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  1. CVS Chang Koehan POTS/Infinite by Falcon Rapper

    I really hate this character...
  2. Creator's Collection: KoopaKoot

    Some of the characters don't really seem to have challenging AI, Even Terry, Are you going to fix the AI to make them fight more?
  3. Top Fighter 2000 MK VIII

    Can you ask the author to add the stages for Mugen Windows version?
  4. The King of Fighters MEGA COLLECTION stages

    That's a great collection, Can't wait for someone to make the KOF stages from the Home versions
  5. Custom KOF Stages

    Jesus why do we need alot of Orochi Stages?
  6. The King of Fighters 2003

    Still no Daimon, Mai or Leona in 2003? When will anyone make these three?
  7. The King of Fighters 2003

    Someone should make Mai, Leona with 2k3 sounds and Daimon since they're the only characters who're not confirmed yet.