) Head-crush(ground) >> F,z Head-crush(air) >> F,z (in air) Job-step >> F,b Pull-down-leg >> F,c Throw 1 >> F,P Throw 2 >> F,K HYPER MOVES: Great-cancer >> D,F,D,F,P (ground and air) Five-star-raid >> D,F,D,F,K ULTRA COMBO: Final-cancer >> D,B,D,B,PP (after that she loses her arm and then none of moves above are possible)