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  1. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Original Topic Well guys, here is another Morrigan for MUGEN. But this Morrigan however plays in a Custom style that you never imagined. This time, jade_midori did a Morrigan that plays in AzuFight style. I bet you guys are asking themselves, what the hell is AzuFight? Remember Azumanga Daioh? Well, AzuFight is a döjin fighting game based in the manga/anime series. And Daniel simply did a Morrigan that plays in the style of this game. Simply awesome!! :D
  2. PREVIEW Video Preview #1 / Video Preview #2 DOWNLOAD INFO You can check details and additional stuff in the MFG's original thread
  3. One Piece - Great Pirate Colosseum

    Great collection!! Finally a Great Pirate collection here! :)
  4. MFFAWN #21(Sep 03 - 09, 2017) - Terrible Aim

    Another great job bruh! :D I'm ready some Special Editions of the MFFAWN, be aware fellas!
  5. Emi Yusa

    Awesome, just awesome!!
  6. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO Really a HUGE update compared to the old version. From Version History.txt -More hitboxes are readjusted. -Now you can't combo from Close HP, Close HK, Crouching HP and Crouching MK. -Added Close HP (Inspired by Descolor's Adon), comboable. -Readjusted Far MK. Now it's easier to hit with and like his Far HK on right distance it can give two hits. -Changed dodge's kick. -Fixed mess with sprites, codes and animations. Hello by Me from the Past. XD -Added missing intro/winposes. -Changed intro VS. Muai Thai fighters. -Added winquotes against my Joe and Charlie (in SFV mode). -FINALLY got some attention on Alpha Counters. Now P is for Thousand Jaguar and K is for readjusted Rising Jaguar. -Jaguar Kick is NOT overhead anymore. -Jaguar Kicks got new, photoshop drawn SSF4-like effects. -Readjusted EX Jaguar Kicks. -Readjusted Airbourne Jaguar Kick's movement. -Rising Jaguars are readjusted. -Jaguar Tooth is overhead now. -EX Jaguar Tooth is now one-hit move, but it will push enemy much higher, than before. -Thousand Jaguar readjusted to be more Chun-LiSH. -EX Thousand Jaguar got custom animation (inspired by Fido's Adon) and extra juggle points. -EX Thousand Jaguar can reset juggle points, if combo before it wasn't too long. -Jaguar Revolver remade. Now it's not so useful, but still... -Now Jaguar Revolver's range can be adjusted in simular (NOT ANALOGIC) to SSF4 way: ---"LK" or "LK+MK"- Short first leap. ---"MK" or "LK+HK"- Normal first leap. ---"HK" or "MK+HK"- Long forst leap. -Jaguar Varied Assault readjusted. More juggle. -J.V.A. got old-new effects. A better effect like from older versions. -Thousand Jaguar as J.V.A. Ender now throws enemy in the end and resets juggle points, so you could hit falling enemy. -Jaguar Avalanche totally remade. Added some custom sprites, so now it's technicaly closer to sourse material.
  7. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD INFO From the char's Readme - Total revamp/recode. Added a more extensive color separation by Shao_kun. Overhauled sprites, damage levels, animations, hitboxes, and coding. Now (mostly) uses frame data/velocities/timings from CvS2. - Hit sparks reduced 65% in size - Added EXPLODsive Buffering system, projectile reflection, and compatibility with the Reigi no Ishizue super from Vans's Chizuru. - LP/MP Hurricane Upper projectiles now fade away after travelling a short distance - EX Slash Kick now launches opponents upwards, and no longer wall bounces, so that comboing off it is easier - EX Golden Heel had its damage adjusted, can no longer be comboed into, and can be performed multiple times per combo - Added alternative command for TNT punch - Added new sprites for Dynamite Fist - EX TNT punch has new animation and hit behavior patterned after KOFXIII - MAX Screw Upper now goes full screen, and won't lose hits as it moves forward - Golden Tiger Kick had its damage adjusted, it has new effects, and its hit behavior now matches KOF2002UM
  8. All Chars Update June/August(Poison)

    I really love the update on Poison. Thanks DW. :)
  9. MFFAWN #18 (Aug 13-19, 2017) - Return of the Faun

    Wow, nice job fellas! :D
  10. Rashou Mon by KazeSayuru updated 8/28/17

    Just... What the hell is that?? XD Gotta test for sure, i want to keep enjoying Rashou Mon a little more.
  12. M.U.G.E.N. Duels: a series by gui0007

  13. M.U.G.E.N. Duels: a series by gui0007

  14. Looks good. Ah, welcome back bruh. :)