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  1. I may be late, but happy birthday :p

  2. Happy Birthday, gui0007!

  3. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes, you all ROCK! :OhYeah:
    Damn, i know that the MFFAWN is so outdated, i'm planning to get the things in order next week.

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      Happy birthday bro, is it too late lol

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  5. ADDED - Sagat by Memo - Yamazaki by Wani - Dhalsim by Knuckles8864
  6. Added Duck King by Quake Moon.
  7. I have the old version of Sinasta's Insane Hiryu, :)
  8. VERSION 5.0 UPDATE! Download the game (Version 5.0) → Before the MKP S2.5 Ultimate Update V3, here is the Version 5.0 of MK2 MUGEN release, with a playthrough with Kung Lao. Finally a playthrough with my favorite MK kharacter. :) What's new? - New and improved Intros for the kharacters by AkuShadow Details in "Aku's Intros Read Me" - Added Flame (Optional Kharacter) by Barook - Added The Blue Portal by Le@N & Velaskez - Added Alternative Select Screen (showed in the video) by IceCold Assassin, with the portraits of the Secret Kharacters fixed You can change it in the mugen.cfg - More bugs fixed ENJOY! ;) Credits and Special Thanks: borg117, for the new MKP stuff Juano16, BlackJack and Reignman, for the original MKII MUGEN Project Ressurecta, for the original Screenpack Interloko, for the great work with the Opening Le@N/LEAN MK, for the excellent job with the stages and the chars sound rips EddieMattos, for the chars bio pics ShinSmoke, for the BIG help and for the EPIC job with the fixes and edits. YOU ROCK! AkuShadow, for the EPIC job with the new intros! Leandro, for the awesome work with the Lifebars and Sub-Zero Alessandro Draiona, for some suggestions and for the help in the 3.1 version Jermaine Kidd, for the converting MKII chars IceCold Assassin, for the MKII Male Ninjas, for helping me with the MKII Wins Fonts, the Dan Forden image and the 3.1 updates. YOU DA MAN! :) Barook, for the great edit of Hornbuckle into MK2 Style and MK2 Style Flame Maxi/GLAM, for your good additions in your edit All the custom stages creators And of course Ed Boon, John Tobias, John Vogel and Dan "Toasty" Forden for creating Mortal Kombat!