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  1. Update: Added link to Root Pack.
  2. Grim Matchstick was updated on 2/9/2018, but I didn't update the link until today. Per the Grim Matchstick topic on MFG:
  3. Cuphead bosses, by DarkRuler I didn't see any of these characters here, so I thought I'd post them all at once. (If they have been posted and I just missed them, feel free to delete). They're not perfect, but they're so much better than the other Cuphead characters I've found floating about (most of which only have one form and barely any attacks). Goopy LeGrande Ribby & Croaks Grim Matchstick Dr. Kahl's Robot The Root Pack Videos on Light Ruler's YouTube Channel Original topics: http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/2017-12-21-updated-goopy-le-grandecuphead-181973.0.html http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/2017-12-21-updated-ribby-and-croakscuphead-182077.0.html http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/updated-grim-matchstickcuphead-182355.0.html http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/updated-dr-kahls-robotcuphead-182485.0.html http://mugenguild.com/forum/topics/the-root-packcuphead-183578.msg2403882.html Edit: updated Grim Matchstick's link, 2/11/2018 Edit: added Root Pack link, 4/30/2018
  4. Hm, looks like the site is having some problems today. Anyway, Trivia time! Pon is also called Hercules in Death Brade/Mutant Fighter. (Specifically, he's a Hercules named Pon, but the English version took all the names out, leaving just the character classes or species. Yes, for some reason, "Hercules" is considered a character class and not a name) For the record, the other characters are named Michael (the Fighter), Cindy (the Amazoness), Boggy (the Werewolf), Shankar (the Minotaur), Bodca (the Golem), Flea (the Beast), Joseph (the Dragon), Charry (the Hydra), Behoroi (the Doppelganger), Pazuzu (the Demon - the only one who kept his name in the US), and Cronus (the Archmage). I hope someone makes the Dragon some day, but at least there's Pon and Pazuzu for now.
  5. Looks like the Final Fantasy collection is gone, too. http://mugenfreeforall.com/topic/57-final-fantasy-series But it's also gone from the Collection Directory topic, so was this deliberate? Edit: Castlevania is gone, too, from both the forum and the directory topic. I'm starting to think it is deliberate.
  6. Raiu

    Loki the god of Mischief by Arkady & Skhsato123 (12/27/2016)

    I love that they used the classic Loki costume rather than his MCU costume. Gotta try this out for that alone.
  7. Yay, it's back!  I was getting worried.

  8. Great to be back at 100%

  9. Even after the Grand Re-Opening, I still find the site excruciatingly slow, taking upwards of 30 seconds to load each page, and sometimes not loading at all.  Is it just me?

    1. rosolinio


      yah same happens to me..

  10. ... does the boss actually look like that in Dungeon Fighter Online, or is it just a Dragon King Bakal sprite edit? Interesting character, though.
  11. Ahuron is one of my favorite authors. His normal characters are very playable (though rarely true-to-source, and I mean that in a good way), while his weird characters are weird and also very fun (like Unlucky Glauber, which is Lucky Glauber with his moves made more awkward, and Briaaaaaaaaaan, who is just a ridiculously over-the-top version of Brian Battler). I also love his Giant Boss characters, like Lavos Core (Chrono Trigger), Son of Sun (ditto), or Master Toadman (Mega Man 4, but with attacks from the entire series, including Dr. Wily's MM10 ships). And then he doubles down and goes for Boss Plus Weird, and you get guys like Saigo No Saigo ("The End of the End", final boss of the cult classic kusoge Trio the Punch). Every time he releases a new character, it's an instant download for me. (I just really don't like that he moved his downloads to another site. His old download page had pictures of the characters)
  12. Raiu

    Megaman Classic Series

    I didn't see this mentioned, but Ahuron's Toadman is actually a heavily-edited "Master Toadman", who uses attack patterns and weapons from many different Robot Masters and other bosses, switching randomly from one to another. Moreover, on Round 2, you have to defeat him four times - once as himself, the other three times as Wily's three forms from Mega Man 10 (both forms of the Pirate Ship Mecha, but with the skull replaced by a frog-like face, and the Wily Saucer).
  13. Raiu

    (DNF)[Boss] Metal Gear Update 26/04/2016

    ... wait, why is the Megatron palette green? Megatron (every version, from the classic G1 Transformers to the recent Michael Bay movies) is silver and black.
  14. Raiu

    James Rocket released and Bimmy Wesker updated.

    I've seen him called "James Morgan", but that also appears to be entirely fanon. (Probably from a fanfic)
  15. Plus, as I said, you can change the AI for the character if you find them too "cheap". Their default AI is actually meant for Watch mode, not to fight against. They all have an option.txt file in their folder that lets you make them easier: ;---------------------[AILevel] ;※AILvの設定方法 ;次の"Value = ○"という記述の○の値を1から8の間で変更してください [State AILv設定] Type = VarSet TriggerAll = IsHelper Trigger1 = IsHelper(94444 + Root,ID) V = 59 Value = 8;(←ココを1~8の間で変更 ※Default = 8) ;1 = Beginner(ぬるぬる) ;2 = Easy(ぬるめ) ;3 = Normal(ふつう) ;4 = Advanced(つよめ) ;5 = Hard(つよい) ;6 = Expert(すごい) ;7 = Watch Mode Like(対AI用接待AI) ;8 = Watch Mode Mania(対AI用AI) (You can also change their voices to English, give them infinite power meter, and other things)