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  1. Xzest

    Athena Edits Collection

    shunrei is athena edit too http://mugenpixart.mastertopforum.com/fiore-di-luna-shunrei-vt728.html
  2. Azure Sky Low-Res Stage For MUGEN Just an old work re-edit a little and re upload. Stage best fit for DBZ super butoden style chars. Support super jump and flying chars. Stage can run in 1.1 but no zoom only 4:3 Resolution. there are 3 def files for remove fog and cloud path or remove both. download stage download stage http://www.mediafire.com/file/y4wjg70oipf3z5n/AzureSky-V2.rar
  3. Xzest

    LovePlus Screenpack

    LovePlus Screenpack This is a my very old Project many years ago I start create this when mugen 1.0 is still RC ver. I suddenly not have time to improve it more than this then my wip is stop , so I decide to release it ,maybe too late now cuz now mugen are made all in HD but if you want to try for older version I hope you like it . So pls don't criticrize about pixelate pic cuz it made for old winmugen with old format pic. At first I want to release this pack includes lifebars but my wip lifebars files are lost --; Suport to winmugen winmugen Hi-Res Hack mugen 1.0 RC and above Recomended Resolution is 640x480 and 1280x960-4:3 wide screen maybe display wierd. mugen 1.1 maybe I did not test yet . you can change system file that all include in the pack to fit your mugen Loading Screen : yes Menu : yes VS Screen : yes Option Screen : yes Game over Screen : yes Win Quotes Screen/Victory Screen : yes End Credits : no Lifebars : no Screen Shot Loveplus Character are only dummy for presentation. Download
  4. Can you tell me plases where can I get him In Kamen Rider ryuki his name is Rider Ouja but in the american version I don't know maybe cobra or viper.
  5. Xzest

    Dark Night City

    Sorry for very late reply you can do as you like no problem I appriciate that you like them. Now my feeling is like yours I rest from mugen now If I returned to play or touch them I will crazy and hungry .
  6. Xzest

    Dark Night City

    Thanks for interest in my work you can find them here http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Xzest&oq=Xzest&aq=f&aqi=g1&aql=&gs_nf=1&gs_l=youtube-psuggest.3..0.18217.22794.0.23576.
  7. Xzest

    Dark Night City

    Yes, I am.
  8. Xzest

    Dark Night City

    I'm Glad that youlike it. You came right way the stage didn't come from The dark knight movie but the pic make me think of it so I decide to use that pic to make a stage in theme of batman the dark knight. look the preview form youtube rec by my friend.